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Disaster House is designer flatpack crisis shelter

With hundreds of people in the UK evacuated from their homes thanks to flooding, and the memory of natural disasters in the US and elsewhere still fresh in our minds, it’s no surprise that designers’ thoughts turn to sustainable, straightforward sources of shelter in times of crisis.  Gregg Fleishman’s contribution is the DH1 Disaster House, consisting of multiple interlocking panels of resin-coated European birch.



Logitech goes HD with new webcam range

While Apple is quietly upgrading its MacBook Pro range with a 1.3-megapixel webcam, Logitech is out and proud with their new HD-quality 2-megapixel range.  So far consisting of two models – the desktop-friendly QuickCam 9000 and the laptop-loving QuickCam Pro for Notebooks – each has lens and optics made by Carl Zeiss, a silent autofocus system and support for 720p HD video at 960 x 720.


OLED cellphone concept gets back to slick basics

Designer Jacob Palmborg might be one of those people who’s a little fed up with all the iPhone hype, and just wants a phone which is, pure and simple, a phone.  His cellphone concept manages to capture that simplicity and look pretty damn gorgeous at the same time; a slice of slightly-bent plastic and metal, it uses a full-surface OLED touchscreen for menus and numeric pad.



Embedded WinCE contest pits technology against ignorance

Each year Microsoft pokes the creative cortex of students in their Windows Embedded competition, challenging teams to use an eBox 2300 running Windows CE 6.0 and fashion something to satisfy a set theme.  This year that was “imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all,” and there seems to have been some pretty lateral thinking going on.  The fifteen finalists have been announced, and they’ll go through to judging to see which top three teams take away the $15k-worth of prizes. 


Find out what exactly this is, after the cut…


MacBook Pro undergoes discrete iSight upgrade to 1.3-megapixels

Turns out that the latest MacBook Pro laptops have a bit of a surprise in the bezel – Apple have quietly upgraded the iSight webcam from a VGA unit to a 1.3-megapixel unit.


Famicom Guitar – for looks only

Someone decided to create a guitar using parts from an old Famicom. It looks pretty sweet, and likely took a lot of time to construct. But how does it sound?


Raon Digital Everun UMPC on video – looks awesome!

Oooh, let’s put aside our papercraft iPhones (because seriously, you’re going to get a papercut if you keep rubbing it to your ear) and feast our greedy eyes on Steve Paine’s Raon Digital Everun UMPCproduction sample.  Lucky Steve had a quick run-in with the Raon team and was left with a bit more info and – more exciting – an Everun of his own to play with.


Check out the video footage of the Everun after the cut…


Hack your laptop to make an extra monitor for your desktop

Do you have an old laptop lying around? You know the kind, it doesn’t run that fast anymore, and you have to keep it plugged into the wall at all times. Why not turn that laptop into another monitor for your desktop?


SanDisk announces 6GB and 8GB MicroSDHC cards

If your mobile device needs some extra storage space (sorry iPhone buyers, this isn’t for you) then you might be excited to hear that SanDisk has announced new 6GB and 8GB variants of their MicroSDHC memory cards.


Nintendo announces WiiWare – lets you create your own games for the Wii

If you’re an aspiring game-maker, and have longed for the day that one of your creations would end up on one of the major consoles for all the world to play, you’re in luck. Nintendo has just announced a new service for the Wii that will allow you to achieve your dream.


VIA debuts new Mini-ITX board

If you’re in the market for a smaller-than-usual motherboard, chances are you’ll end up with a Mini-ITX board, as it is increasingly growing in popularity. VIA has several different boards based on this form-factor, and have just recently released a new one.

The VIA EPIA LT features dual-LAN and dual LVDS and comes with either a 1.5GHz or 1.0GHz processor. If you’re looking for a silent configuration, you’ll want to go with the 1.0GHz model. It has a variety of I/O ports including four (yes four) COM ports, a PCI slot and 6 USB ports.


May-Wa Denki Kerotama Knockman Toy adds a little class to your desktop

It’s tempting to have like 15 of these different noise making gadgets on my desk just to say I did. I think I could make room for this strange little creature with a hula hoop to add a little flare to my set.


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