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iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Now Shipping

For the eagerly awaiting fans of the iPod Shuffle, get ready because the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle has now just begun shipping. For all preorder customers, expect delivery date to be November 3rd. This incredibly tiny device boasts 1GB memory, USB connectivity, and up to 12 hours of continuous playback.

2nd-Generation iPod Shuffle Now Shipping [Via: Techeblog]

Motorola SLVR L7e Gets A Little Blue

The Motorola SLVR L7e gets an upgrade both in style and functionality. Although it looks like they merely changed the color from black to blue and fiddled with the keypad a tad, there are actually some other improvements. The new L7e boasts new software similar to what’s used on the RIZR and the KRZR that’s more user-friendly and crashes less. The phone also features quad-band GSM with an upgrade to EDGE data, a 1.3 megapixel camera with higher resolution video recording, and 8x digital zoom. The device also provides up to 20MB of internal memory and supports up to 2 GB of expandable MicroSD external memory. Unfortunately for us folks in the US, this model is not being launched state side.

Motorola upgrades the SLVR [Via: Gadgetell]

Glowing Power Cable For Conserving Energy

The Power Aware Cord was designed by Static Energy+Design Network with the intention of making people aware of the amount of energy they consume. The concept is that if people can see how much energy they’re using, they are less likely to leave their PC running all night. So, this great light show of a power cord is not meant to dazzle, but rather, to remind you of how much energy you waste. The power cable glows and pulses when electricity is flowing through it. The more energy flowing through the brighter the cord glows and the more it pulses. But I can imagine people purposely leaving their PCs on just so they can see the cool cord glow.

Glowing power cable [Via: Fosfor Gadgets]


The TORQ N100 is a sweet device! I just loaded it up with ALK’s CoPilot Live 6. Please check back a few days for a video walk through review of the the GPS on the TORQ as well as a CoPilot Live 6. Meanwhile, enjoy my initial thoughts and impressions as well as the unboxing ceremony.


E-TEN X500 glofiish is world’s slimmest Pocket PC phone

You might have to be quick buying this smartphone, because I wouldn’t be surprised if E-TEN were charged with cellphone cruelty, starving innocent handhelds to make them industry’s thinnest.  The X500 “glofiish” manages to ziploc GPS, WiFi in both b and g flavours, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 and a 2 megapixel camera into a quad-band handset just 0.6″ thick, complete with a 2.8″ QVGA screen, 400MHz Samsung processor, 128mb ROM, 64mb RAM and a microSD slot.  Phew!


Kenwood DAPs bring USB hosting to the table

If you’ve inherited a truckload of AAA batteries and you’re desperate to use them up, you might be interested in Kenwood’s latest DAPs.  The M2GC7 and M1GC7 – the former with 2gb of flash memory and the latter with 1gb – both weigh a measly 44g and pack MP3, WMA, WAV and WMA DRM9 support into their slinky metal frames.  FM radio and USB 2.0 hosting for computerless file transfers rounds out the package


Crumpled Toaster

This is a whole lot nicer than the clichéd Dualit toaster every urban kitchen seems to flaunt – Olivier Gregoire’s “Hot Paper” takes the concept of heat and applies it to fresh media, in this case corian (a blend of natural materials, such as stone, and pure acrylic polymer).  The changing light in a room will cast ever-changing shadows across its surface.


Fifty buck retro Sega handheld at Target

Retro gamers with limited funds could do a lot worse than pick up this tiny handheld games console, the Coleco Sonic Handheld, which will be retailing for $49.99 at Target.  Running on three AAA batteries, it features a whole bundle of old Sega titles (check the full list of 20 after the jump, as well as a size comparison photo between the Coleco and the Nintendo GBA Micro) as well as ports for an AC power-pack and the supplied audio/video output cable so you can play on a bigger screen.


Nokia 330 Auto Navigation stops in-car slaughter

“Riding along in my automobile,” Chuck Berry sang, “my baby beside me at the wheel.”  And yet we can only assume heartache and misery was just around the bend, as Chuck asked his baby which way he was supposed to turn, and she said something along the lines of “I don’t know, why do you always leave the map-reading to me, my mother was right, you’re just the same as all the other men, I need the toilet, stop the car” before they beat each other to death with their own bloodied limbs.

Death could’ve been avoided had Nokia released its 330 Auto Navigation GPS sat-nav system back in 1964, but instead it chose to do it today.  The 3.5″ touchscreen-equipped device has full Europe-wide maps stored on a 2gb data card inside its slender body, and runs the Route 66 Navigator 7 software with NAVTEQ map data.  Should you have pulled into a lay-by and be cuddling with your Sweet Little Sixteen, the 330 can serenade you with some Rock and Roll Music, or even a slide show or videos.


SlashGear Exclusive – Interview with GeeXboX

Can you think of a media centre OS that requires no installation, is in many cases plug’n’play, and can be used as simply as dropping a CD into an otherwise bog-standard PC? Having trouble? Well, welcome to the world of GeeXboX.

GeeXboX is a so-called Live CD; that is, a CD that contains an entire OS which runs without needing any installation to a connected hard drive. In this case, the OS is very much media specific, whether that be simply playing DVDs, video and audio files downloaded from the internet, scheduling and watching recordings of live TV and more. Yesterday, SlashGear sat down to talk with Benjamin Zores, one of the core developers of GeeXboX Embedded Linux for HTPC

Check out the interview after the cut…


Secunia Found Second Flaw on IE7

Secunia Found Second Flaw on IE7

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is under another security advisory watch again, just recently Danish security vendor Secunia reported a security bug hours after IE7 was released, and today Secunia found another advisory on IE7 that allows hackers to place a fake URL into IE’s pop-up windows tricking the user to download something that seems to be from a trusted sites. According to ComputerWorld, Microsoft initial investigation indicated that there is “an issue”. Let’s hope Microsoft will get their hand together and release some patches for IE7.

Secunia claims second IE7 flaw [via computerworld]

Sony Hands Out Rainchecks in Lieu of PS3s

Let’s face it; Sony’s PlayStation 3 launch isn’t exactly going as well as they planned. Aside from gaining the ire of gamers everywhere with their questionable tactics, they’re faced a massive console shortage that has left many gamers wondering when they’ll finally be able to get a hold of one of the super-consoles. While American buyers have 400,000 consoles to fight over (let the eBay wars begin!), Japanese gamers are only getting 100,000 consoles to divide amongst themselves. So Sony, it its infinite wisdom, is handing out rainchecks (to Japanese gamers only for the time being) that functions as an IOU when new consoles arrive next year. Again, only the Japanese market seems to be receiving this deal, as American buyers are more likely to, er, “reject” such an offer.

[via IGN]

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