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Thumb-drive Linux computer hosts full security system

Honestly, the things they make to plug into a USB port these days.  It used to be that if you wanted enterprise-level security then, well, you’d probably need to be an enterprise with the budget to go with it; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford the chunky server that would scan all incoming and outgoing traffic from your network.  Now Yoggie are offering what they’re calling a Linux security computer on a USB stick, promising internet blocking and traffic monitoring without load on the host computer.



Desktop replacement laptop has RAID-5

If you’re looking for a desktop replacement and fancy a notebook then you might want to cast your beady eyes over Targa Computers’ Raptor-60, which they’re calling the “first of its kind” to support RAID 5 (in JBOD, RAID 0, 1 or 5 forms).  That for a start is going to make this something of a weighty beast, and when you add in a 17-inch WSXGA+ screen driven by a dual NVIDIA GeForce 7950 you realise that this isn’t something you’ll be tucking under your arm and swanning off to the park with.

Up to three SATA hard-drives can be slotted in, and a Blu-Ray drive is an option.  There’re a range of processors, starting from a pretty boring Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz and ranging up to a 2.93GHz Core 2 Extreme.


Animal piggy-banks have built-in cash counters

Looking a little like one of those hoax cats grown in a bottle, the i-kiddo range of animal-themed money banks are designed to teach little ‘uns the value of money and stop them spending all their spare change on sweets and cocaine.  Apparently they’re clever enough to identify any coin popped into their slots, totting up the total amount inside on a little screen underneath.



Steve Jobs informs MY iPhone they they are in need of a name change

As you know our man Vincent attended D5: All Things Digital yesterday. He had a blast, and not only did he get to watch Steve Jobs on stage, but he also was able to meet him and shake his hand. However his meeting didn’t quite go as planned.

You probably know that Vincent also runs our sister-site MYiPhone. When he mentioned this to Jobs, he was kindly informed that he should change the name of the site to something that didn’t contain the iPhone name, citing that “we have a team of lawyers to go after that kind of stuff.” This of course took Vincent very much by surprise.


AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8300 unboxing

These pre-release announcements may very well give us something to ponder upon prior to a device’s release, but it does take some of the excitement out of the launch day itself.  Over at the Pinstack forums they’re nonetheless summoning up some glee at the unboxing of AT&T’s BlackBerry Curve 8300, the latest handset from the push-email pioneers.



Chameleon Case changes color based on your Wii’s temperature

Game consoles can get pretty hot when you work them for extended periods, and yet they really don’t have any good indicator to show you just how hot they’re getting.


Trackside instant replay monitor gets rental review

Kangaroo TV is one of those gadgets I’m unusually curious about but will likely never experience myself, so I’m pleased to see Automated Home’s hands-on report of the event-side review unit from a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix.  A handheld wireless terminal allowing for instant replays, in-car footage, timing data and other information usually you’d have to be in front of the TV to get.



EVERUN UMPC will run for 12 hours

If you’re looking for a UMPC that will last more than a couple hours, you should check out the aptly-named EVERUN from RAON Digital.


iLoad takes your PC out of the picture

Here’s an interesting gadget that completely takes the computer out of the process of getting tunes onto your iPod.


PQI unveils 256GB SSD drive

If a 160GB solid-state disk just won’t do it for you, check out the latest offering from PQI. They’re bringing the game to a whole new level.


Fancy footwork gives you an edge with the Fragpedal

If you’ve got a mouse with more buttons than you ever thought possible, a sweet gaming keyboard, but are still looking for that extra edge, you you might think about using your feet to do some of the work.

The Fragpedal Elite USB Gaming Footpedal is actually two pedals, each containing two buttons. That gives you a total of four buttons, but limitless possibilities. The buttons can be set to any key, but they take things a step further and allow you to set it so that how you press the buttons controls what key is triggered.


Google to make applications available offline

Google announced today that they are working on bringing the applications that we know and love to us even when we’re offline. This is huge because the biggest downfall of Google’s applications is that they can only be used when you are connected to the internet.


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