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Marantz WEAVE plays music through your ring-main

Marantz have unveiled the latest addition to their “Multiroom by Powerline” range, the portable ZC4001.  That harsh name doesn’t do justice to the fashionably-retro and undeniably stylish design, so Marantz have dubbed it the WEAVE (not to be confused with fake hair).


Sanyo M1 in the wild

Are you a Sprint user?  Do you want a Smartphone?  Would you like a 2 megapixel camera, dedicated music transport keys and 1gb of on-board memory?  Well you’ll want to be adding the Sanyo M1 to your wish-list, won’t you, and maybe these photos will help sway your opinion…


Windows Vista Pen Computing in action

One of the things that has got Tablet PC users most excited about Microsoft Vista is the idea that the pen computing-specific features will be neatly rolled up into the main operating system, hopefully bringing them to a greater audience’s attention and encouraging more into the Glorious Way Of The Stylus.  Geekzone have sat down with a Vista-branded Wacom usb tablet and tried out the latest OS build and reported back on some of their first impressions – handwriting recognition, flicks and gestures.


Wireless Monitor Adaptor – but who will buy it?

Sometimes you see a gadget and think “bloody hell, yes, that’s what I’ve been waiting for”, only to find that the price is, frankly, taking the piss.  Such is this, the WID101 Wireless Monitor Adaptor.  It takes the DVI signal from your PC or laptop, squishes it sufficiently to fit through an a, b or g wireless network, and streams it to a display at up to 1366×768 resolution (think 17″ display, max).  Now that sounds, to me, great – I’d love a monitor in the kitchen that I could surf the net on and watch streaming video from a Media Center somewhere else in the house, but then we come to that age-old stumbling block: price.


RIM Pearl gets put through its paces

Ah, the life of a gadget – if you’re lucky, you surf the wave of hype all the way from patent through peep-tease spy shots to official launch and into the pockets of loyal early adopters.  If you’re not so lucky – or, to be a pessimist, flawed in some way – then a bad review knocks you off course and all of a sudden all that hype starts to taste sour.  Might this be the case for the noble RIM Pearl?


Microsoft & Firefox combine – all hail our new interweb overlords!

In a move that’s bound to satisfy just about everybody who uses the internet, since we all secretly know that only huge corporations have the capacity to best manage our online experience, Microsoft have announced that they have aggressively taken-over Firefox and will be retailing it as Microsoft Firefox 2007.


Apple dumps Scroll-Wheel, replaces with Scroll-Strips?

If filing for patents wasn’t such a pain in the ass, I’d be starting to wonder whether Apple was thinking up new “could it be a touchscreen iPod?!” concepts and putting them through the system just to keep people’s anticipation high.  Seriously, they must have their patent lawyers as number one speed-dial.  The latest to emerge from Cupertino is what looks like a small-form-factor device predominantly taken up by a display, the edge bezel of which is touch and scroll sensitive.


AIST gives robots a hand

The great science fiction author Bernard Cribbins once wrote, “if robots are to be the equal of man, then they must be at liberty to make those same mistakes he may”, and he was right.  Thankfully researchers at AIST (Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) have designed a human-sized robotic hand, so that the droids we one day work alongside will be able to molest us just as readily as our human colleagues.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be touched up by the arc-welding tool more usually found constructing the chassis of a Honda Civic, however polite the robot wielding it was.


Mysterious Nokia Web Tablet photo surfaces

I love it when mysterious photos of rumoured devices appear on forums – there’s something about the slightly-blurred illicitness that gives me a tingle.  This, we’re told, might just be the Nokia Web Tablet that replaces the 770 – complete with rumoured and debated features like “does it have stereo speakers?”, “does it have a webcam?” and “what’s that black nubbin on the side?”


Internet Tablet Talk Forums [via CrunchGear]

Unboxing the FlyBook – tiny convertible tablet PC

They’re teasing me us again, damn them.  Kevin “yeah, I’ve got it and you haven’t, you geeky wannabe” Tofel has gone to his mailbox and found a FlyBook V33i-ELV nestling amongst the circulars and foreign lottery scams, and took time out from laughing at me us to flaunt the unboxing.

I’m expecting a damned good review, Kevin, to make up for hurting my our feelings.


PC-free email for the technophobic

So your granddad is complaining that he doesn’t get included in the family’s Christmas mail-out, because he doesn’t have email (his gigantically swollen fingers just mash against the keys and keep re-formatting the computer) and nobody can be bothered mailing him a hard-copy because they’re all too busy IM’ing on their Sidekicks and flirting on Second Life.  Zut alors.  Why don’t you splash out 150 sweet American dollars on this PC-free e-mail printer, that dials a toll-free number and downloads all the delicious messages that’ve been sent to your “private email address”, printing them out on honest-to-goodness paper.

Hammacher Schlemmer (who else?) promise that your address will be spam-free, and also include a selection of “colourful templates” including “Holiday” and “Summer Fun”.  Personally, my idea of Summer fun is drinking whiskey sours and pushing kids off of piers, but I guess that requires more than their $9.99 monthly subscription.

Hammacher Schlemmer [via Neatorama]

Sony Unveils PS3 Downloadable Content

At long last, it’s becoming clearer now as to exactly what Sony has in store for the gaming world with their PlayStation Network Platform. They’ve unveiled the first set of downloadable PlayStation 3 games set to hit by the end of the year as well as detailed a few things about how the new network service will work with Sony’s PSP handheld system’s upcoming PSOne emulation. The PS3 game downloads include Blast Factor, flOw, Lemmings, Kazuo (a number puzzle game), Puzzle (only a working title for the time being) and Mainichi Issho. As for the rest, hit the jump!


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