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The Unboxing of Game Wave – In Dual Language

At CES, we were given a review unit of Game Wave by ZAPiT Games Inc. We did the unboxing of it as soon as we got back to our hotel. This time our unboxing feature two of our editors, Satsuki Then (SlashGear Japan Executive Editor) and Rue Liu (SlashGear US Senior Editor). While unboxing is nothing new to SlashGear staffs, this time we did it differently. So sit back and enjoy. Note : review of Game Wave coming soon.

Joost – Internet TV by Skype Founders

The guys who shake the communication world and created Skype is unveiling their new project called Joost, an internet based TV service. Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, who cashed in around $2.6 billion in 2005 from selling Skype to Ebay is taking advantage of P2P technology to empower Joost and its video distribution technology.

By downloading Joost browser, users will be able to select clips and channels. They are planning to partner up with TV and film producers in order to bring in more videos content, however that is one challenge Joost might hit a hurdle. Joost will be supported by Ads and it is now available on Beta.

Synaptics OneTouch

SlashGear are big fans of Synaptics – their Onyx concept cellphone that we featured last year seems to have a whole lot in common with a certain mobile telephone with a fruit-themed manufacturer – and so we’re pleased to be able to break the news of their latest development designed to bring advanced touch-sensitive interfaces to mainstream mass produced products.  Taking advantage of the company’s capacitive-sensing technology, the Synaptics OneTouch solution combines both the hardware as well as GUI-based design and development tools together with a comprehensive library of documentation covering everything from conception to mass production.

Synaptics has always produced custom solutions for manufacturers, but OneTouch will fill a market niche where in-house development is a time-driven necessity:

“The Synaptics OneTouch toolset has been built specifically to help Synapticsí customers design capacitive interface solutions that will enhance the usability and industrial design of their products.  The simplified design process encapsulated in the Synaptics OneTouch solution will enable customers to explore the possibilities of capacitive sensing quickly and more autonomously” Synaptics Press Release


Monster Cable Outlets To Go

Monster Cable Outlets To Go

When i travel to expo and shows i always carry a power strip in my bag in case i can only finds one power plugs while i have many things that requires power such as video camera, laptop, etc. Carrying a large bulky power strip is not an option when you need to walk around the show floor. Monster Cable's Outlets To Go is one my "must have" accessories when I'm traveling. It's small and compact design takes little space in my bag packs and equipped with 6 outlets. The cable wraps around the power strip to keep it from tangling around. It retails for $29.95 and i got to say this, money well spent on this power strip.


- Dimensions: 8.5” x 2.25” x 1.8”
- Resettable circuit breaker prevents dangerous overload situations.
- Ultra compact design to fit into luggage and briefcases.
- Exclusive cord management to eliminate dangling power cords.
- 6 AC outlets to maximize the number of accessories that can be charged.
- Blue illuminated plug indicates the AC outlets are receiving power.
- Available in white.
- 24k gold-plated plug for maximum corrosion resistance and power transfer.

QuikPod – Portable Extendable Tripod

It’s not easy trying to take a picture of yourself with a digital camera as you need to place your camera properly before the timer goes off. A nice solution that will make self photo taking easier is Fromm Works QuickPod, an extendable hand-held tripod that is very portable and easy to use. You can simply mount your camera on it, facing towards any angle you want the camera to snap the picture on and BAM! you got yourself a photo. The QuickPod retails at $25.

Sanyo’s New PLV-Z5 Home Entertainment Projector is high on contrast

Sanyo’s latest home projector, the PLV-Z5, features an unprecedented 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a unique twin-iris system. This high performance projector delivers brilliant rich colors and true-to-life images with outstanding gradation in a variety of viewing environments and even well-lit environments.

The PLV-Z5 works well in rooms of all sizes, being able to project a 100-inch screen at only 9.8 feet away (up to 20 feet). And its easy to setup because of its advanced lens shift capability that allows it to be played from just about any location. Priced around $1,695.

JVC Launches New HD 1920x1080i Comsumer Camcorder

JVC is adding a new HD camcorder, the GZ-HD7, to their Everio line of hard drive camcorders. This new camcorder provides full HD 1920x1080i video quality with the convenience of recording onto a 60GB built-in hard drive. It can record up to five hours of full HD 1920x1080i at 30Mbps.

The HD Everio GZ-HD7 will be available in April 2007 for $1,799.95.

Energizer Energi To Go Instant Cell Phone Charger

The lightweight and portable Energizer Energi To Go is a nifty device that charges your cell phone from easy-to-find AA batteries. It is compatible with most cell phones on the market and has interchangeable tips to accommodate different cell phone models.

Calls can be placed within just 30 seconds of activating the Energizer Energi To Go. So now there’s no excuse to blame missed calls on a dead cell phone. Priced around $20, the reusable charger comes with the phone tip connector and two Energizer AA batteries.

Belkin Easy Transfer Cable

Transferring bulks of files from one computer to another can be painstaking, especially if you have to burn the files onto a CD or save them onto a thumb drive. Thus, Belkin offers a solution with their Easy Transfer Cable, which can eliminate the need to setup a network and provide an easy mobile solution for copying files to and from your notebook, home PC, and work PC.

The Easy Transfer Cable can transfer files between two PCs at speeds up to 480Mbps, transferring 30GB of data in one hour. The product will be available late this month for $39.99.

Belkin Cooling Stand

Keep your laptop cool with Belkin’s new USB-powered ‘Cooling Stand’. The product name isn’t very creative, but the form takes on a unique wave design that creates a channel right below the laptop to faciliate air flow. Apparently, the wave design is so unique the company claims its patented.

Overall, the Cooling Stand has low power consumption, uses natural convection to enhance cooling, and is compact enough to easily fit into a laptop bag. The stand will be available in late February for $29.99.

Harmon Kardon Launches Guide+Play for your car

Harmon Kardon recently announced their Guide+Play fully integrated navigation and multimedia automotive solution. This compact navigation device strives to differentiate itself not only by Harmon Kardon’s signature quality audio but also by offering consumers the capability to enable multimedia functions while still allowing navigation to do its job. By using a unique layering interface, there is no frustration in going back and forth between the navigation menu and the music menu.

The Guide+Play is incredibly slim and portable at 19.6mm thin and includes pivoting mount, integrated navigation and multimedia applications, a 4” widescreen display, and a battery life of around 5 hours. It is currently retailing for around $500.

Akimbo Video-on-Demand for AT&T Homezone Users

Akimbo makes your TV and your internet become best buddies. Get videos on demand direct to your TV downloaded via your broadband internet connection. So as if the hundreds of channels you already have are not enough, the company views their service as giving consumers even more choices.

The service has been providing thousands of movie titles to Microsoft Media Center users and now they’ve just announced their partnership with AT&T to provide thousands of VOD titles to AT&T Homezone subscribers. So, hooray for you AT&T Homezone users, now you get to select from all the popular titles as well as the niche and hard to find stuff and watch it whenever you want. The service starts this month.