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Optimus, wherefore art thou?

It’s a roller-coaster world, the crazy keyboard business.  Who would’ve thought it could be so topsy-turvy; thank sweet Nancy Reagan for Art Lebedev and his Optimus project, as close to a soap opera in tech-land as you can get.  It turns out that, after a modicum of positive press at the news that they’d finally decided on an OLED supplier, key layout and rough delivery timetable, now their supplier “has some serious financial troubles” and they’re back to searching the back streets and alleyways for an alternative.

Still, you get nowhere in this world without being gung-ho, and so they’re carrying on making the keyboard chassis while a crack team of OLED-scouts trawls for fresh supplies.  Estimated delivery has, inevitably, fallen to December, though I wouldn’t organise your life around that if I were you.

Bad News and Good News [Optimus Project]

Presentations come of age: Ventuz Technology

I’d wager there are few people reading this who haven’t suffered at least once from the modern malaise they call “Death by PowerPoint”  Now not wishing to unfairly malign the Microsoft presentation package – even the least forgiving audience member would grudgingly agree that it’s the crapness of the presenter that kills you, not the software (and accompanying slide transitions, sound effects and ridiculous animations) – but it’s a sad fact of life that where a yawn-worthy demonstration goes, their software often lurks behind.

Thankfully there are companies like Ventuz Technology, who blend together touch, gesture and proximity-sensitive interfaces controlling multiple interconnected displays, with a software package that allows static and dynamically updated information to be presented in 2D and 3D.


Motion’s LE1700 appears on film

Toward the tail-end of last week we found out it was coming; now GottaBeMobile have had some hands-on time with Motion’s latest uber-slate, the LE1700, and have come away pretty damn impressed.  There’s a full video review to be watched but to summarise, the most exciting points for me are the news that there’ll be a MultiTouch (i.e. Active and Passive digitiser) option with the SXGA screen, which is a first for Tablets, and that there’s a built-in HSDPA 3G modem.

With prices starting at $1,999 for a Core Solo model, and $2,199 for a Core 2 Solo, it’s surprisingly reasonably priced.

GottaBeMobile video review of the LE1700 Tablet PC [GottaBeMobile]

HTC Athena gets older brother: Shift is company’s first UMPC

Bless HTC.  While everyone had their eye on the Advantage/Ameo/Athena and its ever-changing name, they were quietly beavering away correcting the biggest criticism of the device: the fact that it ran Windows Mobile rather than XP or Vista.  Enter the HTC Shift, a sliding-screen device which runs – you guessed it – Vista Business on its widescreen 7-inch touch display.



Corsair USB drive is both speedy and sturdy

It might not look too impressive – in fact it’s plump, brash and rubbery – but this Corsair Flash Voyager GT is a 4GB thumb-drive with a difference.  Two differences, actually; firstly that it can withstand such hardships as a full wash and spin-dry cycle, being run over with a truck and thrown at a concrete floor, and secondly that it’s Corsair’s fastest every flash drive.  Potential top-speeds of 34MB/s read and 28MB/s write could mean an install of Vista in half the time it takes to do so from a DVD.

Everything USB plugged it in and checked it out, and you can’t ask for a clearer recommendation:

“Incredibly fast and especially durable, what’s not to like? You’d be foolish not to spend the extra $10 for Corsair’s speed demon of a flash drive”

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 4GB Flash Drive [Everything USB]

Any laptop can be a tablet PC

Do you wish that your laptop was a tablet PC. I know there have been plenty of times that I wouldn’t mind just writing down something, or drawing a diagram. The folks over at NAVIsis demonstrated a new product that could give you the tablet functions on your ordinary laptop.


You can call me Rocketman

For years we have been promised many things such as flying cars, rocket packs, and food that comes in pill-form. At long last we can have at least one of these things. Don’t get too excited, you’re still going to have to eat your meals the old-fashioned way.


This paint will thwart would-be WiFi leeches

Are you paranoid about people leaching off of your wireless internet, and of the aliens reading your thoughts from outer-space? US-based EM-SEC Technologies has tested a new product that might be able to help you out. Well, they might help you protect your wireless internet, you’re going to need something more to keep the aliens out of your head.


Remember, it’s all relative

Some people say that you can tell a lot about a person by the watch that they wear. I’m not really sure who said that, probably someone that makes watches. I’ve always wondered what those kind of people think about me, since I don’t wear a watch.

Here’s a watch that I’m pretty sure either says “I’m much smarter than you” or “I’m really weird.” It really depends on who you ask. The Relativity Watch features numbers that are always in motion, which correlates with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Therefore it means that you’re really smart.

However, you’ve really got to look at this thing for a minute to actually figure out what time it is. That would be why you’re really weird if you wear one. If I wore a watch, I’d probably wear one of these. Not because it will let people know that I’m really weird or smart, but because I want to see the look on their faces when they ask me the time and I show them the watch. Not only will they wonder why the numbers move, but they’ll likely wonder why the numbers 1 and 8 were replaced by the letters i and e.

The Relativity Watch [via uberreview]

Paradox will give your game the edge you need

If you’re into first-person shooters, you know how much of a difference a split-second can make. That’s usually the difference between fragging, and getting fragged. With the Paradox controller, you might just get the edge you need.

The Paradox looks like a standard PS2 controller with a trackball in place of the right analog stick. This is supposed to allow for finer control of your movements and faster input. Personally, I could never get used to the trackball, but I know plenty of people that swear by them.


The V-Boy cuts down on Teen pregnancies

The V-Boy cuts down on Teen pregnancies

Are you a bit concerned about your teen’s recent activities with boys? Now, you can let her date away and leave you worry free. All you have to do is purchase the Virtual Boyfriend, no it’s not a sexual thing, get your mind out of the gutter! Although I’m sure you could put it on vibrate….I’m kidding it prolly just beeps really annoyingly.

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Instant Space draws your line of separation

Have you ever lived in a small apartment with a friend that you suddenly discovered that you can’t stand? I think at some point in our lives we’ve all been there. Granted, some of you might replace friend with “wife” or “husband.” If you happen to find yourself in that situation again, this might just help you out.


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