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Release date set for Optimus Maximus

It seems that the highly anticipated (and priced) Optimus Maximus keyboard has finally gotten a release date.


Hitachi Releases World’s First Terabyte Drive

No matter how you partition it, 1 terabyte of storage is a lot of space to fill. Ready to give budding audiophiles and cinematics a shot at doing just that is Hatachi’s Deskstar 7K1000 with it’s $399 price tag.


Update – Wal-mart did not place order for 2 million HD DVD players

Here’s a brief update on the story we covered recently on Wal-mart ordering 2 million HD DVD players. Apparently it resides in the realm of fiction.

The company that Wal-mart was supposedly ordered the players from has come forth and corrected the story and said that Wal-mart hadn’t actually ordered them yet. In fact, all Wal-mart did was ask for a cost analysis and asked how soon they could get them. As it turns out, the company never actually said that Wal-mart had placed the order, it was simply a rumor that got out of hand.


Unboxing – Toshiba Satellite P205

Today I received my Toshiba Satellite P205. I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but I did manage to shoot an unboxing video for you guys.


Blu-ray vs HD DVD update: HD sells almost a million – Blue laser diodes drop to $8

So we know that over 1 million Blu-ray disks have been sold, but how many HD DVDs have been sold? Turns out they’re not far behind.

According to the official numbers there have been 998,059 HD DVDs sold thus far. Combine that with the fact that some HD DVD players are being sold for close to $300, I’d say Blu-ray still has a long way to go before they can declare victory.


SlashGear Review: TerraTec’s hybrid Digital/Analogue ExpressCard TV Tuner

It still seems strange to me that for the outlay of a couple of relatively low-denomination notes you can pick up a portable TV card that only a couple of years ago would’ve run into the hundreds. That, I suppose, is the relentless advance of technology (and damn don’t we love it!) TerraTec were kind enough to flaunt their advances in my face send me their latest TV tidbit, the Cinergy HT Express, a slender digital/analogue hybrid tuner designed to slot neatly into the ExpressCard slot on todays latest laptops. TerraTec boast that it’s the first hybrid ExpressCard on the market, capable of receiving DVB-T signals like the UK’s Freeview as well as tuning in to home analogue whether that be fixed antenna or cable.


Lenovo designs 2008 Olympic torch

Who would have thought that a PC manufacturer would have any interest in designing the next Olympic torch? Apparently someone at Lenovo decided that they were perfect for the job.


Nintendo doubles profit over last year

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a little extra money? What if this year you brought in twice as much dough as you did last year? That’s exactly what happened to Nintendo.


Channel Bonding Cable Modem to provide speeds up to 144Mbps

Since reading about the Japanese scientists that broke the internet speed record yesterday, my 3Mbps DSL has just felt insignificant. As if reading my mind, Ambit Broadband has just released information on their new Channel Bonding Cable Modem that promises unfathomable speed. Well, it’s fathomable, but your old 100Mbps LAN might need an upgrade to keep up.

The new Channel Bonding Cable Modem works by bonding three downstream channels to reach maximum speeds of up to 144Mbps down, and 30Mbps up. With that kind of speed, you might want to consider going with a Gigabit solution for your home network.


ATI’s flagship card fails to perform

The first round of benchmarks for ATI’s new line of R600-based cards went rather well. Unfortunately, round two wasn’t as kind to them. The guys over at DailyTech were able to pit the ATI flagship Radeon HD 2900 XTX against NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800 GTX. The results aren’t pretty.


TufTab – The rugged tablet

The great thing about mobile devices is that you can take them just about anywhere. Unfortunately, that mobility can also work against you; the more you carry something around, the more opportunities you have to break it. Fortunately companies like Tablet Kiosk build their systems to take a beating.


Sony Walkman B100 – Bye Bye ATRAC

Sony is learning the media player industry, slowly. There is rumor that Sony is going to start making media player that allow user to transfer music files without Sony’s SonicStage that convert music files to ATRAC format. The B100 will be the first Sony’s Walkman that allows direct transfers with drag-n-drop.


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