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TAD Gear launches military-grade PSP Pods

Some people take their games everywhere. Personally, I generally have my DS with me most of the time. Though I have found myself playing it less lately, mostly because I’ve just been too busy, but I still grab it out of habit. Even though it’s bouncing around in my cargo pocket all day, I never really get too worried about it getting damaged or hurt very badly. Then again I’m not exactly rock climbing with it in my pocket, either.


Turn your old NES controller into an optical mouse

If there’s one thing I love, it’s turning vintage equipment into something useful again. Especially when it comes to gaming hardware. The original NES always stands out in my mind because it was my first gaming console, so I always enjoy seeing it hacked into something cool.


Arctic Net’s Cooler Scoop Mild Hypothermia in the Summer

So you show up to the campsite, family gathering, or other gala and the cooler is filled with ice which puts it at about -4 million degrees Celsius, and you are thirsty, what do you do besides dig until you need an amputation? Instead you reach for the Cooler Scoop.


World of Warcraft by Blizzard Has Gained A Level

After collecting over 9 million subscribers they have to level, they are choosing a China upgrade. That’s right, 9 million people playing this highly addictive MMORPG.

And that’s before they finally release their latest upgrade into the Chinese markets. The latest upgrade being The Burning Crusade, which was released here earlier this year.


XM – Sirius Merger May Bring About Choice

Which is always good right? Apparently the deal is $6.95 per month for the first 50 channels of your choosing from one provider. From there it goes up to $14.95, but you get to choose up to 100 channels from either provider.


Mail for Microsoft Exchange beta for the Helio Ocean set to launch today

Tonight Helio is taking the wraps off of their latest project, Mail for Microsoft Exchange. The new program will be in beta form for 60 days, and will be free for All-In members.


BDC-S02J from Pioneer – Plays Blu-ray, still doesn’t burn Blu-ray

Pioneer has just announced their latest Blu-ray player for your PC. Sadly, while it does have the ability to burn regular CDs and DVDs, it lacks the ability to burn Blu-ray disks.


New Asus laptops to feature Intel Turbo Memory

Are you worried that your brand new laptop isn’t going to quite live up to your expectations? Perhaps it won’t boot fast enough, or some of your favorite programs won’t load up fast enough. If you’re buying an Asus laptop, just ask for the Intel Turbo Memory option.

According to Asus, the new Intel Turbo Memory option will slash boot times, application load times and giver your new Santa Rosa-based laptops an overall boost in speed.


Rumor – Asus working on new GPS-enabled P-series phone

A new rumor floating around pegs Asus as working on a new P-series smartphone based on the Windows Mobile 6 platform.

The phone is said to run on a 520MHz PXA27x processor, 256MB of ROM  and 128MB of RAM. It will run on GSM/GPRS?EDGE networks, as well as the 3G HSDPA network with speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.


New Walkman B100 series from Sony makes a good alternative to Apple

iPods are great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something to be said about how simple it is to have a USB plug built into your MP3 player.

For those of you that either have something against the iPod, or don’t need all of the storage capacity of a larger music player, Sony’s Walkman line is always a good choice. They’ve just updated the line with their new B100 Series.


Panasonic announces three new Lumix cameras that take the hassle out of snapping pictures

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, however, try as I might, they never turn out looking all that professional. Then you have some people that just turn and snap a picture and it looks like it could make the cover of Times or something. Maybe I just need a better camera.

Panasonic has just launched 3 new cameras that take the guesswork out of photography. The three new models are the DMC-FZ18, FX33 and FX55 which all feature several cool pieces of technology. The first is the Intelligent Auto Mode which selects settings based on the lighting, the Intelligent Scene Selector determines when to use Macro Mode, and the auto-focus starts working even before you put your finger on the button.


Sony shows off three new Elevated Standard receivers

Sony debuted three new Elevated Standard receivers today that are geared toward high-def enthusiasts and audiophiles.

The high-end 5300ES supports multi-room setups, which allows you to have audio and video in two different rooms, with different media streaming to each. You’ll also get 6 HDMI 1.3 inputs, a 120-watt amp for 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio surround sound.