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Novomax’s stylish Skype thingymabobber

Novomax has relased the SP U200, a puck-like device capable of making conference calls via Skype. It can also be used for any other program that uses voice chats, like MSN and Yahoo, along with other SIP protocols and software. A headseat can also be plugged in.

The SP U200 is said to have 360 degrees of audio. You can mute the volume and then turn the stereo volume back on. It has a “Plug-N-Talk” feature, allowing you to plug it into your PC and start talking away. This is a great little “on-the-go” device.

Other features like echo cancellation, noise suppression, and automatic calibration are also included. The package contains the unit, a USB cable, a CD with drivers, and the manual. It looks as though the device is powered through USB.

SP U200 Product Page [Via: Novomax]

Invisible hearing aid, well almost!

Invisible hearing aid, well almost!

Well, almost. A company called Oticon (which specializes in solutions for the hard of hearing, and with people who are starting to lose their hearing), has launched the Delta, a new line of hearing aids that are almost invisible. A thin circular pad (a few milimeters in diamter) is attached to the inside of your ear, while another slim section (where the battery is stored), is place behind your ear.

The new Delta from Oticon eliminates the eyesore that many people have to endure. You will no longer need your bulky orange hearing aids that cover your whole inside ear and has a big battery behind your ear. The Delta comes in 17 colours including Charcoal Grey, Champagne Beige, and Cabernet Red.

On Oticon's website, the aid is broken up into three parts: The amplifier (also contains battery), the thin sound wire (it is visible, although it looks like a strand of hair), and the speaker/dome, which is the "circular pad" discussed above. Videos, demos, colours and tons of resources are available at Oticon's site.

Oticon Delta [Via: Oticon]

This ones for you, iPod and Hello Kitty lovers

This ones for you, iPod and Hello Kitty lovers

Known for releasing tons of products based on its brand, Hello Kitty strikes again. The Hello Kitty TV Show was cancelled all the way back in 2002, but the brand still lives on in video games and plush dolls. This time, the tech-savvy are targeted in their newest product.

The KT4560 is a clock radio and iPod charger plastered with the Hello Kitty name and likeliness. it supports both AM and FM radio (sorry, no satelitte radio!), along with being able to fit the iPod mini, iPod nano, and the current iPods that have video capabilities. The alarm clock also comes standard with a snooze button.

The unit also comes with a cool LCD display that displays various symbols (oh and the time). The Hello Kity Stereo Clock Radio & iPod Charger is being sold on eBay, with no trace of it being available to North Americans yet.

Hello Kitty Stereo Clock Radio & iPod Charger [Via: ChipChick]

PSP2 to get HUGE hard drive enhancement?

PSP2 to get HUGE hard drive enhancement?

Speculation over at Engadget seems to point to Sony using a 60GB hard drive in the next edition of the PSP. The N-series of hard drives was recently introduced by Samsung, and a 60GB drive was one of the options. Ofcourse this is all speculation, (and weak speculation at best).

In the previous PSP encarnation, only 32MB of onboard memory was put in. If a 60GB drive was put in, many attributes would be comprimised. These include noise, depth of the unit and there would be a gigantic price increase.

The PSP2 is atleast a year away from us, and no leaks have come out as to what the new device will look like or what it will sport. In this case, only patience will help us through this!

PSP2 to sport 60GB Samsung hard drive? [Via: Engadget]

Medion MD RIM 1000 UMPC in the wild!

The Medion MD RIM 1000 UMPC sure beats the Samsung Q1 and Q1b, and perhaps even the Sony UX180p. Why? Because it’s more usable thanks to the integrated slide out keyboard and touch pad. Other features include a 6.5-inch touch screen, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, integrated GPS, DVB-T tuner and web cam.

The battery has a lower capacity compared to the Q1b, yet offers about the same battery life of 4-5 hours. There’s no point in having a UMPC when the battery dies out within two or so hours.

I can’t confirm if the unit comes preloaded with Windows XP or Windows Vista. But, as you can see, the unit below has Windows Vista on it.

Click through for more images.


FCC lets one through the cracks

FCC lets one through the cracks

The Slim 11B phone from Latte, made in Korea, looks eerily similar to the highly popular SLVR L7 launched by Motorola earlier this year. The FCC should have caught this phone a while ago, but apparently the FCC recently allowed the 11B to be used in the US, in a surprising move.

The 11B is not officially connected to a phone carrier in the US, although there are a few eBay auctions featuring the slim phone. The phone is speculated to be unlocked, and since it is GSM, it can use pretty much any provider that uses a SIM card. Other features on the phone include a 1.3 megapixel camera, and support for a microSD card.

You actually have to give Latte some credit. The design seems to be slightly slimmer than Motorla's phone, and it packs in many of the same features. It comes in at a low $169, and as noted below, can be found on various eBay auctions.

