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No Mac is safe from the MacLockPick

Wouldn’t it be scary if there was a flash drive out there that could grab your most sensitive data off of your computer with little or no effort? Be warned, Such as device exists.


First glimpse of Olympic laptop from Lenovo

Yesterday we brought you news that Lenovo had their design selected to become the next Olympic torch. Lenovo then said that they would likely introduce a PC to go along with the “Cloud of Promise” theme.


Could future games include subtitles for the hearing impaired?

Here’s something that I’ve honestly never thought about. Why aren’t there subtitles for most video games to help those with hearing impairments?

A Kotaku reader has wondered that very thing, mostly because he himself is both deaf and an avid gamer. He has written a letter to the ESA voicing his concern. He loves to play games like Quake 4 and Perfect Dark 0, but he has a tough time playing them because parts of the game rely heavily on audio cues.


OLPC gets official price and Windows support

The official price has finally been set for the long-awaited One Laptop Per Child laptop. The price is almost double that of the original target of $100, but is still a reasonable $175.


HDMI hub – Big, expensive and ugly

I have a few devices that use HDMI connectors, and I’m sure that eventually I will get more. How many of you have way too many HDMI-enabled devices lying around just waiting to get plugged in?


Slow Xbox sales doesn’t slow down overall profit for MS

Apparently after all of this time the Xbox really isn’t turning a profit for Microsoft. To be fair, it’s not just the Xbox that’s to blame, it is their entire Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD).


Introducing the Phillips Longneck

Don’t you just hate notebooks that look and act just like all of the rest? Apparently the guys over at Phillips are tired of just that.

They have developed a laptop that stands out, or at least the monitor stands out; it is the aptly-named Longneck. The 12-inch display is movable and extendable so you can adjust it to the most ergonomic position. It is powered by an Intel Core Duo, 1GB of RAM and a 100 GB hard drive.


Hello Kitty Car Charger

Haven’t had enough of Hello Kitty yet? Well that’s good because it would seem it is the trend that just won’t die. Now you can even charge up your iPod with this oh-so popular kitty.


Declare war on those fibbers with the Bullshit Button

Tired of those stupid easy-button commercials from Staples? If you create an ad infamous enough and someone is bound to add a hilarious twist to it eventually. Which is where the Bullshit button comes in.


Science Fiction Inspired Lamps

Ever long for the days gone by of Alfred Hitchcock movies and monster flicks? I never got to personally witness those days, but it’s fun to think about when aliens and monsters first made it to the big screen. These new lamps bring up memories of a Science Fiction inspired time.


Upstage gets a new pricetag

The Samsung Upstage from Sprint is probably one of the best music phones that we’ve seen. So color us surprised because Sprint has decided to drop the price on it already.


Beware of Greeks bearing flash drives

I love my flash drives, I really do. Unfortunately, I have a bad tendency to either break or lose them. Which means that there are more than a few such drives just lying around somewhere waiting to be picked up. My advice is not to pick them up, not because it contains compromising data about myself, but because the drive you found could have been planted there to steal your cash.


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