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W. Virginia schools to install DDR pads for students

Sometimes I wish that I had been born a few years later than I was. The younger generation gets so much cool stuff that we didn’t get.


Sega Genesis controller for your Wii

I’ve shown you how to make a wireless NES controller for your Wii, but if you were more of a Sega fan back in the day, I’ve got a new one for you.

The guys over at Cre.ations have converted an old Sega Genesis controller so that it will work with your Wii. This one is definitely not for the feint of heart.


Corsair releases their Flash Survivor

Not too long we covered one of Corsair’s upcoming flash drives that touted its ability to withstand just about anything. Today they have released the Flash Survivor.

These tough little drives are built from heavy-duty aluminum with a rubber collar to help in shock-absorption. The drive is also well-sealed in the event that it is submerged in water.


Samsung introduces 16Gb flash chips

Samsung announced that it has begun manufacturing 16Gb NAND flash chips based on a 51-nanometer process.

Couple this with their new multilevel cell structure and they can create flash drives with up to 16GB on a single memory card. As these become more readily available, we will likely begin seeing more phones come out with larger storage capacities than before. Take the upcoming iPhone for example; it will be touting 4GB and 8GB hard drives when it makes its debut in June.


BlackBerry SatNav without the Sat

There have been anecdotal cases of BlackBerry users so engrossed in pecking out tiny takeover bids on their handheld cellular demons that they fail to notice slightly more important real-world issues such as open manholes, fast-moving juggernauts and one-way streets.  Now I’m not saying that navigation software would solve all of those issues, but a one-third improvement isn’t bad; that’s surely the argument Navizon are making, with their clever cellular triangulation mapping.



Security grows up, feasts on your whole hand

No, you daft sausage, this happy woman isn’t using some new fangled hand-massage machine, she’s excited because she can finally secure her precious knitting patterns using the latest in full-hand biometrics.  Who needs individual fingers when you can scan the whole damn palm, too!


NeuroSky has gaming on the brain

Wasn’t there a Star Trek: TNG episode where all the characters ended up addicted to some headset games console?  Something about a crazy bouncing ball.  Anyway, hopefully NeuroSky’s potential customers for their new brain-wave sensing games machine won’t have seen the series and thus won’t be put off their Star Wars themed console.



Buffalo Technology announces Web Access feature for LinkStation Live NAS

I do my fair share of traveling, and one of the worst parts about it is leaving all of my data at home. Yes, I could carry around external hard drives, but that’s a pain. I usually keep a lot of files that I might need on my laptop, but it never fails, there’s always something sitting on my NAS at home that I need.

Now Buffalo has introduced it’s new Web Access feature for their LinkStation Live NAS devices. This allows you to connect to your NAS from anywhere in the world over the internet. The entire process is set up using a basic web browser interface, so it’s a piece of cake to set up. You can even allow other users access to your data with little effort.


Sony to refresh notebook line in July

If you’re on the fence about buying a new Sony laptop, it might be in your best interest to hold off. No, there’s nothing horribly wrong with their current lineup, but according to some inside information the product line will get a refresh in July.


God Of War II lauch party complete with topless chicks and a decapitated goat

Boy, the guys over at Sony know how to throw a launch party. Just throw in a half-naked chick and a decapitated goat and they’re ready to launch God Of War II.

Seriously, for a company that wants to be taken seriously as a family entertainment company, you’d think they would have come up with something different for their launch. Ok, I’m not going to get all upset about the topless chick (I’m a guy, sorry) it’s the decapitated goat that really makes me wonder who gave this the go-ahead. Even better, they stuffed the goat with fake guts that people were invited to pull out and eat.


Unboxing of Toshiba Satellite U205-S5057

We just received a Satellite U205-S5057 from Toshiba today, an ultra portable series of Satellite product line. The review unit is equipped with Core 2 Duo 1.66Ghz CPU. My first impression of this laptop is very sturdy, lightweight, great glossy screen with TruBrite, and neat security feature with fingerprint reader.


We hope you enjoy the unboxing and come back soon for detail reviews, benchmark, and our take on this laptop.

Budget-based UMPC from Data Evolution Corp

If you’re looking for a budget-priced UMPC, you might want to check out the latest offering from Data Evolution Corp. They have released their first UMPC named the Cathena CX.


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