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Butler UMPC concept runs your home

I’m really enjoying these UMPC concepts from Via, and the key to each of them appears to be modularity – whether that be snapping a UMPC unit into a full notebook chassis, or choosing different innards in a UMPC-cum-purse.  Their latest is an even more obvious – and, some might say, more useful – design in modularity, a hooked form-factor which can be augmented with a microphone/speaker/camera module for cellphone and VOIP calls or a even a tiny printer.


Dell’s Tablet Intentions – they’ll pick up the pen come Vista

A lot of people have been waiting for Dell to enter the Tablet PC market, on the assumption that it will help bring prices down and encourage the pen-technology into offices, classrooms and university lecture halls.  Up until now, however, they’ve completely denied any intention of sticking a hinge and digitiser into any of their notebooks.

A GottaBeMobile reader, Kevin Bals, was talking to a Dell rep at a school conference who spilt the beans on the multi-national’s plans come Vista-time…

“I was at a large school convention on Thursday and ran into the Dell Reps for my area. I was telling them about how we use the Toshiba Tablets and wireless Epson Projectors in our classrooms. I asked them if Dell was coming out with a Tablet anytime soon and they said to look for a late spring release of a Dell Tablet. They said Michael Dell was very much against the tablet. Over time though he realized the tablet was a gateway into the school for other vendors. For example since the school had to go elsewhere for the tablets they ended up buying printers, desktops or projectors from the other vendor as well.

They also said that Dell usually waits for a particular product to become mainstream and then they look to develop a product and own the market. Dell feels that since Vista will have the tablet features built right into the OS that the corporate world will embrace the tablet on a large scale. The reps said this will be especially true once service pack 1 is out for Vista. They plan on releasing their tablet to coincide with the release of service pack 1 for Vista.”

This would be incredible news and a real boost to a technology that, even years down the line from its inception, still gets regular criticism from reviewers.

A Dell Tablet PC coming this spring? [GottaBeMobile]

SlashGear’s October Review

As October draws to a close and we edge towards the eight week countdown to Christmas, it’s time for another SlashGear Month in Review.  And let’s face it, if you haven’t got a few additions to your letter to Santa from the past 30 days or so, what the golden trouser inflation have you been doing?


Sidekick 3 coming to the UK – Update!

All those UK Sidekick addicts who are patiently waiting for the third incarnation of the device to hit our shores might be interested in the news that T-Mobile UK will likely release it in December this year, according to a trusted source with the username Ajax on the What Mobile forums.

Read on after the cut for more T-Mobile UK launch scheduling…


Widgets take centre stage (and take over your screen!)

Setting out to recreate a slightly-less-warmongering version of the Pentagon’s “Situation Room”, Mike Elgan’s latest column over at Computerworld is all about harnessing the awesome power of widgets.  No, not the little plastic nugget at the bottom of some beer cans, the tiny apps that display single-feature-specific information on your desktop.  Mike compiles a list of different widget suppliers and then lays out his idea of a dedicated PC for an always-visible infostream.  Check out his news-junkie page, below, and after the cut a virtual window of webcams.


Asus R2H UMPC gets reviewed

I always think that Sunday is a great day for brewing some coffee, settling down and reading the latest tech reviews, and should you feel the same way (and be a fan of the UMPC concept) here’s another to keep you occupied.  Only UMPC have taken a long, hard look at the Asus R2H, possibly the most attractive of the commercially available devices, and given their opinion on whether you should pull on some pants and go buy it. 


$249.99 for Earphones?! Ultimate Ears get put through their paces

I don’t know if I have strange, atypical ears, but most in-ear headphones just refuse to stay in for me.  When they do go in, they tend to be uncomfortable or downright painful.  So it’s interesting to read the massive joint-review that Gear Diary and Girls Gone Mobile have done on the Ultimate Ears 5 Pro Earphones, which the makers claim are “unparallelled” in their fit and performance.  Want to know if these $249.99 ‘phones are really worth more than an iPod?  You’ll just have to check the review…


Canon EOS 400D digital SLR unboxing

I’m not all that big of a photographer, so my Sony T7 and the 3-megapixel camera in my Nokia N80 suit me fine; however, there are lots of you out there who I know are drooling for prosumer digital SLRs like the Canon EOS series.  Jenneth at Girls Gone Mobile has just taken delivery of the EOS 400D and, showing great restraint, has documented the unboxing and put the battery on for a full charge before using it. 


Chris’ Sunday MacBook Pro Roundup

Hello chiddles, I know you’ve all been chomping at the bit for Stevey-boy’s new MacBook Pro range to sweep through and cleanse you of your misery with the effectiveness of an LSD enema, so here’s a quick round-up of what glossy Apple loveliness is now on offer…


Modular UMPC concept for couch, conference and desk

Ultra Mobile Life, Via‘s UMPC blog, has been busy with their graphics tablets again, producing this mighty fine concept of what a Modular UMPC might look like.  Consisting of a central core unit, complete with full-front touchscreen, which can then be augmented by a snap-on keyboard accessory creating a layout not dissimilar (though far cooler looking) to the Pepperpad 3.  UML see this as your portable VOIP speakerphone, presentation-giving multi-purpose filofax killer, and they could just be right.  Be sure to check out what they have in mind for those desktop powerhouse moments, after the cut…


Unboxing the Push-To-Hear Shure headphones

Adam over at Gadgetell has had a chance to play with Shure’s new Push-To-Hear e500PTH headphones, which cleverly combine sound-isolation for that “on my own in a concert hall” feeling with instant environment monitoring, thanks to a control box with an adjustable microphone.  Any piece of tech worth its salt gets an unboxing photoshoot, and while we’ll just have to be patient waiting for the review we can at least ogle the e500PTH coming out of its box…


Speedy Futaba robot to cost $1200

Now we’ve got a robot with human-like hands, so that they can pinch us as we walk past, but what if we’d like to be chased around the garden first?  So far the commercially available bots have been pretty darned sedentary – they can walk, sure, but they’re not going to win any speed races.  So let’s start praying for the day that Futaba’s latest robot reaches the hands of enthusiasts – at ten inches tall and 900g he might not be big, but the eleven high-torque servos in his legs means he sure is fast!  Make sure you check out the video after the cut…


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