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Coming soon – the Wiiboard?

According to the May issue of Game Informer, Nintendo is considering adding a keyboard to their Wii accessory line. I’m a bit torn on this one.

On one hand, you have the people that aren’t going to want to keep a special keyboard around just for when they want to surf the internet. But on the flip side, Think about WebTV and the people that used it. Set grandma with a Wii with a keyboard and she’ll be able to do all of her surfing from her favorite knitting chair. Not to mention when you stop by for Thanksgiving dinner you can always play Wii Sports.

Honestly, I think there will be plenty of people that will consider buying it. But why not just let the people use any old USB keyboard and be done with it. You could even release a special “Wiiboard” specifically designed for the Wii, just don’t force people to use it when they have perfectly good keyboards lying around.

Nintendo looking into keyboard peripheral [nintendowiifanboy]

Vonage granted permanent injunction

Vonage users and employees breathed a collective sigh of relief today. They have been granted a permanent injunction on a previous injunction that prevented the company from signing up further customers.


Newsflash – Nintendo doesn’t like mod chips

I’ve never really used mod chips on my consoles, I’ve just never really felt the urge to use one. I know people that do so they can play imported games and various other things. I’ve never seen a problem with using them, they can enable you to do some pretty cool stuff. Apparently, Nintendo doesn’t quite see it that way.


The Donut Clock-for sweet stuff at any hour

More and more gadgets are popping up that are some cruel joke to make you constantly hungry. The Donut Clock is no different.


Retro SMEG Dishwasher

Retro appliances have added a fun twist to the modern kitchen. The Smeg DF6FABR Dishwasher is no different. Not only is it drop dead gorgeous it’s just as tough as the average dishwasher.


This Craftworks toolbox comes with a twist

Certain men have a bit of a love affair with their garage. They make fun of women with all their baubles and shoes, but to be honest they love to accessorize themselves, they just confine it to the garage. Well they would definitely love this refrigerator from Craftworks.


Touchscreen remote gets vigorously fondled

Dropping $500+ on a universal remote control looks a bit crazy, but there are always going to be the home-cinema obsessed who will readily invest both the initial outlay and then the time required to set it all up for the privilege of having a relatively straightforward system.

In the past I’ve been critical to the point of dismissive about oversized remotes that pack in so many buttons you may as well just mash your fingers against every individual control you have.  Universal Electronics’ NevoSL doesn’t seem to suffer too much from that – a touchscreen, seventeen front-panel buttons and scroll-wheel is neither overkill nor minimalism.

RemoteShoppe’s Jim Bask sat down with the NevoSL – which communicates via WiFi and an ActiveSync link with your PC – and got to grips with programming it, only to be pleasantly surprised at the ease of setup and, occasionally tetchy touchscreen aside, general use.


Intel’s Ultra Mobile tablets: all 13 summarised

So we’ve seen Fujitsu’s efforts, how about the rest?  UMPC Portal have written up a full listing of all the prototypes, mock-ups and suggested designs on show at Intel’s recent IDF.  Some have more information than others – mainly because some have a greater expected lifespan beyond a keynote or featuring in a PowerPoint presentation! – but each is lovingly tended to.

If you’re at all curious about the Ultra Mobile Platform and the sort of machines the new, low-power CPUs will be finding their way into, it’s well worth a read.

IDF new device summary [UMPC Portal]

In-car PC is ideal distraction from boring roads

It’s been a few years since I took my driving test, and so often I find that I’m driving automatically rather than consciously having to think about using that big round wheel thing and all those flappy pedals on the floor.  That leaves a whole lot of time that, in the olden days, would’ve been used for picking at tuberculosis scabs or whipping wives, but nowadays just goes to waste.  If only I had a full Vista PC in my car, eh?



Fujitsu throw their ultra-mobile hat into ring with UMPC competitor

I’m trying my best to keep positive about Fujitsu’s new UMPC, but the design does make me think “cheap portable DVD player” rather than “swish handheld tablet that I’d spend my own hard-earned cash on.”  Which is a shame, because taking a quick look at the specs shows that it’s not half bad.


HTC Herald gets go-ahead nod from FCC

Kevin over at jkontherun is beside himself with endearing, childish glee over the FCC approval for HTC’s Herald, seemingly to be hitting T-Mobile shelves near you in the not too distant future.  It looks like an incremental rather than groundbreaking update over existing models; 2-megapixel camera instead of 1.3, slimmer chassis, improved keyboard… but still no HSDPA.



Optimus Maximus finds new hardware supplier with better screens

What’s that, good news coming from the guys and gals over at Art Lebedev Studios?  Sometimes it feels like you’re tempting fate just mentioning the Optimus keyboard; much like in Peter Pan where just saying “I don’t believe in fairies” kills one of the little flutterers, any positive mention of the keyboard-of-screens results in a dead OLED supplier. 


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