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Less than a week to CES, SlashGear has you covered!

Less than a week to CES, SlashGear has you covered!

SlashGear will be heading down to Las Vegas for CES, which starts next Saturday on January 6th. We have three teams going to CES, with 3 cameras, for triple the excitement, and triple the gadget news. During CES, we will provide high quality pictures and videos for all to see.

SlashGear will also be covering the press events on the 6th and 7th, leading up to the opening of CES to the public on the 8th. During the 6th and the 7th, Bill Gates will give a keynote speech, many products will be released, and SlashGear will work around the clock to get you the news when it happens.

We are asking you, the readers, what company booths and new products you would like us to cover during CES. Is there a company that is attending CES that you think would be a good idea for an article on SlashGear? Send us suggestions using the "Send Tips" link on the main page.

If Howie Mandel only owns one gadget, this is it!

Hammacher Schlemmer is a company that specializes in zapping germs using various products. In addition, they sell a hands-free dispenser for hand soap, and a nightlight that kills bedbugs. This website would probably be Howie Mandel’s one-stop shop for germ-killing!

One of their products is the Handheld Germ-Eliminating Light, that get rids of more than 99% of germs. It utilizes a special light called UV-C, and it claims that there are no harmfull toxins or chemicals. The handset looks like a bulky flip cell phone, with a giant CAUTION sign slapped on the back.

With the device, swipe the places where you want to kill the itty-bitty creatures. This proccess takes about 10 seconds and must be held in a certain position in order to work. The bulb is measured to last for 5,000 hours, while two AAA batteries are used (two are included). The website says that you can carry the device in your pocket, but I certainly wouldn’t want to lug around a germ-eliminating device.

Germ Killing Light Gun [Via: Collest-Gadgets]

Geurilla-style Dandruff campaigns by Head and Shoulders and Unilever

Recently, Head and Shoulders set up an innocent looking photo-booth, disguised as a regular mall photobooth that is supposed to take snapshots of your face. What the person does not know is that there is actually a camera above their head, supposedly taking pics of their dandruff.

“Happy to be looked down on,” says the photo card, along with the Head and Shoulders logo. SlashGear has yet to find out if this photo-booth is free for users, or if people are tricked into spending money. Another campaign in Malaysia is on now from Unilever, where a giant poster of hair is displayed, along with squares of “dandruff” that say “Remove to get 10% off CLEAR anti-dandruff shampoo.”

Images of both campaigns can be found at Coloribus. Engadget also put in their thoughts about the campaigns.

Head and Shoulders alerts public to dandruff threat with ceiling cams [Via: Engadget]

GIGB serves up LED lighting

A company based in the UK called GIGB is selling LED units that are meant to be placed in rooms as an alternative to regular light sources in homes. The LEDs come in different shades and can instantly change the colour of the room. Although some colours aren’t too vibrant, LED lights are seen as a futuristic way of lighting rooms.

This concept was tested out by Penney Poyzer, a “guru” when it comes to the environment. She used environment-friendly paint on the cabinets, an energy-saving “induction hob”, and LED lights that are replaced every hundred-thousand hours.

You can find out where all the equipment and cabinets were bought over at Style Will Save Us, while the LED lights are from GIGB.

The Green Guru – Kitchen Confidential [Via: Style Will Save Us]

Computer part jewelry – Uggggggggggly!

Computer part jewelry – Uggggggggggly!

Bonnie Meltzer is an artist who has crossed borders, using computer parts in her artwork. In some of her jewelry peices, a circuit board dangles off of a person's neck as a pendent necklace. Computer connectors are used to connect the necklace.

In another peice of art, networking jacks hang off on a ball-and-chain necklace. These necklaces come at $60 a peice, while other necklaces that use different types of wire, along with peices of an ancient motor, will cost you more (around $175 each).

Other artwork includes pins from circuit boards that are transformed into various faces. All of her artwork can be found on her website,

Hand-Made Computer Part Jewelry [Via: Chip Chick]

Flower doubles as fire extenguisher

Flower doubles as fire extenguisher

A pair of fake flowers that are currently being sold in Japan can also act as fire extenquishers. The pair of flowers are magnetic and are meant to attach to a fridge; Oh and they also extenquish fires!

The flowers look quite fake, with two noticeable magnets on the stems of the flowers. The pictures that accompany the description are quite convincing, showing a large fire in one picture, and pile of muckiness with the flower sitting on the muck in the second picture.

The text from the original website is in Japanese, but Uber-Review says that the price is around $34.

