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Flashlight with all the bells and whistles

Flashlight with all the bells and whistles

LumaRay is a company that has just launched the FL12-RX, a new LED flashlight. The design of the flashlight might not be considered slick, but it sure gets the job done. Modes are chosen by turning the head of the flashlight. The flashlight can run continuously for 6 months on Mode3, although the brightness reaches to only 9000 mcd. Mode1, at 400 hours, runs at a brightness of 820000 mcd.

There's more to it than a stream of light! The FL12-RX comes with a bunch of bells and whistles, including an animated strobe mode, where red and white lights flash continuously. There are up to 4 modes, which all take advantage of the eleven lights.
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Silent Gauss Pistol can be yours!

Silent Gauss Pistol can be yours! is home to the GP-219, a home-made Gauss Pistol that makes no noise when fired. The gun comes with a built-in laser pointer, along with a slew of other features. Two Coils are used in a Gauss Pistol, rather than traditional gun-power. A steel projectile is fired at a peak of 350 Amps.

The gun also looks different than traditional guns. The front of the gun drops down to near the bottom of the handle. At the front is where the energy source is store, while the two coils are placed directly above the trigger.

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Headphones bring back the headgear days

Headphones bring back the headgear days

Audio-Technica has launched its series of ONTO earphones that use a wire to connect the two earphone peices, reminding many people of the "headgear" days. The headphones come in black, lime, cream, walnut and white colors. What appears to be a metal wire is put over your head. It connects the two earphones.

These 'phones come with a "swivel housing." It may be thought of as a disadvantage, but in a risky move, Audio-Technica has displayed it as a feature. It allows the earphones to swivel, although it is likely this can also cause the earphones to tangle up. Also, the metal-wire headband is adjustable. For more information, check out Audio-Technica's site.

Headgear: Not just for braces anymore [Via: Crave]

Got a yacht? Can’t be bothered going to the bridge?

So this looks like some tacky aftermarket car alarm key-fob, doesn’t it; it therefore comes as something of a surprise that it might be soon in the hands of very, very rich people.  We’re talking yacht-rich, and moreover the kind of yachts that can be operated via remote control.  It’s made by Cabela and is called the Cabela Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot; a long name for a cool little remote.

Yes, that’s right, if you’re too busy sunning yourself on the prow or sipping cocktails while nibbling cockles at the balustrade, you can avoid all those silly fishing boats and rafts full of migrants at the touch of a button.  With full left and right steering, control of the speed as well as cutting power to the propeller altogether, it’s likely to be a damned expensive addition to your fleet.  But hey, you’re worth it.

Still, there could be an embarrassing moment in the car park when, back on dry land, you wonder why your Bentley won’t unlock; meanwhile, back at the Marina you’ve demolished half of the dock with your crazed finger-jabbing.

Cabela [via Crave]

Plasmas and LCDs galore

Plasmas and LCDs galore

Recently major TV manafucturers have been accross the board as to what their stance is on Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Panasonic wants to boost sales of their Plasmas, so they are shifting their marketing to put more focus on Plasmas rather than LCDs. Meanwhile, they are offering sizes of 23"-32" for their LCD TVs. Their thinking is that service and quality is enhanced on the larger models, so their focus now is on the smaller LCD models, along with the Plasma TVs.

Sony has used their WEGA brand for a while now. They dopped out of the Plasma battle and are now focused on selling LCD TVs. They feel that LCDs provide greater advantage over Plasmas. Infact, their feeling is so strong that they conducted a burn-in test on Plasmas from rival company Panasonic, which revealed that the Plasmas are prone to burn-ins. These claims have been thought of as sketchy, and have been dismissed, as new Plasmas are launched with burn-in prevention.

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Um, who are you talking to?

Um, who are you talking to?

A new Bluetooth headset from Argard (the M10) might make some people ask users "Who are you talking to?" The headset is white and shiny, and allows talking time of three hours, along with 100 hours when put into Standby mode. The headset is so small that it will fit inside the crevace of your ear, and is so small that you can't see it at some angles.

