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The Keywatcher sees all

It’s creepy how easy it is becoming for people to pry into your private life. Hidden cameras are fitted into just about anything and every day you hear reports of identity theft. Here’s one more gadget that makes spying just a little easier.


Texting at 35,000 feet

The idea of allowing cell phones in airplanes was shot down once again this year. But Australian airline Qantas has announced that they will allow their passengers to send and receive text messages and email while in the air.


Over 100k HD-DVD players sold

The format wars are definitely still raging between Blu-ray and HD-DVD. No one format has emerged as a clear winner yet, and likely will not for some time. An announcement from Toshiba does however indicate the HD-DVD might be ahead of the game.


Zycast’s latest Bluetooth GPS: bargain price and mind-blowing performance

When I first bought a GPS unit for my car, I naively didn’t pay all too much attention to the differing “speed to satellite lock” between competing units.  My line of thought was that a few extra seconds here or there would make little difference, a presumption that was borne out to be patently false as I regularly sit at the end of the drive, waiting for my sat-nav to catch up and tell me whether I should turn left or right.  Speed, then, is of surprising importance (especially if you’re impatient as I am, and can’t wait to get on the road), and if you’re looking for a super-fast Bluetooth GPS receiver then it sounds as though Pocket GPS World have found just the device: the Zycast SG-288.



Gateway offer low-price, high-spec Tablet PC, the E155C

Mainstream PC manufacturer Gateway have just unveiled their latest Tablet PC assault on the Best Buy masses, with the introduction of the E155C “Thin & Light Convertible Notebook”.  They’ve obviously been studying their market, too; Gateway’s first foray into pen-computing was very much a normal laptop with the addition of a swivel hinge and digitiser (in an act of cost-cutting they even eschewed the by-now industry standard Wacom digitiser panel), but the E155C has picked up on many of the successful innovations from other tablet manufacturers with the bonus of a typical low price.



Intel unveils their new ultra mobile platform

Intel has announced their new ultra mobile platform today. They have dubbed it IUMPC2007 (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it) or the ‘Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007.’


HTC Shift mobile computer sports Intel’s new Ultra Mobile platform 2007!

Up until today, HTC kept the heart and soul of the Shift under lock and key. Today, at the Intel Developer Forum, HTC announced that its new groundbreaking mobile computer, the HTC Shift, would feature Intel’s new Ultra Mobile Platform 2007.

Intel’s Ultra Mobile platform 2007 is based on the Intel Pentium M architecture consisting of the Intel A110 processor, Intel 945GU Express chipset, and Intel ICH74 I/O controller hub. So what does all this mean to you as the owner of the Shift? Simply put, you’ll get a significantly longer battery life.

I had a chance to test out the Shift at CTIA wireless, and must confess that it just rocks. There are so many high-end features such as an innovative QWERTY-based keyboard layout, 3G connectivity (high-speed global connectivity with Tri-band UMTS/HSDPA), Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a production unit to review!

SlashGear Review: LaCie’s Ethernet Disk mini, low-cost multi-function NAS

Backup is boring, let’s admit it, but a shiny chunk of Network Attached Storage can lend a little of its new-toy glee to the procedure. My time with LaCie’s Ethernet Disk mini might not exactly be the stuff of fairy-tales – boy meets NAS, boy falls in love with NAS, boy takes NAS home – but despite mixed first-impressions you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a happy ending.


MP3 player headphones from Halloa

Tired of carrying around your MP3 player and your headphones? Wouldn’t it be easier if they just built the MP3 player into the headphones?


Another boost for Blu-ray

One of the unfortunate things about being an early adopter is that you tend to fork over a lot of cash for technology that might not even stand the test of time. Such is the case with the current format-war contestants. However, an announcement by Pioneer yesterday might just make jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon a bit easier on your wallet.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what are the highlights from last night’s game?

You know what really bugs me? Ordinary, everyday household objects that only serve one function. Like my bathroom mirror. I just sits there and looks at me. Surely it could make better use of its time, and mine.


Look for quad-core laptops in 2008

Is your crummy dual-core processor just not keeping up with your mobile computing needs? If you can hold out until next year, Intel is going to have just the thing to keep you going.

According to their roadmap they are going to be releasing their Penryn quad-core processor sometime in the first half of 2008. It’s too early to to know just how much of a performance gain we’ll see, but they are based off of the Santa Rosa which Intel has described as “Core 2 Duo on steroids.”