Computer comes with a monitor, speakers, (and a built-in air purifier!)

Computer comes with a monitor, speakers, (and a built-in air purifier!)

In Korea, a company called TCL plans to release a computer that contains, listen to this, an air purifier! Ever seen those annoying infomercials for those bulky, 4-feet tall "ion purifiers?" Well now a mini version of that is being added to a new computer.

The computer itself is pretty small, and it has a very funky design. The widescreen 22-inch monitor looks promising, and so do the speakers that are included. The design will apparently come in orange, black and white.

The series is aclled the S-series, and will be a line of desktop computers. AVING has up to date news on the series being launched by TCL, so check their website.

TCL expects to launch compact desktop pc with air purifying feature in China market [Via:]

Wake up to your voice

Wake up to your voice

The Ventriloque is a new alarm clock that wakes you up in a very unconventional way, although there may be something physiological about it. In short -- it allows you to wake up to your own voice every morning. "Wake up, you silly bum," could be what it plays when the new day starts. It's totally up to you what you want it to say.

You record your voice via a built-in microphone, and you can always edit it. The alarm clock phenomenon seems to be in its prime. We have already been hit by Clocky, an alarm clock that rolls off your table, forcing you to get up and in anger, finding the Clocky hiding under your bed.

The unit has a nice design to it, although it does look tall and bulky. It contains the words Horloge, heures, minutes, Réveil, along with a retro looking clock at the front of it. It costs $95 and is sold exclusively from France.

Ventriloque lets you wake yourself up in the morning [Via:]

In The Future: Battery-Free Pacemakers

In The Future: Battery-Free Pacemakers

David Hatherall has done a helluva lot of research about pacemakers. You know, those little buggers that go into people who have heart conditions? Hatherall has figured that soon we might have pacemakers that are free of batteries. There is even one that is being developed by the government, at the moment.

New batteries need to be put in every decade, which requires surgery. With the new ones currently being developed, you "set it and forget it". This technology that is being implemented into the pacemakers is described as being "groundbreaking" by Hatherall, who works for Zarlink Semiconductor.

The device could take on more illnesess, and the new pacemakers would mean that users will have a better life quality. It is currently a $1 million dollar project, and more can be found out about it over at MedGadget.

Quest for Battery-Free Pacemakers [Via: MedGadget]

Who needs rockets? NASA makes moon dirt

It’s good to see that the combined intelligence of NASA’s scientists is being played out in the sand-pit.  Well, it’s not actually sand – it’s fake moon dirt.  Apparently those astronauts who took part in the Apollo missions didn’t bring back enough of the stuff, and now anyone who wants to build a moon sand castle anyone wanting to model how lunar landers will touch down is stuck with a shortage of lunar to land on.

Rather than just cranking up the simulator and idling away the rest of their budget, the boffins have decided to do something about it.  Together with R&D firm ORBITEC they’re planning to manufacture 16 tonnes of simulated lunar dirt, in three different varieties, then use it to test things like landings, lunar rover racing and how easy it is to bury your friend up to his neck in it while he’s asleep.

Considering the number of innovations from the space race that’ve crossed over into commercial release (memory-foam mattresses, those “writes anywhere!” pens, freeze-dried astronaut food), I wonder how long before you’ll be able to buy a sachet of “Authentic Fake Lunar Loam”

NASA [via Boing Boing]

Apple gets exciting new patent granted!

Apple gets exciting new patent granted!

Apple was recently granted a patent for a 'hybrid low power computer mouse'. I wonder what this could mean? My Wireless Mouse by Apple requires new AA batteries almost very week, and it is eating away at "AA Battery money". I'm sure a lot of other people are excited when they hear that Apple will release a low power product.

This could also mean good for GreenPeace, an organization that has been pinning Apple's bum bum for a while now about their evironmentally-unfriendly products. Atleast now maybe less AA batteries will be used, along with less production of the dangerous substances inside the mouse.

Along with a lengthy descriptions, pics can be found on patent 7,154,477. MacsimumNews has some information about the phone, along with a picture and description filed on the patent site. Take a look at their site.

Apple granted patent for ‘hybrid low power computer mouse [Via: MacsimumNews]

Reading on The Move

Reading on The Move

A new devcice called ROEM (short for Reading on The Move), allows users to roll up paper easily, and be able to read the papers normally afterwords. The type of paper is noted as "electronic paper", something we have never seen before. Ofcourse, this is all a design concept and was created by one Ben Lai.

The screen would contain piezoelectric material, and would eventually allow colours to be displayed. The device rolls up so that you would never tell it was an electronic paper device! The best part is the type of charging it uses: fanning the screen.

The ROEM would be able to be used as a photo displayer, language-aid, MP3 player, and even a navigation (we here at SlashGear guess that means GPS) tool. Dictionary software would be included, along with sizable fonts. The design can be viewed at Yanko Design's site.

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