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360 Elite may not play your Arcade games very well

Those of you that decided to make the switch to the new Xbox Elite over the weekend may have a little surprise when you try to play your Arcade games.


Good luck charm – the USB Ladybug Mouse

I’m not superstitious like my parents, and I know some people believe that seeing ladybug is a sign of good luck. How about having a ladybug for a mouse? Would it make me lucky? The USB Ladybug mouse is a pretty cool mouse that looks very similar to a ladybug.

It features 800dpi resolution, optical, lightweight and suitable for kids. Priced at only $14, it would be a nice mother day gift, wouldn’t it?

[via gearlog]

MacBook Pro Raid 0 Mods

Okay, if you decided to wreck your Apple Care warranty there is a fun way of doing it. How does RAID 0 on in your MacBook Pro, MacBook, or PowerBook sounds?

Eric Cheng put his MacBook Pro into surgery to setup RAID 0 using two 160GB and posted the guide to get your Mac notebook to do RAID 0.


SlingPlayer Mac Went Gold

I’ve been using the beta version of SlingPlayer Mac for couple months already. Aside from little annoyances, it worked pretty well. Now the final 1.0 gold has been released and Sling Media added support for controlling Apple TV.


What’s Under the hood of revised OLPC?

Now that the new price of “One Laptop Per Child” notebook has been announced, the project seems to be on final stage. It also gets some upgrades underneath the OLPC itself. The previous specs shows the laptop will be powered by a 366Mhz AMD Geode CPU with 128MB RAM and 512MB of NAND flash.


The Pop Art toaster-I think I just threw up a little

Need a new twist on that boring old white bread? Now you can stamp it with super cheesy little pictures.


The Flygun makes killing flies a lot more fun

We tend to have gadgets for even the simplest of tasks, some necessary, some not so much. Well why not have a cool one to replace the classic fly swatter?


The Static-Discharging Keychain

Do you have a shocking personality? Maybe you need the Static-Discharging Keychain.


Software update from Apple aims to fix battery woes

Those of you worried about your MacBook batteries will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Apple has acknowledged the issue and released a fix.

They have released a software update that can be downloaded via Software Update, or by visiting Apple’s support site. According to Apple the update will fix battery performance issues like short battery life and other battery issues.


Windows Vista selling better than we thought?

People have been pretty hard on Vista since its launch. Honestly, I don’t think that it’s done without just cause. But according to the numbers, Vista sales aren’t as bad as everyone seems to think.


Sith lords don’t take kindly to cell phones

You might want to think twice about leaving your cell phone on the next time you go into a movie theater or into an important meeting.


German’s create a dummy-proof LCD shift knob

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t actually have to completely learn how to drive a stick. Just imagine all the great drivers we would have if they didn’t bother to learn which gear they are in without a digital device telling them.


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