A PDF on Argard's website claims that the headset can operate over 10 meters, and weighs only 5 grams. A picture of the device being held between a finger and a thumb is shown, and it is about the same size as the thumb. Elegance is a key factor that went into the design of the M10, and size was certainly not compromised.

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Make any handheld GPS-compatible

Make any handheld GPS-compatible

With the Spectec SD/SDIO GPS Receiver, you can turn any handheld with an SD slot into its own GPS device. The antenna is a little nub at the top of SD card, while an extra slot below the antenna allows for an extra MicroSD card with up to 2GB of memory. Spectec also has SDIO and miniSDIO 802.11b WLAN cards, although the new GPS Receiver is revolutionary.

A bunch of specs can be found on Spectec's website, along with information about other SD card modules. The card is available for pre-order on some sites, and it is not available in the US at the moment. Their website is here.

A Holiday Wonder [Via: Gear Diary]

New USB key doubles as MP3 player

New USB key doubles as MP3 player

The company Brando has just released a USB key that has space for an SD or MMC card. Not only that, but it comes with headphones, and can be used to play back the music found on the SD/MMC card. There is a AAA battery that fits snuggly at the back, while the memory card is inserted in the front of the translucent unit.

The USB key at the front is USB 2.0 compliant, and the MP3 player last for 10 hours on one AAA battery. At this time the only audio format that is playable on the unit is MP3, although the unit can be used with both Windows and Macintosh. You can buy one for $15 over at Brando's Website.

The Brando USB MP3 Player + SD/MMC Card Reader Review [Via: Gear Diary]

Fujitsu Stylistic Slate gets a thorough thumbing

Ah, my favourite cam-whore Kevin C. Tofel (the ‘C’ is for coquettish) has been gurning at his lens again, this time parading the slender powerhouse that is the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 Slate Tablet PC around and praising its twiddly bits.  After a good poke around the various ports and such, Kevin demonstrates Skype (taking advantage of the dual-mic array), the viewing angle of the screen and the various hardware controls (including buttons and biometrics)

If you’ve got the time (nigh on three-quarters of an hour) and the bandwidth (242mb in WMV; YouTube version coming later) then it’s a fantastic exploration of a very tempting device.  There’s little doubt that slate-style Tablet PCs are the sexiest incarnation of current pen-computing, and Fujitsu’s combination of minimalist design and performance grunt make this a serious competitor in the market.

jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 29: Fujitsu’s Stylistic ST5112 slate Tablet [jkontherun]

Speck Products releases a groovy iPod Hi-Fi competitor

A company called Speck Products has relased a new iPod Hi-Fi competitor with a twist, by adding a retro design. The SpeckTone Retro comes in a wood case with either a lime green, black, blue or white finish. A “High Gloss Piano Finish” is added to make the SpeckTone look slick. A 28 Watt Output is included, as well as a 4″ Subwoofer below it.

The SpeckTone is compatible with: iPod (5th and 4th generation), iPod photo, iPod mini, and iPod nano. A 90-day warranty is also included. The unit costs $99 and can be bought from Speck Products’s website.

Rolls-Royce Convertible treads the pre-show catwalk

If you’re looking for an ostentatious way to get from A to B (via your ego, naturally) and the Rolls-Royce Phantom is just too passé for your liking, perhaps these preview shots of the company’s new drophead will tempt you.  Due to be revealed properly at the Detroit auto show in January, it surprises all and sundry by keeping the suicide doors, polished metal bonnet section and deck-like rear hood cover from the original 100EX concept.

Probably sporting the same huge engine in the Phantom, then cosseting the occupants in a womb of leather and timber, it’s not something for the shy and retiring.  Neither, I fear, will the price be.


Nokia stokes N95 lusts

If you’re like me you’re not only allergic to penicillin but anxious to get your hands on a Nokia N95, the latest “promises everything” uber-handset packed with high-resolution cameras, GPS, big ‘ole colourful screen and more hookup options than a twopenny whore.  Sadly I can’t promise you hands-on time, but I can give you this official Nokia advert for the handset.


I’m hoping that the final release product won’t actually spin round wildly in your hands whenever you access one of the functions, because that could be a serious health & safety hazard.

Nokia [via Gadgetell]

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