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Digital Day Counter To Track Down Old Food

I’m sure we’ve all had some delicious leftovers left over too long that turned into a fuzzy marsh. Perhaps, that extreme was only a few times, but more often we simply leave food just long enough that when we take a nice big bite out of that leftover garlic bread, we wonder “was that suppose to be sourdough bread?” The Digital Day Counter from attempts to prevent those situations with a device that attaches to our container lids either via magnetism or suction. With a press of a button, the LCD screen displays the number of days that particular container has sat in your fridge. I think it’d be more useful if when your food has surpassed its time, the device actually sounds an alarm when you open the fridge. Priced at $12.

Digital Day Counter for Food [Via: Techie Diva]

Robotic Hand Plays Piano

What better way to liven up your desk and keep children at bay, then to have this creepy robotic hand that mime plays classical piano. The various gears and levers inside the clear plastic skin allow the fingers to move precisely as if it were playing the piano while audio is played back. Enjoy the tunes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer, or Choplin’s Minute Waltz. With a sound sensor, the device starts when you clap. I suppose this would make for good Halloween accent décor. Priced at $16.95.

Robotic Hand Plays Beethoven [Via: Gizmodo]

Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro is Here!

Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro is Here!

The wait is over! For those of you who have waited to get MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo, can rejoice as today Apple has released Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. Price structure did not change at all, and for $1999 you will be able to get a 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro with 1GB RAM. The new MacBook Pro is equipped with Firewire 800 and 6X Dual Layer SuperDrive. Apple also increased the harddrive of the new MacBook Pro to 120GB from 80GB previously for this starting model. So get your wallet ready! And grab one.

[Product page]

Mozilla Scheduled to Release FireFox 2.0 Gold Today

Mozilla Scheduled to Release FireFox 2.0 Gold Today

Firefox 2.0 was scheduled to be release today. I woke up in the morning, fired up my computer and did not see it yet on Mozilla’s site. FireFox 2.0 will support Javascript 1.7 to give a better support to Ajax. The new Fox also gets a nice makeover on its interface end, however under the hood Firefox 2.0 have couple new exciting features such as Built-In phising protection, better search capabilities, improved tabbed browsing, in-line spell checker, previewing rss feeds, and my favorite new feature, resume browsing session. Okay, now it’s time for me to go and refresh Mozilla page again and hope to see 2.0 final download.

Samsung Debuts “SCH-B500”-The Real Slim Slider

Avoiding obvious comparisons between a certain notorious white rapper and the newest phone to debut at the Korea Electronics Show, Samsung demonstrated the SCH-B500 today to a crowd that has alternately dubbed it the “Slim&J” and the “Slim Slider”.

Looks aren’t everything (see the Samsung EW-700), but with a cool blue steel finish and a crisp 2.12″ LCD display, the SCH-B500 is definitely sleek. Features include a 2M camera with flash, the black GUI, microSD memory card slot, mp3 & video playback, Bluetooth, TV-out, and a seriously questionable feature called “playing with my pet”. Anyone who can decode what this one means without grossing me out gets free lunch. :)

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Konami Announces Special Gift for Castlevania Pre-Orderers

As a huge Castlevania fan, the release of each new game is something I look forward to (especially considering the latest entry in the series seems to finally be kicking the Symphony of the Night remake pattern at long last). So, to celebrate the fact that this is Castlevania’s 20th anniversary, Konami has decided to try and entice users to pre-order the upcoming DS title Portrait of Ruin by including one of the coolest pre-order gifts ever. So, what do you get from shelling out the dough early? Hit the jump!


Sony Blocks European PS3 Importing

Wow, Sony must really, really hate Europe. Aside from leaving them out of the PlayStation 3 launch party in November due to console shortages, it now appears that Sony is taking extra measures to ensure that European customers don’t get a console before March. Specifically, Lik-Sang, everyone’s favorite import/export experts, will be forbidden to sell imported PS3s based on a ruling that forbids them from selling imported PSP handhelds. While I’m not sure what the legal limitations are on applying a ruling based on one product to a separate item, Sony seems hell-bent on making sure that consoles that don’t meet the European Union’s standards don’t reach European shores. So, unless you have a Stateside or Japanese relative willing to shell out the $500-$600 for you, it appears that Europeans will need to find another way around Sony’s embargo.

[via GamePro]

BMW’s Bangle interviewed

Designers seem determined to step out from behind the drawing boards and into the spotlight, and nobody gets more column inches (or, for that matter, hyperbole) than BMW’s Chris Bangle.  Design & Emotion have interviewed him, covering everything from 5-Axis milled door handles to the balance of design and semantics, with the much-maligned i-Drive interface along the way.


Macbeth X Factor mono synth is exposed

Blimey, if all the kids at school who think that playing a musical instrument is “sissy” could see this butch piece of MiniMoog-inspired synth, they’d soon change their tune!  Macbeth Studio Systems have hauled out this prototype of a keyboard version of the M3X2 analogue mono synthesiser, complete with surface-mount pots, resistors and wiring, called The X Factor.



EZ-Canvas makes your bland monitor a touchscreen

This, my soft chinned little gleehounds, is the haterz way of emulating the pen-on-screen joy that is the Tablet PC.  Or perhaps it’s just Navisis’ EZ-Canvas, a sheet of standard-looking acrylic that, when clipped to the front of your monitor, turns it into a pen-controlled touchscreen.


Gizmodo catches Sony Reader page refresh on cam

The first Sony Reader units are landing in word-lovers hands, and the feedback about the e-book has been coming thick and fast.  Quite a few people have mentioned the brief delay in changing pages, and so the guys over at Gizmodo have taken the time to film a short video of the unit in action.

Their opinion?  It’s no biggie, similar in time to turning a real life page (“once upon a time, kids, books were made of mashed up trees” “but daddy, what’s a tree?”) and doesn’t really impact on usability.  So there.

Sony Reader: Exclusive Video of E-Ink Refresh Delay [Gizmodo]

Playstation 3 Play Beyond Party

Playstation 3 Play Beyond Party

The majority of the slots on Nov 1st is filled up so another day was added to the festivities.  Each lucky person will get two hours of hands-on time with the long awaited next-gen gaming consoles.  The slots are limited, so you best on hurry over to Play Beyond and sign up.

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