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Lexar ExpressCard Reviewed

When Lexar announced their ExpressCard SSD drive people got pretty excited. Not only would you be getting 4-16GB of flash memory that you could pop into your laptop, but in theory you should get fairly high performance as well.


Exoskeleton for rent

A while back ago Cyberdyne showed off their latest Hybrid Assistive Limb exoskeleton HAL-5. It was designed with the idea of letting the elderly and disabled rediscover their lost strength.


DIY Xbox 360 HDD upgrade

Want to upgrade the hard drive on your Xbox 360, but don’t feel like shelling out $179? Apparently you can get the same 120GB HDD on your 360 for a lot less.


Samsung to produce 4GB RAM sticks

With Vista being the most memory-hungry version of Windows to date, you can never have too much memory. Some of you may feel comfortable just running 4 or even 8 GB in your system. But what about those people wanting more? It looks like Samsung has got your fix.


No Vibrating Pet Massager for my dogs!

It’s disturbing to know that there is people out there that’ll buy this vibrating pet massager for their dogs. If my dogs (Taz & Oscar) think I’m getting this for them, they have another thing coming. Their daily activities involve sleeping; walking from the couch to the food and water bowl, back to the couch and occasional pit stops to the backyard for a pit stop. Unless your pets have some sort of chronic aches or live an active pet lifestyle, this product isn’t really for you, or is it? Should you get one, just make sure you close your windows and the blinds; god knows what your neighbors will think of you.

The Total Health Vibrating Pet Massage cost $5.95, and it’s alleged to relieves sore muscles, tension, and “stimulate” oil glands for healthier skin and coat.


Unboxing the HTC Advantage

I’m still on the fence with the HTC Advantage (formerly known as the Athena and briefly, the Ameo), mainly because I’ve asked myself why would I need such a device that acts like my smartphone except much larger? I’ve heard HTC’s justification but don’t quit buy it, yet. Possibly a hands on when it finally arrives stateside this summer, may make me think differently.

The HTC Advantage sports a built-in GPS powered by TomTom software for the European market while it’s still unknown for the US market. Other HTC given features include quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE plus HSDPA/UMTS (850/1900/2100). I remember seeing the Advantage all over the T-Mobile booth at CeBIT – so it’s likely T-Mobile USA will launch the device here.


Microsoft claims Vista sales figures in China are inaccurate

Last week we reported that Microsoft only managed to sell a measly 244 copies of Windows Vista in China. According to an official statement from Microsoft, that number is inaccurate.


Zepto makes first DirectX 10 laptop

There are many gamers that enjoy gaming on the go. Unfortunately, such a luxury always comes at a hefty price. Add in bleeding-edge technology like DirectX 10 support, and it will no doubt make your wallet hurt.


Cheap HD DVD player on the way?

It seems like ever week we’re hearing new evidence of either HD DVD or Blu-ray pulling ahead in the format war. This week is no different. Apparently Wal-Mart has teamed up with a Chinese manufacturer to make an inexpensive HD DVD player.

How inexpensive? Try $299. Granted, Wal-Mart isn’t exactly known for carrying products of the highest quality, but for $299, it makes being an early adopter just a little bit easier.

Sadly, the machines aren’t due to actually be released until 2008. That’s still a long way away and many factors can turn the tide.

HD-DVD Wins: $299 Player On The Way [via crunchgear]

The Echo Bot: to scare all those that dares to cross its path

Feeling a little mischievous? The Echo Bot will definitely help you think of a whole new round of pranks.

The Echo Bot is a small robot that will record up to 10 seconds of whatever your heart desires. The when someone walks within one meter of it, it will echo what you said. It has accordion style legs so you can rap it around the leg of your desk and little suction cups to attach to smooth surfaces.

One logical use would be to attach it to your trashcan to scare your dog from tearing into it. Although the design isn’t exactly stealthy, it is fun. It is priced at about $20.

The Voice Messenger with Style [via funniest gadgets]

The Choc-u-lator: a cruel and deceptive product

This product is just mean, I suspect that a guy created it as a cruel joke towards his wife. The Choc-u-lator is a friggin calculator that looks like a chocolate bar and it has a twist that makes it even more awful.


Girly Gamer Gear

More and more girly gamers are getting outraged over the way they are treated. We get these games that are supposedly targeted at us that are pure fluff. Some of us are getting annoyed at the gamer apparel for women.