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Speed text challenge has $10k top-prize

Have you got dynamic digits?  Are your fingers faster than the proverbial speeding bullet?  Then get your sweet ass down to Los Angeles, baby, because they’re about to pit the quickest texters against each other in a fight for a $10,000 prize and place in the speed-messaging final in NYC on April 21st. 

Before you get too cocky, you’ll have to turn that T9 off and refrain from using any ridiculous abbreviations or shorthand.  So far 150 have signed up and organisers LG are expecting more to turn up on the day.

To all those competing: gd lck!

R u rdy 4 wrlds fastest txt msg? [Reuters]

Robots in foot-fetish disguise

Oh sweet Lucille Ball I want these toys!  Take the awesome coolness of Transformers, add in everybody’s favourite foot covering – that’s right, I’m talking about shoes – and you end up with something that really should be on my shelf.  Available in two variants, Nike Convoy and Black Megatron, the only disappointment is that you can’t actually put your feet into them.


Aliph bone-conduction Bluetooth headset reviewed

Looks like we’re going bone conduction crazy – next up is Julie Strietelmeier’s review of the Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset.  You might remember the Jawbone from the tail-end of last year; while it looks like a normal headset, albeit a particularly stylish one, it actually picks up sound conducted through your jaw rather than relying solely on a traditional microphone.  The promise is far better sound quality, which is exactly what Julie set out to test…


Bone Conduction gets art application

Historically museums could be confusing, distant places; if you didn’t have knowledge of what you were looking it, or were unable to decipher the oddly-phrased explanation cards, then you could spend much of your time walking round indecently puzzled about everything.  That all changed with the introduction of wireless audio guides, giving people a personal tour of exhibitions with all the supplementary information and explanations they could need.  Of course, what’s suited for inside a weather-proof, contained gallery is less ideal for an outdoor attraction; that’s where artist Markus Kison comes in.


Touchscreen teacher revolutionises Mexican classrooms

Children these days get all the cool stuff.  When I was a boy, I was lucky if I’d have a small piece of corned beef to entertain myself with during the cold winter nights; almost six million lucky chiddles in Mexico are currently receiving all their education using enormous touch-sensitive flatscreen displays called Enciclomedia.


Sidekick ID picks garish over glossy

I had high hopes for the Sidekick ID.  It looked like it would take the strengths of the SK3 (look for a review of the UK version here on SlashGear very soon!) and package them in a smaller, more dedicated handset.  Perhaps something that executives and business folk wouldn’t feel embarrassed to whip out in a meeting and peck at; after all, that keyboard is one of the best around.  But they seem to have decided to give it the cellphone equivalent of lycra running shorts.


A prematurely published rebate form on the T-Mobile US site spills the colourful beans, as well as news that the parred-down messenger will cost a reasonable $99 after a $50 rebate.  Expect it to drop on April 18th.

Engadget [via Gizmodo]

OLED grows up, flaunts eco cred for domestic lighting

No, it’s not Art Lebedev’s latest Optimus keyboard, one huge OLED key that you can map to a single program or document, it’s actually GE Global Research’s prototype lighting.  Now it may not sound as exciting as a keyboard that can change key legends in the blink of an eye, but you might be surprised to hear that it has the potential for far more impact on our lives.


Check out the video footage after the cut…


Dinky handheld rocks the super-speed wireless broadband

Wowsers, this lady looks happy for someone who’s had their hand prosthetically replaced with a small notebook-style UMPC.  Despite CTIA Wireless just having been staged, Edge Tech have decided not to unveil their portable, “Mobile DSL” toting handheld yet and instead leak out details like a surprisingly tempting faucet.  Details are on the anaemic side of slim, though I’d expect for something promising internet access at comparable speeds to home broadband connections to have HSDPA.


The Gizmodo boys popped a couple of quarters in the nearest payphone (they’d get a cellphone of their own but they’ve all got shocking credit ratings) and milked some information direct from the teat of Edge Tech.  Apparently on launch it’ll be priced at $299 with a one-year, $39/month contract, or $259 with a two-year, $34/contract.  It’ll also have onboard GPS.

Guess we’ll just have to watch and wait on this one.

Edge Tech [via Gizmodo]

Amoeba robot ideal for unfriendly exploration

Designing a robot with the same locomotive system as a single-cell amoeba is all well and good, but I’m a little concerned about the future of Virginia Tech’s invention.  Yes, it means that uneven or difficult terrain could be crossed without concern over wheels or tracks getting caught, but don’t you often find that developments like these end up being vaunted for, ahem, internal human usage?

I’m envisaging a rather nightmarish scenario when instead of the friendly, personable gloved-finger being used for, say, a prostate exam, you’re instead introduced to Blob Bot who proceeds to chunner his way up into your lower intestine.

So far they’re suggesting applications such as search & rescue, construction and planetary exploration.  They sound like safe, dignified occupations.

Technology Review [via electro^plankton]

Pictures from CTIA 2007

The booths are being packed up, and the large crowd is slowly tricking back to their hotel rooms and eventually to the airport. Yes, CTIA will be over shortly. But Vincent was camera-happy while he was there, so there are still a bunch of pictures that you haven’t seen.


Favorites from CTIA Wireless 2007

Today marks the end of CTIA Wireless 2007. We’ve seen a lot of phones and gadgets over the past week, but what were your favorites, and which vendor were you impressed with the most?

For me, my favorite product is a tie. I can’t choose between the Helio Ocean and the HTC Shift. They’re both awesome in their respective categories, so it must remain a tie for me. I will say that the Sound Leaf Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone has to be the winner for strangest new product. It’s really cool, but still very strange.


Pictures of Pantech’s new international phones

Pantech really went all-out at this year’s CTIA show. They brought a ton of phones with them, and finally, I bring you the last of them. These are phones that are due to be released in territories outside of the US.


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