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Huffing air just got a lot more difficult

Boy, nothing really gets me going in the morning like huffing compressed air out of a can. Ok, I’ve never actually huffed compressed air, but plenty of people out there have, and Memorex is stepping up to the plate to try and deter those that would do so.

According to the Alliance for Consumer Education, more than 2.1 million teens ages 12-17 have used some form of inhalant, such as compressed air. However, Memorex has decided to include an additive known as bitterant to their line of Air Duster to discourage people from inhaling.


Lego Mos Eisley – Someone has too much time

I’ve loved LEGOs ever since I was a child. I still have my collection of spaceships, including my own Star Wars creations that I made before ever getting the official sets. But whoever built this set is my hero.


On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One trailer

The guys over at Penny Arcade rock If you don’t already read their comic, you should check them out sometime. Well, as long as you’re not easily offended, if you are, you might not want to stop by. Anyway, for those that have read and enjoy the Penny Arcade comics, you’ll be excited to know that they will be making their venture into the world of 3D very soon.

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Toshiba launches Qosmio F40W powerhouse

If you’re looking for a good laptop that can not only handle whatever work you throw at it, but also has great media capabilities, look no further than the Toshiba Qosmio F40W.


Paranoia anyone?

Do you have someone that’s highly paranoid in your family? They’re usually the ones that rush you off the phone because “it’s not a secure line.” Then you might want to give them a camera detector.


Earlarm – big sounds come in small packages

We’ve seen some pretty crazy alarm clocks here on Slashgear, but this one takes the cake. It’s got to be the strangest, and possibly most effective alarm out there, if you can stand it.


Solid gold coin worth $1 million created

Have you ever wondered what a million dollars looks like? Apparently it looks like a 21-inch solid gold coin.


Mini Choco Sneakers

Who wants plain boring chocolate? It has to have something special with as many chocolates as there are available these days. These Mini Choco Sneakers are perfect for just that.


The Ghost Clock: Not for the clumsy

The Ghost Clock is probably within the top ten signs you don’t have children. I’m terrified to have a clock like this and I don’t even have any.

This is one of those things that you avoid looking at for fear that if you look at it wrong it will break. Although you can’t help but appreciate all the cool details within the clock. It also comes in bronze, green and blue. I like the colored ones slightly better, since they somehow look less fragile.

Like any highly breakable clock it is pretty expensive. It is priced at right around $140.

Ghost Clock Doesn’t Actually Look Like a Ghost [via gizmodo]

The SolarSafe reminds you to keep your kids covered in the sun

Worried about your children’s skin getting too exposed to the sun? This SolarSafe might be just the simple reminder you need to keep them covered in all that gooey sunblock.


Microsoft: Zune exceeds targets, sells 1m, still work to be done

Personally I find it difficult to believe that the Zune was only released last November, but I guess that’s the side-effect of big rumour run-up periods.  Anyway, Microsoft set themselves the goal of selling one million of the little buggers in six months, and according to Entertainment and Devices Decision President Robbie Back they’ve actually done it already.



Glam trash bags: Only true divas need apply

Ever have that neighbor that is just too good for anything common?  I think everyone has had at least one person in their life that reminds you of a Stepford Housewife.  You may just want to recommend these trashbags for them, they would be right up their alley.


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