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More gist for the Dell Tablet PC rumour-mill; D420-based convertible coming in October?

Last October I wrote about the (perpetual) rumour that hardware behemoth Dell were planning a Tablet PC come Vista SP1; back then it was based on a blabbermouth Dell rep at a school conference, now a mysterious jkontherun reader has approached James with some information of their own.

Apparently in the September/October 2007 timeframe (later than the previous rumour, which indicated the end of Spring) we can expect to see a convertible Tablet based on the Latitude D420 notebook design and thus compatible with all existing D420 accessories.  It seems to be positioned as the final swan-song for the range, since the rumour goes that it will be the last model in the D series.


Custom arcade cabinet

One of the things I miss about my childhood is going to the arcade. We used to have one inside our mall, but when they converted it into a strip mall, the arcade disappeared. So now I’m determined to build my own arcade machine, purely for nostalgic reasons.


USB Memo Holder

This USB gadget might just get the gold star for most retarded gadget of the week. It’s the USB Memo holder, because obviously you need a USB hook up to hold your memos.


New technology will eliminate blurry pictures

I enjoy taking pictures, but even with my fancy-pants digital camera my auto-focus doesn’t always work right. Usually that’s because I get trigger-happy and try to snap the picture before the camera is ready. So then I’m left with a really blurry picture.


Let people know who’s calling with the Push Ringer

I personally hate listening to people’s ringtones. It’s like they can’t understand just how crappy they sound. The worst are the MP3 ringtones that play a really loud part part of the song on a phone that’s not meant for listening to music. What you end up with is a bunch of noise that you can’t even understand.

I’m all about jumping on board with the guys over at Emotive. Apparently they have a product that can override someone’s ringtone. Just use their “Push Ringer” and your buddy’s phone will go off with the ringtone you picked out, not theirs.


March sales figures released – Nintedo is on top

I remember back before the Wii came out that people were talking about how poorly it was going to do because of its relatively low power in comparison to the other next-gen consoles. To the contrary, Nintendo seems to be doing just as good, if not better than ever.


Microsoft gets into the barcode business

Some people feel like they have to re-invent the wheel all the time. Microsoft it would seem is one of those companies. No, I’m not talking about creating the Zune to compete in the MP3 player world, or even the Xbox to take on the gaming community. No, I’m talking about something far more simplistic, something that no one would dream of competing against. Yes, I’m talking about barcodes.


Michael Dell has a soft spot for Linux

We’re still waiting for Dell to make good on their word that they will offer Linux on their computers sometime in the near future. While we all sit and speculate over which distro they will offer, we’ve discovered which one Michael Dell uses.


China sells 244 legal copies of Vista

Boy, if people think that Vista’s sales are slow over here in the US, you should see the sales figures coming in from China; it’s not good.

“Not good” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Only 244 legal copies of Windows Vista were sold in the first two weeks. That’s pathetic.

There does seem to be an issue with pirating over in China, but still you’d think that more than 244 copies would be sold. Maybe they’re smart enough to realize they are doing just fine with Windows XP.

Only 244 Copies of Vista Sold in China [via crunchgear]

Coming soon to a Target near you: Apple TV

You know your product is a hit when Target wants to carry it. Well, that may be something of an overstatement, but it’s still pretty big news that they want to carry the Apple TV.


No PS3 price drop after all?

So much for anyone that was hoping for those PS3 price cuts that we mentioned yesterday. Obviously Sony is content with the current PS3 sales and is confident that they can continue to sell them for $600.


AMD in the red

I really feel bad for AMD, I was always a big fan of their processors, all but one of my machines is powered by their processors. Unfortunately, when Intel released the Core 2 Duo, I couldn’t help but make the switch. Apparently I wasn’t the only one.

Yesterday AMD reported a loss of $611 million. Granted, a portion of that can be attributed to their acquisition of ATI, but slow processor sales and stiff price competition from Intel had a lot to do with it.