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Lego flash drive – not just a DIY project anymore

If you’re looking for a more unique flash drive, or possibly one that could be easily hidden in plain sight from would-be data thieves. Check out this Lego flash drive.

It seems that the people over at Zip Zip saw enough of those DIY projects where people were converting old Lego bricks into flash drives that they decided to mass produce them.


New firmware hack for Xbox 360 bypasses detection

We don’t support illegal activity here at SlashGear, however we’re more than happy to report industry-related news. Those of you that have been worried about your modded Xbox 360’s getting banned from Xbox live might want to check this out.


SlashGear Review: Linutop’s fanless Linux PC

Much to my shame, Linux is something of a mystery to me. Actually, I think they should teach at least the basics of it in school computing classes, alongside English and at least one foreign language (though don’t ask me about my French abilities either), but this is neither time nor place for my election campaigning. And so I look on with maudlin self-disgust at promises of Dell laptops with Linux pre-installed, or clever thumb-drives and Live CDs that offer a chance to fiddle with the OS without ruining your everyday copy of Windows; I inevitably fold when faced with some sort of command prompt. Perhaps, then, you’ll wonder why I was so keen to try the Linutop, a surprisingly compact and silent diskless computer that runs a specially tweaked version of xubuntu.


Roboquad spider-robot gets pre-orders and commercial

As much as I admire the technology inside Wow Wee’s latest, the Roboquad, there’s something about a scuttling spider-robot that freaks me out.  Perhaps it’s partly to do with the degree of AI that makes him inquisitive all of his own accord.  Using the supplied remote control would be one thing, but having it suddenly dash out from under a chair would be quite another!  Anyway, courtesy of our friends over at Robots Rule we’ve got the first Roboquad commercial:


Jeff Hawkins on the Palm Foleo

Palm just finished up their webcast a little while ago, and after seeing what it can do and how easy it is to use, I may have to get one of these when they come out. I’ll give you the highlights of the webcast.

Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm talked at length about the overall focus of the company. 15 years ago they started Palm with the idea that the future was in mobile computing. They wanted to build a device that could do many of the same functions that a desktop or laptop computer could do, but small enough to fit into your pocket.


Walt Mossberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on Technology at WSJ: All Things Digital

Walt Mossberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on Technology at WSJ: All Things Digital

Get ready for the BIG BASH between Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Walt Mossberg! Live blogging!

7:21pm Showing old videos...IBM, Microsoft, Apple...nothing too exciting yet.

7:25 "2007 Together Here"

It's actually Walk, Kara, Steve, and Gates from left to right.

Walt introducing some folks in the audience

Kara jumps in and asks whats up with the cat fight and who's done what for the computing industry? Jobs first to answer by saying Bill built the first software for the industry - focusing on the software before anyone else had a clue. Building a company is hard, getting the right talent and keeping them. Bill has been staying with it for all these years.

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Lenovo Santa Rosa X-series range officially announced

In an announcement that, since we knew it was coming, will surprise nobody, Lenovo are revealing their latest line-up of Santa Rosa X-series laptops and Tablet PCs.  The X61, X61s and X61 Tablet will be the flagship trio of Lenovo’s ultraportable range, with WWAN cellular connectivity, WiFi ‘n’, Bluetooth and gigabit ethernet all available on different models.



Branded USB keys unlock online content

Here’s a new twist on an old idea. We’ve seen USB (and even serial) dongles before that you need to keep plugged into a PC in order for a certain application to work. QiGO LLC has put a spin on that idea and has begun producing USB drives that unlock premium internet content.

The devices are being officially launched at the D5 conference where our own Vincent is today. The first thing I notice about them is that they look pretty cool, not boring like the dongles we’re used to seeing. The end of the USB key will have a logo that depicts what type of content it unlocks.


CyberTouch touchscreen display grows up

Last October they had 32-inches, now they have 42.  CyberTouch are growing their Orion touchscreens faster than my credit card bill, and their latest is again a beautiful LG LCD panel with a passive USB or serial touch-sensitive layer strapped to it.

Billed as a good information kiosk tool or museum guide, it’s one of those price-on-application things which you just know is going to be expensive.  Still, since the 32-incher was over $4k last year, we can only assume this one will be more.

CyberTouch [via Press Release]

Limited Edition GeForce card hits water-cooled high

The only reason I upgraded from on-board graphics was because I wanted to run dual displays, so the idea of spending $899.99 on a high-end card makes my stomach do a backflip of disbelief.  Still, people laughed at me when I spent thousands on Michael Jackson’s first nose, but I still think it’s the best investment I ever made.  Anyway, your nine-hundred bucks gets you EVGA’s 8800 Ultra Black Pearl edition, a stonking water-cooled PCI-E card with a core speed of 655MHz and 768MB of DDR3 memory.



WSJ: D5 Morning Session

The morning session over and I’ve got a little time before I meet with Palm, so I’ll sum up the morning events. They kicked things off with a social breakfast, then they jumped right into the good stuff when Steve Ballmer took the stage.

Mossberg got some good shots in like asking why Vista took 5 years to get out. In a way, Ballmer admitted to making mistakes with Vista along the way. They tried to do too much at once and it got out of hand.

Of course you can’t forget about the Zune, as it turns out, Microsoft has no plans to ever build their own factories to produce them. He calls the hardware just a method of delivering services. A very interesting point of view I think. He does promise that something new and better will be out in time for Christmas, so we’ll keep our eyes out for that.


A slab of the sixties brought bang up to date

Okay, so the name is on the crummy side of kitsch, but if you’ve fond memories of jiving round the jukebox (or just Fonz memories of Happy Days) and have a spare $7,295 lying around to splash on a hard-drive based audio player, then Rock-Ola’s Nostalgia Music Center might be the gaudy thing for you.



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