Fire Fighter Flower [Via: Uber-Review]

JoyPot C210 Seems like a HomeRun for Novomax

JoyPot C210 Seems like a HomeRun for Novomax

Novomax's JoyPot C210 is a light MP3 Player that was made for your mobile life. Using a SD/MMC/Mini SD card, this device can use the memory cards from cameras and phones with no problems. Having a USB 2.0 interface helps this tiny device sell, as speed of data transfer is important to many people who are on the go.

Weighing in at 25 grams with no battery means that this MP3 player is so light, you may forget you are carrying it! With a single AAA battery, you can get up to 10 hours of continuous music playback. This can be a problem for those of you who want to recharge your player, and never buy batteries. The other main problem I found was that there was no support listed for operating systems, other than Windows.

All together, if you want a small MP3 player that is small and sleek to go along with all the SD/MMC/Mini SD cards you already may own, this could be what you have been looking for.

JP C210 [Via: NOVOMAX]

OpenSource Linux Phone is almost a Hit!

OpenSource Linux Phone is almost a Hit!

Trolltech has released their "Greenphone" which is a phone that runs open source Linux. This phone includes developer tools to increase the phone's capabilities, along with VMWare software. Using Mini SD and USB ports, this phone has huge potential, hardware wise.

With developer tools and smart phone applications built in, writing software for this phone gets to the point where almost everything is user controlled. Users can point their "apps" and download others' and put them on their phone. Equipped with a touch screen and a 1100mAh battery, this thing rocks all the competition.

The hardware is great, but comes with a much deserved price tag. For $700, not many people see this as a phone, but as a whole new type of gadget. These things are tricky to type on, using the on screen keyboard, and can get very hot. These may become more widely spread if the price comes down.

Trolltech's Greenphone: A reasonable first effort [Via:]

MegaPlayer model 529 running Vista Sideshow

MegaPlayer model 529 running Vista Sideshow

We all know that Windows Vista will have a new way of displaying things. An MP3 player made by MSI, currently in prototype stage, seems to be taking advantage of that, using many of it's feature's. Japanese website "Tech-On" has shown this prototype.

This could be a big advancement if other companies could use the looks that Windows uses. Many companies will lose the stock theme and may add Aero, for a better "Experience".

If we see better looks in MP3 players, many more would be tempted to buy them. If Microsoft lets MSI use their UI, Microsoft will have the opportunity to license off their theme, as they did with their OS.

MSI's "MEGA" player Running Portal Player's "Preface" [Via: Side Show Devices]

Underwater Hilton Restaurant

Underwater Hilton Restaurant

With a new underwater restaurant located off the coast of Antarctica, the Hiltons have opened up many visions of the future. While dining underwater, you can watch the beautiful sea life pass you by, while you eat their parents. The view that the large windows show the customers is breathtaking.

The Ithaa Undersea restaurant was built to serve the Maldivian-Western fusion audience of eaters. This restaurant will do this just fine, but with a view, and the Hilton price tag. Imagine looking outside at nature's beauty while you are having a quiet dinner.

This restaurant may lead to the future of other new restaurants and possibly stores. I say good job to the Hiltons with their creative minds, and their look for improving standard above ground eateries.

Dine with the fishes at Hilton Maldives' underwater restaurant [Via: Crave]

Make Free Calls to North America

Make Free Calls to North America

We all know that Skype has been very nice to its users this past year, with free phone calls to the US and Canada, but this service is about to come to an end, in the new year. A software/VOiP company called "iCall" may have the solution.

There are some problems you should be aware of though. First, this software is completely Windows based. This is a gigantic problem for people on alternate operating systems. Second, this little company has very little support for various technical problems. I am sure this will change if it grows.

So, if you use Windows and want some free calls in North America, this may be perfect for you. This software seems like it may work for many.

Free Calls with US and Canada [Via: Ben’s Yet Another Vlog]

Remember all the Apple stuff from 1983?

Remember all the Apple stuff from 1983?

So, the holiday season has passed, with Christmas just days behind us and New Years coming in a flash, let's take a look back to Apple in the year 1983. What were they up to so many years ago?

The year was 1983, and what was hip for Apple lovers? Coffee Mugs, for everyone who wanted that zing in the morning. They had clothing for the big nerds who wanted to show the world their love for a computer company. Puzzles and mats to assemble in your spare time. The obvious diskette was a must on many holiday lists. And for business wear, the tie and belt buckle. For the desk, a notepad, pen and paperweight. For the kids you have posters and kites! And don't forget your Apple tote bag.

So now that we can laugh at everything made by Apple in their earlier years, we can smile just as hard. I feel like I am the only one, who wants their family in Apple T Shirts!

FLASHBACK: 1983 Apple Gift Catalog [Via: AppleGazette]

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