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Bose In-Ear Headphones for Under $100!

It’s hard to believe that Bose would release such an inexpensive headset, the Bose In-Ear headphones. I was expecting around the price range of $149 to $199 given the QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones goes for $349 and the Bose on-ear headphones is priced at $179; very smart pricing, indeed. It’s hard to say how good these headphones are compared to Shure and Ultimate Ears.

These bad boys feature Bose very own proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure, which the company claim to yield greater low-frequency output and should create more balanced lifelike sound. How comfortable are these soft silicone earbuds? It’s hard to say. These removable silicone tips comes in S, M and L, which Bose swears that they’ll remain comfortable and stable in your ears for hours.

Will I make the switch from my Etymotic ER 4 microPro earphones for the Bose In-Ear headphones? Most likely not, thanks but no thanks.

Bose Product Page [via FosFor Gadgets]

Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch: Expensive hunk of metal

Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch: Expensive hunk of metal

Priced close to a mid-range cellphone, the Fossil Bluetooth watch, the FX6001 tells time and lets you know who’s calling.  That’s it.  The watch is designed to work with Symbian Series 60 devices, so compatibility is very limited to Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones.

On the plus side, there’s a bright OLED screen, it buzz ya’ when you get an SMS and lets you hang up on people you don’t want to talk to.

Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch Hands On [Fossil Product Page]

Botmag builds a BRAT

When I was younger… okay, no, scratch that – it was yesterday, I was driving home from work and got cut up a hell of a lot by other wretched motorists.  What I really wanted was a massive Mech Warrior that I could crush their puny brains with underneath its gigantic feet.  Now giant Mech Warriors are gosh darned difficult to come by, but the $300 BRAT kit is a whole lot easier. 


Delphi SkyFi3 release date set – December 1st

Recently seen in adverts but subsequently yanked, the Delphi SkyFi3 is a pretty little slice of satellite radio playing goodness, 65% smaller than previous SkyFi models and boasting 30 minutes of live radio rewinding, built-in storage for up to 10 hours of XM content and a Micro SD slot for storing mp3/WMA/WAV files.  Sadly the battery lasts just eight hours, meaning you won’t even have time to play back all that stored content, never mind get started on your mp3 collection!


T-Mobile Offering the Feature-packed Nokia 6133 Multimedia Phone

I’m delighted to see T-Mobile adding more of Nokia’s phone to its line up. The Nokia 6133 features quad-band technology, Bluetooth, a video recorder and 1.3-megapixel camera with 8x zoom, integrated music player, and T-Mobile’s new myFaves service. The Nokia 6133 can pack roughly 750 songs on an optional 1 GB hot-swappable microSD memory card, supporting numerous audio formats including MP3, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+.

“Nokia and T-Mobile are continuing a long tradition of bringing innovative, high-quality devices to customers with the introduction of the Nokia 6133 phone,” said Dirk Williamson, vice president of sales for Nokia. “The phone’s combination of a sleek design and strong feature set will certainly appeal to both fashion and technology conscious customers, and T-Mobile’s myFaves interface truly captures Nokia’s mission of ‘Connecting People’.”


The Most High-Tech Gift Card I’ve Seen!!

The Most High-Tech Gift Card I’ve Seen!!

I know its really silly, but this wouldn't be the first time that I shopped at Target just because the gift card was pretty. :)

The much-anticipated Nintendo Wii, which will make its North American debut on November 19th, has Target so excited that they teamed up for a gift card that glows on all four sides when the power button is pressed. Otherwise, its just a piece of plastic with the signature bullseye, but this is definitely future of gift cards...

Target Wii Glow Cards [via Crunchgear]

Ultra Products’ Stacking Peripherals – Interconnect Update

One thing I really appreciate is when companies are obviously reading blogs and actively answering questions – here’s just one such occasion.  Last week SlashGear wrote about Ultra Products’ Stackable Peripherals, a space-saving design which lets you build secure towers of external USB hubs, hard-drives, card-readers and the like; we also questioned the method of interconnecting each item.  Well, Ted Miller from Ultra Products’ PR people got in touch to show us this:


LG reveals new 1900R LCD Monitor

For the office with unconventional decor, you might need a LCD to match. The new 19inch 1900R LCD monitor from LG fits the bill with a unique new form. The monitor is black with a red hole cut through its base. What’s the hole for? Not sure, but LG claims that “when you turn on the light, red light comes on clockwise direction to make you feel the smoothness of the light.” Sure, ok, whatever. The LCD features a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 4ms response time, which is great for both movies and fast-paced games. It also has a brightness of 300 cd/m, a resolution of 1280×1024, and 170 degree viewing angle. Is it just me or is that image showing what looks like an unsightly fissure across the screen?

LG unveils 1900R LCD Monitor [Via: Coolest Gadgets]

Samsung Releases New Wifi Smartphone

Hot off the floor of the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung and Korean cordless phone maker Eidicom just released a new Wifi/VoIP smartphone. The “EW-700,” while a little clunky in style, runs Samsung’s latest Post-PC mobile multimedia processor and comes with all the goodies like a web browser, IM, mp3 & video player and a 2-megapixel camera. Now if only more cities went entirely wireless, I could just Skype it like some of my overseas friends.

The Samsung “EW-700” Wifi Smart Phone Running Windows Media Player

A few more specs and a lot more pictures after the jump… (more…)

Cisco HD Video Conferencing blows Scoble’s mind – Updated

When I think of video conferencing I think of either a 28″ TV on a too-tall stand in the corner of the room, with someone squinting at and picking their nose in front of a low-res webcam displayed on it, or one of those “the future of telepresencing!” robot concepts that is basically an LCD screen on wheels trundling round the office.  But apparently Cisco have – having taken hints, it would appear, from stage magicians – actually made a video conferencing set-up that is convincing, thanks to careful room, desk and lighting design and some incredible HD displays. 

Always enthusiastic camera-toting ex-Microsoftie Robert Scoble was lucky enough to score an invite to Cisco and experience the system (which costs $79,000 for one screen and $300,000 for a three-screen installation):

“The PR folks led me into a room. I turned on my camera. I thought there were six people around a desk at first. I saw Mike Vizard, who is on the Gillmor Gang, among other things. We say hi, but then I notice that the three people on the other side of the desk are actually on HD screens and aren’t in the room at all” 

No pictures for this one that I can find yet, but Robert Scoble has a video coming soon and Cisco are claiming it’s available now.  Robert’s video is now live: here

Cisco [via Scobleizer]

UPDATE: Sony Vague on Shipment Quantity, Not Date

To update a story we ran on Friday, it appears that the PlayStation 3’s launch date isn’t in question; the console will still launch on November 17th as previously reported. What is in question, however, is exactly how many consoles the world will see by the end of this year. The launch quantities of 400,000 (North America) and 100,000 (Japan) haven’t changed, but recent comments by SCEA co-chairman Jack Tretton seems to say that the 2 million console mark Sony hopes to hit by year’s-end is more of a goal than set in stone.


The Stealth Switch Secures Your Back

You know that feeling when your boss comes around unexpectedly while you’re chatting with friends, surfing the net, and updating your resume for finding that next job. You’ve got a gazillion windows open that you have to minimize, but they all still appear down at the bottom of the task bar. As your boss asks about your work, your friend sends you a message and your taskbar starts flashing. You attempt to show your boss the report you’re supposedly working on but end up opening the wrong window. Gee, that image of the pretty blonde doesn’t look work-related. So, to avoid these awkward moments and the risk of getting fired, while maintaining your laid-back work style, you need the Stealth Switch.