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Concept phone hitlist – do you agree?

I’m all for choice: it’s a soft kiss from a generous dowager on a slightly milky day.  But there’s such a thing as too much choice; jelly bean flavours, for instance, or unpunished war-crimes.  Looking through Cell Phone Beat’s list of their top-10 concept phones, the one that stands out perhaps the most is the Rubik’s Cube-a-like CUin5 – every face of the damn thing is studded in keys. 


HP scythe away media centre chaff

I never got around to playing with one of HP’s set-top Digital Entertainment Centres, and now it looks like unless I do some eBay trawling I never will; they’ve culled the whole range.  Apparently “resource constraints” has forced them to choose between the AV-rack style MCE boxes and the newer line of Media Smart integrated TVs and Vista-based PVRs, and they’ve decided to go with the latter.



Closer look at Sony Ericsson w880

Our friends over at Gizmodo got to spend some time with the Sony Ericsson w880i while they were at CTIA this year. Even though it isn’t going to blow you away with its specs, they still seemed to like it.


Get a cell phone signal over your cable internet line

If you live in an area similar to mine, if you go too far out of town you’ll start running into areas in the country where your cell phone wouldn’t even dream of getting a signal. Now just imagine living in one of these areas, (my dad does) you can forget about even leaving your cell phone on, because it’s never going to ring.


HTC shows off two more phones at CTIA

HTC made waves at CTIA this year with the Advantage and the Shift. They didn’t stop there, they also had a couple of other phones to dazzle us with.


Motorola Disappoints at CTIA

You’re probably wondering why there hasn’t been any good coverage of new Motorola phones over at CTIA Wireless. That is because there hasn’t been anything exciting to talk about.


New LCD from Samsung is smarter than the average cell phone screen

The problem with laptop and cell phone screens is that in direct sunlight, they don’t show images very well. Actually, this was the case until a short time ago. Now the screens can get bright enough to be seen under most bright conditions.

Unfortunately that wonderful feature comes at a hefty price. A brighter screen sucks the juice out of your battery very quickly. Samsung has developed a new screen that will detect the amount of light in the area and automatically adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly.

The screen measures 2.1” which is perfect for a cell phone. These should begin production sometime in the second half of the year.

Samsung Mobile LCD screens with automatic brightness adjustment
[via akihabaranews]

The TeraDisk – 1TB of storage on a single disk

We’ve seen the first 1TB hard drive, and we were all amazed. Now just imagine having a single CD-sized disk that can hold the same amount of data.


Mentos and Diet Coke made easy

If you haven’t seen the cool YouTube videos of people dropping Mentos into bottles of Diet Coke, you’ve probably been living under a rock for some time. Strangely enough, there are still people out there that have not experienced this phenomenon.


Confirmed – Xbox 360 Elite is coming

Xbox fans rejoice! All of the rumors are true. Well, maybe not all of them, but the ones calling for a black Xbox 360 Elite are.


If your CD is scratched beyond hope, just melt it down

Everyone, and I do mean everyone that has owned a CD has come to the sad realization that one of their favorite or most important disks has somehow gotten scratched enough to hinder playback. So what do you do about it? Most people will either give up and throw it out, or use one of those devices that attempt to buff out the scratches. But if that fails, what do you do?


Rock out with the electric violin

It would seem today is a video day for me, I rarely post any videos but today I found two that I just couldn’t resist writing up. This one features a man in the UK playing the violin. It seems normal enough and even a little dull, however, the guy owns one bad ass violin. You have to take a gander at this one. I apologize in advance; it would seem the camera man has ADD as the cameraman apparently has a wandering eye.


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