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Protect your sensitive data with the Corsair Padlock

If you store sensitive data on your flash drive, you will probably go great lengths to keep that information private. Corsair has another interesting drive for that specific purpose.


Benchmarks of ATI’s first DX10 card

ATI had its new X2900 XTX at CeBIT and the folks over at VR-Zone were able to snag a few shots of it, as well as some interesting benchmarks.


Use the Force Luke, and turn up the volume

If you’re looking for another excuse to have a lightsaber lying around, I’ve got one for you. The lightsaber remote control. Having one of these means you’ll have the Jedi’s weapon of choice in your living room at all times.


Never miss another show again

I love my DVR. It records so many wonderful shows, thus allowing me to watch them later, and skip through all of the commercials. The only complaint that I have with it is the fact that sometimes it runs out of room. Granted, it’s probably my fault for setting it to record more shows than I can possibly watch. I keep telling myself I’ll have more time one of these days.


X-Striker Extreme will blow you away

Yesterday I showed you a high-performance gaming laptop. But for those of you with way too much money to spend, and that like your gaming rig to stay right where it is, I figured I would show you a high-end PC.


New WiFi finder from Linksys

Everyone loves free WiFi. There’s just something about that feeling you get when you’re out-and-about with your laptop and suddenly you can get internet access.


Jog your password memory, military-style

If I told you this was a piece of military hardware, what would you think it could be?  A pocket-sized phaser, perhaps?  The remote control for a bomb-disposal robot?  Well no, nothing so exciting I’m afraid; it’s actually a password manager.  Yeah, I know, talk about disappointment.



Xbox 360 Elite will have data transfer cable

After getting pretty much confirmed yesterday, new details on the Xbox 360 Elite just keep splashing out like hot oil on a child’s face.  Opposable Thumbs’ network of sexy spies have provided the following snippet, likely to bring a smile to anyone wondering how they’d get their existing data from the current 20GB hard-drive to the new 120GB lump (which will also be available separately, if you can’t afford – or can’t move fast enough – to secure an Elite)

According to information given to a “large game distributor” by Microsoft, they’ll be bundling a data transfer cable of some sort to make copying everything across.  How helpful of them!

Opposable Thumbs [via GayGamer]

Intel UMPC prototype hands-on

Not much in the way of information, but it’s great to see one of Intel’s UMPC concepts apparently getting the go-ahead for production.  Hyped to include the company’s latest McCaslin-based CPU, it’s a twisty, flippy device with full QWERTY keyboard, trackstick and dedicated mouse buttons; it also has a rotating webcam and stereo speakers.


Make sure you check out Steve’s video of the prototype in action, after the cut…


Strip me and ogle me: AppleTV unboxed

Those crafty brutes over at Gizmodo have roughly stripped a new AppleTV unit of its slick packaging and – just to really drive the embarrassment home – they’ve photographed the whole damn trauma.  Frankly, while pleasantly enough designed, it’s not exactly the most eye-stunning of gadgets; there’s only so much visual magic you can confer with a silver slab.


TabletKiosk play rumble-tumble with new TufTab range

“Semi-ruggedised” is a funny concept; I’m not quite sure what it means.  It smacks of a product that you can kinda drop but not actually, that’s sorta waterproof but not quite; however, I’m always willing to give a gadget a chance (especially when that gadget is a Tablet PC!)  Enter our old friends TabletKiosk with their new TufTab range, designed to withstand falls of 75cm and live up to IP53 water/shock/vibration/dust standards.



Lexmark E120n Laser Printer Reviewed: Can cheap really be cheerful?

Scroll your memory truffles back ten years, flick open a catalogue of printers and tell me the cheapest monochrome laser you can find. Bowel-shattering, isn’t it. And yet for the past few weeks in my lounge-cum-banquette-seating-area I’ve had a networked laser printer that you can pick up for less than $100 online (or under £80 in the UK); it’s the E120n and it’s made by the lovelies at Lexmark.