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Bring some 3D glass into your home

You guessed it, sweethearts, it’s “guess my model motivation” time again!  Today’s frisky little photo minx is this handsome stallion, positioning a curious lighting panel called theANEMIX on his wall.  What might the dour gent be pondering, do we think?  That slight smile makes me think it’s some sort of reminiscence about wartime stockings.


Malaysian theaters are equipping staff with night vision

Combating piracy is no small task. Movie theaters in Malaysia are doing their part to stop it at the source. Movie theaters.

The difficult part about doing this is that camcorders are getting smaller and cell phones are getting better cameras. Not to mention it’s dark in a theater. While they can’t stop people from bringing in their phones, they have solved the problem of seeing in the dark. Malaysian theaters have begun equipping their staff with night-vision goggles to catch the would-be pirates.


Mobile phone powered by the sun

If you’re looking for a phone that you don’t need to recharge constantly, you might want to check out what’s going on at the China Beijing International Expo 2007.


PQI announces ReadyBoost drive

Since I’ve been using Windows Vista, I’ve tried out the ReadyBoost feature, and found only minimal gains with various different flash drives. We’ve seen other drives specifically for ReadyBoost, but how does this one from PQI stack up?


Play exhausted-pirates with Hydrofoil Water Scooter

As transport goes, some is indecently luxurious and some bone-janglingly exhausting; Hammacher Schlemmer’s Hydrofoil Water Scooter falls definitely into the latter category.  Powered by, well, jumping up and down like a bear wearing a wasp nappy, you drive the hydrofoil blade through the water and – so the theory goes – propel yourself forward.

Make sure to check out the video of the daft thing in action after the cut!


WiFi aggregator gobbles up signals

I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of wardriving; instead I’m going to marvel at a healthy brace of antennas and congratulate Mark and Boris of geektechnique for their WiFi aggregator.



GamePort lets you take your retro games on the go

If you’re looking for a game emulator to take around with you, you might want to check out Ben Heck’s latest project. While it’s not actually his creation, he did design the case and give it a name.


Toshiba announces in-car HD DVD player

There’s definitely still no clear victor in the battle for the high-def disk formats, but HD-DVD has made an advancement into an area that Blu-ray has yet to touch. Your car.


Aiptek announces sub-$300 HD camcorder

Do you love shooting video? I know plenty of people that love to walk around with a camcorder in their hands for no apparent reason. I tend to avoid those people as often as I can. But for those enthusiasts out there that want to get the most bang for their buck, you might want to check out Aiptek’s new GO-HD.


SeeReal shows off 3D display technology

We’ve been looking forward to true 3D display technology for a long time. Now and then we’ll see a company that promises us that it’s only a few years off. SeeReal is the latest company to give us such a promise.


AMD-powered Toshiba laptops on the way

Despite AMD’s lacking sales recently, more manufacturers are turning to them to power their PCs. Dell was one of the first Intel-only companies to start offering AMD processors in their PCs last year. Now Toshiba has announced that they will also include them in upcoming notebooks.


Gundam Haro – Annoying case for your Mac mini

If you think your Mac mini is too boring sitting there by itself, why not spice it up a bit? You could get a crazy new case built just for your tiny Mac.

video after the jump


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