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The ultimate Xbox 360 portable

If you thought the 12-inch screen for your Xbox 360 made it a portable gaming system. Think again. The Xbox 360 Laptop MKII is the real gaming portable.


The FED Phone Charger will charge almost any phone

HTC to ship Google Phone this year? [via Slashphone]If you have a lot of cell phones around your house, you know that it seems nearly impossible to find two different phones that use the same charger. The new FED charger hopes to eliminate those extra cords.

The FED Charger is basically a power hub for mobile phones. It has built-in connectors for several different brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry. It also has a Mini USB port and will include adapters for other brands too. (more…)

The G-Phone from HTC?

I was beginning to wonder if Google had given up on the mobile phone idea. I haven’t heard any good new rumors in a couple of weeks. However, they are once again making headlines with fresh rumors today.

Apparently Google has teamed up with mobile phone manufacturer HTC to release their ‘G-phone’ by the end of the year. The phone is rumored to be 3G compatible, though only with EDGE. (more…)

What do you get when you cross a USB cable with a phone cord?

Sometimes I find the most simplistic creations to also be the most useful. Take the spork for example, they just combined a spoon and a fork to create the ultimate utensil.


Tired of your XBox 360? Gamestop is paying top dollar for them

Are you tired of your old Xbox? Maybe your plain non-Elite XBox 360 just isn’t good enough anymore. Either way, take it into Gamestop and they’ll be more than happy to relieve you of your gaming console, and you’ll leave with a decent amount of cash in return.


Asus announces affordable SSD laptops

We all know that SSD drive have several advantages like being lighter and more durable then traditional hard drives. However, their biggest disadvantage comes in the form of their price. However it appears that Asus has found a way to pack them into a new line of laptops that are easy on the wallet.


The Noodlehead Sprinkler

Sprinklers are the one gardening system that haven’t changed a lot in the past 20 years. Yes, the more elaborate designs (aka the expensive ones) have evolved a bit. However, the classic that you attach to your hose isn’t that much different. The Noodlehead Sprinkler adds a great twist to the design a lot of us grew up with.


Save the classics with the Plus Deck Cassette Converter

Having issues letting go of your old cassette tapes? If you are, then I find it a bit strange you are reading a gadget blog, but that is besides the point. Now you can play your cassettes on your computer.


Bad-ass submarine for a more manly bath

Alright boys, it’s time to fess up, we know you take baths when we aren’t looking. You make fun of our bubble bath and all our girly things, but we’ve seen that bottle of Chewbacca bubble bath hidden under the sink. Well now you can give your rubber ducky a rest and pick up the submarine radio.


SlashGear Review: Samsung’s sexy K3 DAP

I can imagine there are some first-gen iPod Nano owners shouting “it’s a copy!” at the screen right now, and I know why. Samsung’s K3 has the same mixture of sleek black and chrome, the same waifish profile and the same light weight. And yet with it in my hand, it feels very different; the sharp edge of the chrome surround gives a sense of solidarity perhaps lacking in the Nano. The screen, more oblong than square, looks better proportioned, and the electrostatic buttons sleek in their minimalism. It’s a tenuous differentiation, and a subjective one certainly, but the K3 feels to me less toy-like.


Play your 360 (almost) anywhere

Can’t get enough time in with your XBox 360? Now you can take it with you, without having to find yourself a TV to plug into every time you want to play.


Intel’s Core Processor Challenge winner

Intel has announced the winner of their Core Processor Challenge. Although the winner looks great, I feel a little let-down. I don’t know, I figured that the $1 million in prizes would bring us something that would blow our minds. I guess my expectations were a little high.