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The ultimate device in kneecap warming

When you’re sitting in your favorite computer chair working away at whatever it is you do at you PC, do your knees get cold? Yes, that’s right knees. Well, if you have some strange disorder that causes your knees to get cold whilst reading Slashgear, I’ve finally got the cure.

USB Heading Knee Pads from Warmmi. Oh yes, it is everything that you could ever imagine. You just slip it over your kneecaps, plug it in and enjoy the wonderful warming sensation. Rumor has it that you can even use them on your elbows as well.

Seriously though, I can’t ever remember a time where I thought to myself “boy my knees are really cold.” Usually, my whole leg is cold, then I just change out of shorts and put on some pants. But if you think these may be for you, you can grab one for about $20.

USB Heating Knee Pads [via coolestgadgets]

Mouse that can input Chinese writing

I know that the English language is supposedly the hardest language to learn It actually makes me pretty proud of myself for being able to do so. But I think that Chinese has to be the hardest language to write. There are just so many different characters to learn. Granted, it probably doesn’t seem that hard to those that speak and write Chinese as a native language.


Put your golf buddy to shame for April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s day is coming up, and you of course need to be prepared. As I am a bit of a prankster myself, I’ll be bringing you some great gadgets that will assist you in your April Fool’s trickery.


Apple TV plays DivX files

It usually doesn’t take long after a highly-anticipated device comes out that someone takes it apart, and modifies it to do things that it normally wouldn’t do.


Just how much power did the PS3 add to the Folding at Home project?

We’ve all heard about the Folding at Home application that will run on PS3’s. We’ve also heard some wild claims as to how much power the PS3’s Cell processor can really pack. The guys over at Gizmodo have been tracking some numbers, and the results are quite shocking.


Apple TV: rants and sycophants roundup

Fresh onto the street and already Apple’s new media streamer has been sized up, stripped down and generally analysed to death.  The unboxingwas nothing in comparison; Engadget have voided their warranty and opened it up – discovering a dinky Intel processor and a removable WiFi chip that uses the case itself as an antenna – while Gizmodo pitted AppleTV against XBox 360 in a one-on-one brawl of media centres.  They decided that while Apple’s solution was more elegant, the greater array of options and better value meant the Xbox (when used with Vista) was a better home entertainment solution.


Dopod U1000 unboxed

It’s been interesting mapping the evolution of the HTC Advantage.  What started off as almost universally drooled-over concept photos developed into mixed feelings about the size and appearance of the device (compounded by it having about six hundred different names depending on market and carrier), and to accompany its launch there’s now definite rebellion in the air as commenters brand it overpriced ($1,500) and even ugly.  On The Go Solutions, an online vendor, have celebrated its release (in the Dopod U1000 incarnation) with an unboxing video and some photos.


Ecopowered Memory Stick with LCD

It’s not a problem I personally have, but I guess there could be forgetful people out there who can’t remember what’s on their USB memory stick.  For those people one of the less-common models which sport LCD displays might be handy, and now TRUS is aiming their latest product at the sub-section of that sub-section that insists on being environmentally friendly.  Their latest memory stick has both a display and a solar panel to power it.



Vote on your favorite SFF concept PC now

If you like having your voice heard, you might want to check out Intel’s $1 concept PC contest. The challenge was issued to computer manufacturers to create the next big idea for a small computer.


Million Dollar laptop has little substance, but it has a really cool case

If you’re anything like me, you have mounds of cash just lying around just waiting to be spent on the finer things in life. Well, actually you’d be more like Donald Trump than me. But if you find yourself with this overabundance of cash, I might have something that could relieve you of a good chunk of it.

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Hammer Storage introduces 2TB external drive

Some people just need to have a lot of storage space. Others like showing off the fact that their hard drive is bigger than yours. If you’re either of those, then Hammer Storage has the perfect external drive for you.


Powerline networking is still too expensive

Home networking is becoming easier everyday. With wireless adapters getting cheaper all the time, it is a piece of cake to get a connection in every part of your house. But what if you want to get the internet in a garage or barn that is too far away to pick up a wireless signal?