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My Guild Leader is How Old?

Ever find it weird when you are casually playing your online games and making all those adult content jokes, only to find out that the person you are talking to is a young teen?

I know there is the huge controversy about them looking at things they shouldn’t, or meeting people they shouldn’t that could harm them. I’m not even talking about all of that, I am more talking about the awkwardness you feel when you find out your guild leader in WoW is a 14 year old boy. I mean, any respect you had for that level 60 character is just out the window when they start talking about how much they think some little teeny bopper is oh so cute.


Classic Mario Bros. Stress Relievers

For many of us, Super Mario Bros. was the game that got us into gaming. It provided us with countless hours of enjoyment; from finding all of the warp zones to trying time and again to jump over the flag. Wouldn’t you like to have something sitting on your desk to remind you of those good times?


AMD Radeon X2900 will be out soon!

Soon we will start seeing Radeon X2900 XTX in the market with AMD announcing its Final R600 specs. DailyTech reported the GPU will features a full 512-but memory interface and supporting both DDR3 and DDR4.


Art Installation tracks human-robot interaction

Andre Stubbe is a Computational Designer.  Now I’m not entirely sure what that means, and although I could look it up I don’t think I will; I’m far happier thinking of him as some esoteric genius with a talent for making obscure and slightly unnerving robotic sculptures.

A case in point is this robotic eye, one half of a set he created which stare at each other until someone else steps into view.  At that point they eyes, which are in fact webcams in moving housings and controlled by specially written Java software, track the new presence and, depending on their level of interest, watch them or ignore them.


Seagate’s marketing man introduces D.A.V.E.

Seagate’s D.A.V.E. has already been the subject of a PodTech video, but that didn’t stop the guys at Uberpulse from sitting down with Rob Pait, the company’s director for Global Consumer Electronics Marketing.


Philips fit rainbow into one remote-controlled lamp

The guys over at Crave might not be sure what the point of Philips “Living Colors” lamp is, but having seen the video of it in action (after the cut) I’m certainly decided that I want one.  The remote-controlled colour-changing lamp would be ideal for making it feel like I had lots of different cats, despite only having one, white cat.  A far cheaper way of filling your time with furry felines, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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GSmart q60 has dotty keyboard

The world of the QWERTY smartphone grows in ranks by one: Gigabyte’s GSmart q60.  It took me a little while to realise what the distinctive keys reminded me of, but it’s just come to me; they look like caps for a child’s toy gun.  Hopefully they don’t make the same banging noise every time you type on them.


Noduled-keyboard aside, the q60 is a 3G HSDPA, Windows Mobile 6-toting chunk of mobile media.  A 2-megapixel, auto-focus camera, 2.5-inch screen, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 round out the features, and it’s powered by an Intel PXA270 520 MHz processor.


Save that rare sober Britney mp3 from nuclear blast

There’s a certain type of man who thinks it’s cool to go round dressed up in combat camouflage gear.  They’re usually the same people who subscribe to “What Semi-Automatic Machine-Rifle Magazine” and say “ten-four” when they mean “okay.”  Well, just in case you’re one such man, let me present to you your latest wet-dream in tech form: the IronDrive.

Yes, it might look like a particularly bulky cigarette lighter, but in fact it’s flash memory that can survive the perils of moisture, vibration, shock, caustic agents, EMI, and “nuclear effects.”  That’s right, “nuclear effects”; I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I’m guessing your up-to-4GB of data would be pretty damn safe.


PA for iPod gets your tunes heard

Before I spent the entirety of my free time wading through self-congratulatory press releases and heaping scorn on electronic crap, I used to stand on a soap-box in various areas and berate the populous for their idle ways and licentious lifestyles.  Sadly there’s little space in my schedule for insulting teenage mothers and the moist elderly any more, which is why I’m so pleased to see Ion Audio’s PA system for the iPod.


The $299 iPA03 is pretty much a bloody great 2-way speaker system, iPod dock and the rechargeable battery to power them.  It’ll last up to six hours at high volumes (longer than I could ever manage before being moved on by the local constabulary) and should you decide to interrupt with some impromptu beatboxing then there’s a microphone input for the included mic. 

Ion Audio [via The Red Ferret Journal]

DMC sacrifice all in pursuit of “World’s first 100gb DAP” crown

Yikes, in their hurry to claim the title of “first 100gb mp3 player!” DMC obviously forgot to design an attractive casing for their headline-grabbing DAP.  Still, if you’re in the market for a way to enjoy 3,500 hours of music (stored as 64kb/s WMA files), then I guess this has to figure highly on your options list.


Problem is, one of the big benefits of high-capacity portable media players is their effortless accommodation of video files – whether downloaded or ripped from TV or DVD – and there the DMC Xclef 500 falls flat.  That monochrome screen is a real let-down, when even cheap iPod knock-offs are boasting super-vibrant OLED displays.


ASUS W5fe SideShow Notebook taken to task

ASUS’ hunchbacked W5fe laptop – notable primarily for its SideShow display embedded in the lid – has graced the hands of PC Magazine’s Cisco Cheng, who promptly concentrates most of his review on the sub-display.  Seemingly a fixed, mobile version of the ScreenDUO unit coming with the company’s Vista-compatible motherboards, it’s branded as an easy way to check email, schedule and play music without having to turn the computer on.


And to some extent, that’s true.  Cisco finds that “it’s one less cover to flip open, one less button to press, and plenty of time saved when you’re on the move and you need information fast” but is also quick to highlight some of the inevitable compromises you’ll have to make.


Samsung A303 to sport Helio’s name?

PhoneArena got a tip in which reports that Helio will get a second Samsung phone after the Drift. The article goes on to say that it’s geared towards fashion conscious consumers, featuring a glossy black finish. It’s got a sleek, touch-sensitive screen, in a slider form factor similar to the Chocolate.

Other features include EVDO and 140BM onboard memory and a 1.3-megapixel camera.

I’m shocked to be reading this article because Helio is tight lip, similar to Apple. Announce today and it goes on sale today type mentality.

Helio gets fashionable Samsung A303 [PhoneArena]