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SlashGear Review: LG Prada phone

LG’s Prada phone rather upset the Apple-cart. Until the slender fashion-handset stepped into the limelight, analysts were happily joining up the dots between Synaptic’s Onyx concept and Apple’s iPhone, and fully expecting to see the capacitive ClearPad technology appear in Cupertino’s long-awaited handset. Then out struts the LG, and all of a sudden the catwalk is decidedly more crowded than perhaps Apple expected it to be.


Judie unboxes HTC’s Advantage super-smartphone

Judie over at Gear Diary has obviously seen my dancing hands and wants some of the unboxing video action for herself, and since she just so happened to have HTC’s Advantage lying around she takes us through the multi-layered packaging and ending up with a tour of the ports and buttons.


Revo’s WiFi radio cuts the power-cord

If you read SlashGear’s review of the Terratec NOXON iRadio, you’ll remember that one of the key criticisms of the WiFi radio was its dependence on a mains power supply.  Unless you’ve got a long extension lead, it was pretty unsuitable for, say, taking out into the garden and enjoying music on the fringes of your wireless network.  Scottish company Revo believe they’ve solved that problem; their Pico WiFi Radio has a built-in rechargeable battery pack.



Pleo saved from battery-death extinction

Ugobe’s friendly little robot dinosaur, Pleo, seems to have had a brush with extinction.  Original plans to fit a non-user-replaceable rechargeable battery – which would last a few years but then, like laptop cells, refuse to hold a charge – have been scrapped in the face of public concern that their prehistoric buddy would meet an untimely end.  Ugobe have also released images of the Pleo packaging:


Images courtesy of Ugobe, Inc.


USB headset turns you into a flasher

Now forgive me if I’m reading too much into this, but was it really such a good idea for LightSnake to suggest sexually-transmitted infections with the name of their new STICHAT USB headset?  Are they trying to imply that this simple USB audio interface would be ideal for discussing genital discharge with a VOIP health hotline?



Via ship Pico-ITX micro-motherboard

We wrote about the Pico-ITX form-factor back in January, calling Via’s 100 x 72mm motherboard “the new standard” in micro computing; well, the first design to hit the shelves is the EPIA PX10000G, complete with a 1GHz C7 CPU and support for up to 1GB of SDRAM.



HTC Elf unboxed

HTC’s Elf seems to balance on that precarious line between “meh” and “ooh”, which is pretty much an odd way of saying that while the lack of keyboard is a pain the general appearance of the handset goes some way to making up for it.  The Boy Genius has stayed true to form and got his hands on an Elf, roughly stripping it for our enjoyment. 



Dell’s employee leaked the models for Dell Linux systems

Dell’s employee leaked the models for Dell Linux systems

As we previously reported, Dell has hop onto the Linux bandwagon. Now we have more details regarding that. Dell Inspiron E1505 will be the first model to feature preloaded Ubuntu Linux laptop starting this Thursday.

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Ever wonder who taught your WoW toon how to dance?

Ever wonder how they thought up those crazy dances on World of Warcraft? I know I have, then again I could be considered a WoW addict at times. Well this video shows clips of the origins from which their inspiration came.


Flashing DS Lite mod

If there’s one thing most gadgets aren’t short of, it’s flashing lights.  LEDs tell you when there’s hard-drive activity, they tell you when a gadget is on, or off, or thinking, or thinking about turning off, or thinking about… well, you get the idea.  But there will still be those who want more LEDs, and for those Nintendo DS Lite owners who’d rather their console be a DS Light, AcidMod’s member Rocky might have the mod for you.


PayPass wristwatch – just tap and go

I don’t use MasterCard, so I’m not familiar with just how easy it is to tap my card on a PayPass scanner and go. But for those of you that take advantage of this service, it just got easier.

The Garanti Bank in Turkey has teamed with MasterCard to bring us a watch with the PayPass feature built-in. The watch will only work when paying amounts totaling under 15 euros, so don’t expect to pay for your new TV with one of these, but it will pay for lunch or coffee without a problem.

Unfortunately for now, these are only available in Turkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if these catch on in other parts of the world quickly though.

Paypass wristwatch from Garanti Bank
[via techdigest]

Never lose your car in a dark alley

With the degree of customisation available now, it’s hard to get your car to stand out.  One surefire way (but which tends to push people’s “love it or hate it” button) is a full-body custom paint job, preferably of something recognisable rather than random swirls.  An MR2 owner in Russia decided their love of the Terminator was so strong that their car should portray it; moreover, so that people seeing the car at night wouldn’t miss out, he did it all in glow-in-the-dark paint.