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Vista MCE remote features SideShow independent display

Cool as it might be, having a SideShow supplemental display on the outside of your laptop isn’t the most essential thing.  Yes, it’s handy to be able to check your calendar or address book without booting Windows up fully, but most power-users (i.e. the people who would be most likely to use SideShow) will already have that information on their smartphone.  Far more practical is Interlink’s SideLink remote control for Windows Vista Media Center; it has a SideShow display from which you can browse listings and recorded shows, set programmes to record, even preview recordings should you enjoy watching them on a tiny screen.

Wireless communication with the remote is likely to be Bluetooth given the company’s existing product range, and no release date has been given (perhaps considering that the official Vista release is yet to happen).

Press Release [via Engadget]

Expect your camera-phone to get even thinner

If you’re one of the current brace of hyper-slim supermodels strutting down our catwalks then even the thinnest of current cellphones are probably still too chunky for your liking.  I mean, when you’re used to the peak of Haute Couture, a Samsung Trace that’s as thick as your thigh seems terribly down-market.  And yet how else will people capture those backstage cocaine moments without a cameraphone?

Samsung to the rescue, with a brand new 3-megapixel CMOS sensor that uses a mere 1.75um pixel size and 1/4-inch lens aperture, compared to the standard 2.25um pixel, 1/3-inch lens aperture commonly used now.  That’s a 30% size reduction with no degradation in picture quality. 

Expect to see the new sensor appearing in phones next year, as Samsung ramps up production first quarter 2007.

Samsung Develops 1/4 inch 3-megapixel CMOS Image Sensor [AVING]

More praise for iRiver’s S10 DAP

I can’t get enough of iRiver’s delectably small S10 DAP – with its intuitive controls and sleekly minimalist design it makes me tingle in my soft places.  Scott Clark over at Everything USB seems to feel the same, first waxing lyrical about the S10’s form and then over the D-Click UI, reserving some praise for the 1.8-inch OLED screen (“blazingly bright and filled with colour”) while criticising the included software and sub-8hr battery life.

All in all they make a very good case for the S10; it’s just a shame that it’s still not officially sold in the US.  Check out a couple of size-comparison shots after the cut, including one comparing the S10 to Scott himself.


SlashGear Exclusive: Video Demo of Coherent Laser TV tech

In an exclusive video interview with Coherent, the goggle-eyed boffins behind the laser TV gave SlashGear a brief run-down of just why the future of big-screen entertainment might leave lamps behind. With a spread of visible colour roughly double that of traditional lamp-based backlighting, using their a high-powered solid-state laser array of green, blue and red means they can fit far greater performance into a form-factor equal to or smaller than a standard mercury arc lamp. Watch the videos and then read on to find out more…

[flv][/flv]SlashGear Exclusive Laser TV video 1

As screens get bigger and consumers wiser to the all-important trio of colour, contrast and lifespan, many different technologies are holding their hands up and squealing “me! me!” in an attempt to get noticed. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that CRT – long the mainstay of the average home – is steadily dropping in popularity as micro-display panel based screens grow in favour.


Zune: Welcome to the “porn” Social

Zune: Welcome to the “porn” Social

This could very well happen to anyone or any media player including the Apple video iPod. Interestingly enough, there hasn’t been a reported case where an iPod was returned with porn on it.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, some sick person returned a Zune to Wal-Mart loaded with porn and the store didn’t bother to check it prior to putting it back on the shelf. Is that even legal for Wal-Mart to resell open box products without some sort of label to warn consumers? Hmm. On top of that, the store manager had the audacity to blame poor Microsoft for pre-bundling the Zune with a video of five men having sex. Not a very smart response to an already outraged parent.

The poor child is going to need a lot more than the $25 in store gift certificate that was offered to them for this screw up (pun intended).

Gift Was Not What They Expected (Video) [My Fox Chicago]

Sleek LG KE850 in a Prada package

Sleek LG KE850 in a Prada package

If you’re lusting for an iPhone not that iPhone, you'll definitely drool over the LG KE850, soon to be nicely package and sold off under the Prada brand.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m an unboxing freak – and that being said, I really like what I see in terms of the packaging of this phone.

I’m baffled by the shortcoming of the leather case, leaving the top of the phone exposed to a world of hurt should it gets dropped.

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Video of Color Changing LED Faucet

Video of Color Changing LED Faucet

Call me a silly fool or whatever – because I think colored water (or the illusion of colored water) is so damn cool! I'm gonna write to my mom and tell her about this.

I'd have to agree with TechEBlog that this could quite possibly be the world's first color changing faucet — built-in LEDs change colors based on the water temperature. There is also “precise control” for baths, sinks, and showers.

