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YouTube on Apple TV!

YouTube on Apple TV!

Steve Jobs was going to wait a few weeks to announce this, but since it’s D5 with Walt Mossberg, he decided to spill the beans that you can now enjoy YouTube on Apple TV right in your living room.  How sweet is that?

Jobs also revealed that a 160GB hard-drive will now be an official option, so potential owners can put down their screwdrivers and relax.

7-megapixel Digital Camera hits budget price

I remember when you were lucky to get a single-pixel digital camera for eight thousand dollars; now “market forces” (which I’ve never really believed in anyway) have driven prices down to hitherto unimaginable levels.  DXG, a US firm, is releasing a 7-megapixel camera that measures under an inch thick and doesn’t rely on interpolation to get that figure.



SlashGear Video: Palm Foleo

For all my initial misgivings, the Palm Foleo seems to be a pretty gorgeous device. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what exactly can be run on the new Linux-based OS.



SlashGear Photos: Palm’s Foleo companion device

Forgive me, but isn’t the Treo supposed to be Palm’s answer to mobile email? I only ask, because the company’s announcement today – that they’re bringing out a compact Linux powered “smartphone companion” called Foleo, which links by Bluetooth to your existing handset and uses its connectivity with a larger, 10-inch display and full keyboard – and Palm President Ed Colligan’s previous comments on the device (that “it starts today with a focus on wireless email, and we expect the Foleo to grow in features and expand its capabilities as the platform grows”) seem to overlap pretty strongly with the existing product line. Still, I’m a sucker for a new toy, so let’s look at just what Folio is bringing to the table.


BlackBerry Curve from AT&T Available Starting Tomorrow

AT&T is announcing today that the eagerly anticipated BlackBerry Curve will be available in stores, online and through the various B2B channels beginning tomorrow (Thursday, 5/31) for as low as $199.99 (with a 2-year contract and mail-in rebates).

The Curve exclusive in the U.S. for AT&T and includes such AT&T-specific services as AT&T Music, Push to Talk and TeleNav Maps. This device also operates within the broadest domestic and international coverage area for BlackBerry services of any U.S.carrier.

The BlackBerry Curve measures just 4.2” x 2.4” x 0.6”, weighs approximately 3.9 oz., featuring a 2-megapixel camera with zoom, enhanced media player, new desktop media manager, microSD expandable memory slot and spell checker for e-mail.
Check back for SlashGear’s review of the  BlackBerry Curve sometime next week!

The Cobb Portable BBQ Grill

Don’t quite need a full-size grill? This Cobb Portable BBQ Grill might be just the thing for you, especially if you are stuck in an apartment.


Chalkboard Cellphone Strap

Sometimes I just don’t understand some accessories, especially when it comes to cellphones. This latest one is a chalkboard cellphone strap.


Concept design combines the new with the old

Sometimes it’s nice to combine the past with the present in technology. This concept design combines a CD player with an old phonograph (aka record player).


LiveScribe Smartpen – not to be confused with LightScribe

The LiveScribe Smartpen is one of the coolest gadgets that I’ve seen in a while. It instantly reminds me of the Fly Pentop from Leapfrog. The actual similarities are few.


Microsoft launches their Surface

Microsoft had a big announcement just a little bit ago. I’m not sure why companies have to announced things at midnight when most of the working world is in bed. Luckily, we don’t sleep here at Slashgear. They are officially launching the Surface.

video after the jump


Helio Releases New MySpace for Ocean Users

Have you noticed that if you try to get on MySpace by using its URL to view the website outside of ‘Myspace on Helio’ you simply can’t? I mean sure, one of Helio’s biggest boasts is their access to Helio that – until recently – no one else had. Although I like this feature it just seemed so plain. It worked fine; other than viewing pictures according to caption names it wasn’t bad at all. You could always find other users, view friends, post comments, message, and all of the other wonderful things you can do on MySpace. One thing is for sure though, I just wanted something different, which is why a part of me was happy to get the Helio Ocean because I could view MySpace whichever way I chose. Wrong!



Parrot’s latest plug’n’drive Bluetooth kit streams music wirelessly

Being in the market for a Bluetooth hands-free kit myself, it’s always interesting to see what French innovators Parrot come up with.  Their latest device could realistically be described as a crossover between portable and installed kits – it has the integration and sound-processing capabilities of a wired-in model, but with the ease of transportation of previous cigarette lighter plug-in units.



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