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Updated – Wal-Mart to sell Dell PCs in June

Dell has been rumored to be considering allowing brick-and-mortar stores carry their PCs in-store. Apparently, they will sell their first PC from a retail store this weekend in June.

Who will be carrying their PCs? Wal-Mart of course! For some reason it just seems like a perfect fit. I’ve never cared much for Dell’s quality or customer service, and Wal-Mart is about on par with them in my eyes, so it seems only logical that they would team up.

We will apparently begin seeing these systems in over 3,000 stores this weekend Beginning on June 10th. I’ll try to sneak my camera in and see if my local store has any when the time comes.

Updated:I was contacted by a Wal-Mart representative and informed that the original timeframe for release was incorrect. Many sites covered the news that it would happen this weekend, however, they will not be selling these until June 10.

Wal-Mart to begin selling Dell PCs [via crave]

Wireless mouse needs no batteries

I love my wireless mouse. It’s so great not having to mess with the stupid wire coming out the back of it. But of course, like any product that is wireless it uses batteries. What if I told you that you could have a wireless mouse that didn’t need batteries?


Protect your TV from unfortunate Wiimote accidents

I personally haven’t heard of anyone that I know busting their TV in a Wii-related accident. But I do know that especially when it first came out, there were quite a few cases of Wiimotes loosing themselves from the grips of gamers and causing catastrophic damage to TVs everywhere. If you’re having issues even after getting a better strap, you might want to check this out.


Art Guard keep Van Gogh safe

How many of you have priceless works of art hanging on your walls? I can only assume that your walls are just filled with such things. That’s why I thought I would show you this Art Guard.


Disk Pod – Why?

You know what is horrible? When you actually have to put forth a tiny amount of effort for a task when you know there is a perfectly good gadget that will do what you need with only the push of a button.


Dell launches Linux PCs

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting Dell’s launch of their line of PCs with Linux pre-installed, your wait is officially over today.


Hands-on with the VisionTek XG6 – Time to upgrade

I had a chance to stop by the VisionTek booth where they were showing off their XG6 2000dpi Laser Gaming Mouse. I play my fair share of games on my PC and my Logitech MX700 has always been sufficient. But when I saw this mouse I was intrigued.


Hands-on with ASUS’ S102 voice-recognition Sat-Nav

Our boy Chris Scott Barr has put down his precious Guitar Hero controller and gone for a wander around the AMD/Microsoft Tour. He’ll be bringing you news of the goodies that have caught his eye, but I wanted to share these photos of ASUS’ S102 GPS.


Gizmodo get their hands on Zonbu’s remote-storage Linux PC

Ever since the beginning of the broadband age we’ve been promised thin-clients relying on secure, off-site storage with all our lovely files and media whizzing through the chunky ADSL pipes.  Sadly that hasn’t really happened; yes, online backup is profligate and we’re used to using massive email dumping grounds like Gmail, but we’re still expected to have full, power-hungry and ever-ageing PCs at home for the bulk of storage duties.  Gizmodo have been playing with a halfway solution, Zonbu’s $99 Linux PC, which runs open-source software on a fanless 1.2MHz platform but utilises Amazon’s S3 storage servers to save your files.



Bill Gates’ PC Design contest winners are picked

Each year the gates of IDA/ICSID and Microsoft are thrown open for PC design submissions, and each year they’re overwhelmed with the talent out there and the range of concepts people come up with.  PC World has a gallery of the winners and runners-up, and I’ve picked out a few of the more interesting or unusual designs for SlashGear’s lovely readers.



Wall-Mounted Wireless Printer is slim style icon

If you lock a printer, a WiFi dongle and a digital photo frame in a bedroom with an two-gallon tub of industrial lubricant and refuse to let them leave until they’ve produced some sort of offspring, you might just end up with this Wall-Mountable Wireless Printer.  Designed by ransmeier & floyd, it produces prints and then drops them down into a viewing window.



The Red Hot Laser Show for at home entertainment

Have you ever gone to one of those extravagant laser shows? No, driving your cat insane with a laser pointer does not count. Well now you can have a laser show straight from your home with the Red Hot Laser Show.