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Toshiba ships AMD-based Satellite A215 notebook line

If you have been waiting for Toshiba to start shipping their AMD-based notebooks, the wait is over. They have begun shipping the first of these today.


Dell redesigns inpiron line, adds new colors to the mix

Tired of plain looking notebooks? Maybe what you need is a little bit of color in your life. Either way, Dell has released their new inspiron notebooks in a variety of colors.

Dell colors

Rumor – New larger flash-based Zune codenamed Scorpio

If you’re excited about the new flash-based Zune codenamed Draco, but wishing it held more tunes, then you’ll love this next bit from the rumormill. They may be launching a bigger flash-based Zune alongside the Draco.


Epson jumps into the Linux PC market

When you hear the name EPSON, what images come to your mind? Mine, like many of you I’m sure goes to inkjet printers, or even scanners. But Linux-powered PCs? That one never crossed my mind.


Hands-on with the LG MUZIQ from Sprint

If you’re looking for a simple phone that adds in music capabilities, but don’t want to shell out the dough for an Apple iPhone, you might check out the MUZIQ from Sprint.


AT&T unveils new wireless plans for the iPhone

So you’ve been wondering just how much the iPhone is really going to cost you. Well, worry no more because AT&T has finally unveiled their wireless plans specifically for the iPhone, and they aren’t as bad as we feared.


The Cold water Coffee Table Aquarium by Clear-Seal

Nothing says bachelor pad like a strangely placed aquarium. One thing you should probably think about is that having an aquarium coffee table makes you look a bit like a pimp.


The Optical Liquid Mouse

Have an obsession for slightly odd computer accessories? Well this cute little mouse might be just the thing to keep you entertained all day at the office.


The Monkey Groan Ball to get rid of your daily stress

Tired of all those boring stress balls that are merely squishy and no fun at all? If you are going to squeeze a ball to relax it might as well make you giggle in the process. This cute little monkey ball is not quite what meets the eye.


iPhone will be locked down to a single SIM card, AT&T to charge 10% restocking fee

If you’re up in the air about purchasing an iPhone, you might want to wait before you buy one on a whim. I’m thinking that the iPhone will be great, however, it is not without its faults, so you might want to wait a bit and talk to someone that has been using it and see what they think. Why the caution? Because AT&T has changed their return policy just for the iPhone.

Usually with AT&T you have 30 days to check out a phone and see what you think. If you return it within that time, no harm no foul. However, you will be limited to 14 days with the phone and you will be charged a 10% restocking fee. If you thought buying the iPhone was expensive, just wait until you try to return it!


New Sony mice sport dubious “lifestyle” colour-schemes

I can’t say that the silver and grey Dell mouse I use at work has ever plunged me into a bout of depression, but if you’re particularly attuned to the shade of your peripherals then Sony’s latest range of “lifestyle” mice might jolt you out of your doldrums.  The C3 is available in four different colours – white, black, white & green and pink & orange – while the M10 comes in the slightly more sober blue, grey or black. 



Building sandcastles just got a whole lot more competitive

If you’ve been thinking of going to the beach and making a giant iPhone sandcastle, then you might want to pick up a Castle King kit before you leave.  Based on the equipment used by professional sand sculptors, the non-stick sheath uses sand’s inherent water-retention balance to create big, carvable chunks.



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