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Microsoft Research preview DeepFish mobile browser

Anyone who has used a handset running Windows Mobile over the past few years, whether Smartphone or Pocket PC Edition, will know the wretched horror that is Pocket IE.  Seemingly designed by someone who learnt about the features of the internet via a brief telegram, it suffered on so many counts that it’s probably easier to list the positives (i.e. it’s free) than the drawbacks.  Thankfully Microsoft has had enough of watching any serious user wander off to Opera, NetFront or any of the few other alternatives; it’s called DeepFish, and there’s a preview available today.



Cerwin Vega!’s Active subwoofers

When I was little, the only thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a backing dancer for Beyoncé.  I went to a couple of dance classes, but I was told that unfortunately due to a malformed pelvis I would never be able to shake my booty at the supersonic speeds necessary.  So thank goodness for Cerwin Vega! and their brand, spanking new 21-inch Active Subwoofer; with a 1200 Watt (2400 Watt peak) amplifier all I’d need to do would be squat on it, fling on some Tubular Bells, and I could achieve the glute-quivering majesty necessary to go on tour with the ex-Destiny’s Child star.



Sony Ericsson’s retro-clock-style Bluetooth hands-free

Since he’s just bought a new car, my lovely father is currently in the market for a Bluetooth hands-free kit.  I was going to point him toward any of the regular, bland units currently on the market, but now that I’ve seen Sony Ericsson’s HCB-120 I’m tempted to make him buy it instead.  Talktime of 24hrs should be enough to drive round the UK a couple of times, and a 300hr standby is pretty special too.



SegaToys develop Robot Chick for Yume Neko to eat

Jenn over at Pocketables obviously knows me pretty damn well – she spotted this lovely little Robot Chick by SegaToys and thought it would make a good companion for my beloved Yume Neko Smile.  And I think she’s right, although the potential for entertainment from something that looks like a couple of balls of yellow cotton wool isn’t perhaps as great as a meowing, yowling cat.

Apparently the little fella chirps and cheeps until you pick him up and, if the photos are anything to go by, imprison him in a Perspex Egg of Death.

The SegaToys chick robot [Akihabara News]

Vincent gets his hands on the HTC Vox and S720

Although the Shift really stole the thunder, HTC does have a couple of new phones coming out, and Vincent got to spend a little bit of hands-on time with the Vox and S720.


Hands on with the Sony Ericsson w580

Today is Thursday, which means the end for CTIA Wireless 2007 is getting close, but don’t fret! We’ve still got plenty more phones to discuss and tons of pictures to see. The latest phone that Vincent got his hands on was the Sony Ericsson W580.


CTIA 2007: Test-driving the Sound Leaf Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone

Base on my expressions from the video below, you’ll just have to take my word that the Sound Leaf totally kicks ass.

The Sound Leaf “Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone” is a great add-on to your existing handset for speaking in loud places, and for people suffering from age-related hearing loss.

It plugs into FOMA phones with flat earphone microphone jacks, and conducts sound vibrations to the auditory nerves through the cranial bones. This is also the first product in the industry that combines a bone-conduction function with a telephone coil (T-Coil) allowing people using hearing aids (with T-Coil) to make clear calls.

Tons of Pantech concept phone pictures

Pantech, like many other companies has been working on a lot of gadgets. The most notable device is of course the Helio Ocean. The Ocean was a big hit at CTIA this year, so wouldn’t you like to see what else they’ve been working on?


Whoops, picture of Sidekick ID accidentally shows up at CTIA

Have you ever made one of those really big mistakes (like mowing over your wife’s garden) and then upon realizing what you’ve done, you try to “fix” the problem (like trying to plant some fake flowers) before anyone notices? If you have, then you know you never actually get away with it, and in the internet age, not only do you get caught, but everyone knows about it soon afterwards.


Credit: Thanks to the guys at Gizmodo for the picture


Nokia 7088 announced today

If you like the L’Amour series from Nokia but live in a CDMA market, you’ll love the new 7088. This phone marks a couple of firsts for the line. The 7088 is not only the first CDMA in the L’Amour Collection, it is also the first slider phone.

Note: this is a possibly leaked pic of the 7088 from slashphone


Medirelax say ‘balls’ to soothing music

Let me take a quick straw-poll: who thinks that having a company name that sounds a bit like it should be a cure for constipation could impede business?  The people behind Medirelax obviously wouldn’t be raising their hands; they’re too busy putting people inside a big white 60s ball-chair and subjecting them to some serious “psychoacoustic stimulation”



Ferrari-theme for Vertu’s latest cellphone

Currently it seems like you’re nobody in the celebrity world if you’re not driving – and crashing – Bugatti Veyron’s or Ferrari Enzo’s, but if you fancy a prancing horse (not literally, of course) and can’t quite afford the sticker price of a four-wheeled variant then how about Vertu’s latest limited-edition super-phone?



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