Enjoy the music and the lightshow...after the jump.

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Keeping the Apple “iPhone” name alive

This one goes out to everyone that was crushed when Linksys announced their iPhone product line.

Thanks to a recent tip, there’s a slight chance that Apple’s new phone may still be called the “iPhone”. I recently wrote an article over at aMobileME with info to support this claim.

The image below is probably the phone in question. Why? The design fits Apple’s previously filed patents. And if you look closely at the bottom right, you’ll see the blurb “Setup Note: This board should” appears, as if there’s a dialogue between Apple and an ad agency. Everything about the image is applicious including the text and image style.

It’s also worth noting that a quick search in the United States Patent and Trademark Office yield four “iPhone” trademarks. One has been granted to Linksys and its parent company Cisco, while the other two was denied. The fourth application filed by Ocean Telecom has yet to be formally approved.

Depending on the direction the wind blows on the day of judgment, it’s highly possible the USPTO will allow the iPhone name to be used again if it’s different enough.

Just remember, it’s never over until the fat lady sings.

Leaked Image/Patent Office Search May Keep “iPhone” Name Alive []

Goodbye to HDMI and Hello to Wireless HD

Before you even get to put your HDMI connectors to good use, you may be kissing them goodbye and saying hello to wireless HD. An Israeli company called Amimon has developed a wireless HD modem (W-HDI) that can send uncompressed 720p or 1080i video through walls and over distances of up to 40 feet. The folks at PC Magazine saw a live demo of the system and could see no difference in picture quality between the wireless HD setup and the standard HDMI cable setup.

Amimon’s W-HDI is slated for a late 2007 release, at which time it will be able to support 3Gb/s throughputs—sufficient to drive a 1080p display. And we’ll be sure to see it at the upcoming CES in January to fill you in on more info. So, get ready to untether your plasma TV and let it hang free in all its glory.

Amimon Wireless HD: Good as HDMI, Coming in 2007?
[Via: Gizmodo]

Model airplane retrofitted with SIXAXIS

Model airplane retrofitted with SIXAXIS

Sometime it’s just better to now ask why some people do what they do and just accept it. The super human interface engineers at Zedomax figured out a way to embed entire SIXAXIS controller into a model airplane. I love how the motor will rotate at a speed proportionate to the actual throttle in the game Pearl Harbor. Just a word of caution guys – keep your fingers away from the propeller.

Click through to watch the demo video!

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MOSR Reports of an Ultra-thin, ultra-portable, 12-inch Apple Macbook Pro

I love reading keywords such as speed king, ultra-portable, ultra-thin, and 12-inch Macbook Pro – they just sound so sweet when read out loud. I’ll be more than happy to give up my Macbook Pro for a slimmer 12-inch version any day. Mac OS Rumors expect the long list of features below to be pretty much on the money, thanks to recons from trusted resources in Cupertino and Southeast Asia.

  • “Macbook Thin” — spec-wise, primarily a variant of the Pro family but will probably be branded as separate from the standard *or* Pro MacBook families. Shipping name is unconfirmed.
  • 12-inch widescreen display, 1280×800 resolution.
  • 2.16 or 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors
  • 1GB of DDR2-667 memory standard. Max. capacity 3GB.
  • Standard “Pro” ports: USB2, Firewire 400 & 800, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital/Analog Audio minijack I/O ports.
  • ExpressCard expansion slot (believed to be /34 type)
  • Similar storage to “Pro”: 2.5in SATA HDDs at 120GB & up, ‘Combo’ or ‘Super’ optical drive.
  • ATi Radeon Mobility X1600 or nVIDIA GeForce GO 7600 graphics systems with 256MB of VRAM.
  • Mini-DVI display connector with full second display capabilities
  • Of course, Built-in iSight, stereo microphone, Airport Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.
  • Battery life is expected to be “best in class” at about 6.5 hours real-world, some reports have suggested up to 8 hours is possible.

The specs sure looks yummy to me. What do you think? Would you be willing to bet the farm on this info?

Iomega UltraMax and Black Series External Drives for Macs

Iomega is rolling out two new external storage drives just for Mac users. The larger UltraMax sits nicely on your desktop with a whopping 1TB capacity while the ‘Black Series Portable Hard Drive’ is slim and compact with a 120GB capacity. They both come with FireWire and USB 2.0 ports as well as Retrospect Express backup software.

The UltraMax operates in RAID 0 mode by default, but can be switched to RAID 1 Mirroring for data backup. The Black Series drive is a small bus-powered hard drive that can operate without an external power source and spins at 5400 RPM.