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Finger Drum Mousepad

A double-duty mouse pad by Hammacher Schlemmer gets your fingers drumming. Just tap on the image of the drum to get the sound of a drum or tap on the cymbal to get the sound of a cymbal. You can also record and playback your rhythmic creation. Priced at $39.95.

New Mousepad Doubles As Electronic Drum Set [Via: The Raw Feed]

LG Digital TV Cellphone packs a PVR

So you thought LG’s Shine cellphone was the best thing to come from the Korean company, did you?  You trashy gutterpunk, you’re obviously on wretched drugs – there’s this too:

The KB6100 has a T-DMB digital TV tuner packed inside its dinky chassis (3mm thinner than the RAZR, at 10.95mm), like a lot of Asian cellphones do, but it stands apart by also offering PVR functionality!  That’s right, your dull commute, business meetings and bland one-night-stands can be brightened by watching some hardcore hentai manga from earlier on.


Converting Pool Table: A very(table) work of art

Because I am rubbish I was never all that good at sports in school.  Rugby was muddy and football required too much leg/eye co-ordination; cricket was dull and anything involving throwing a ball into a hoop was, to say the least, several evolutions beyond me.  Thankfully there exist, when communal showering and regulation kit is left behind, games that require little physical investment and can be picked up and neglected at will.  Take, for instance, pool.  While there are of course people who play it professionally, for the majority of us it’s a 50-pence-a-time game at the local pub.  It’d be nice to have the facility at home, but few can justify or spare the space necessary for a dedicated table. 


Cingular to sell the Palm Treo 680

After the launch of the Palm Treo 680 (Oi, you at the back, stop chanting “poor man’s 750v”!) one of the big unanswered questions was which of the big US carriers would actually start selling it.  Well, the question is answered thanks to a leaked internal document that Engadget got their hands on, and wow-what-a-surprise-who-would’ve-guessed-that you’ll be signing up with Cingular if you want some Palm OS QWERTY goodness.

Treo 680 Headed to Cingular [Engadget]

LG’s sexy Tablet PC is reviewed

Now I don’t know how good your language skills are, but mine run out long before we get to reading Korean.  Still, I can enjoy a pretty picture as well as the next person (as long as I’ve got my glasses on, anyway) so this review of the LG Xnote C1 Tablet PC by TabletPC Club isn’t entirely wasted on me.


MCE Tunes brings iTunes music into Windows Media Center

Now I’m neither an iTunes nor a Windows Media Center user, but I know a lot of people would love to be able to play their DRM-encrypted music library from the former through the lounge-friendly interface of the latter.  Unfortunately, encrypted music can’t currently be streamed that way, at least not without the addition of a little programming magic (or illegally breaking the copy-protection, which is of course not something we’d suggest you do).  Thankfully the binary-kids at Proxure have decided to unleash some of that necessary magic, calling the end result MCE Tunes.


Znitch – custom RSS feeds made easy

I’m the first to admit that without RSS I couldn’t read all the material I do every day, I just couldn’t fit it in.  But with new technologies come new arguments – full versus partial text, adverts in feeds – and now custom feed provider Znitch are warning that as more people move to aggregated readers it’s the small bloggers that are losing traffic.


Pepperpad Tablet is reviewed

It’s been a little while since we last looked at the Pepperpad, a compact tablet computer with built-in keyboard that runs the Linux OS, but the news that Steve over at The Carrypad UMPC Journal has put his through the review process makes it a good time to take another glance.


Sony to Miss November PS3 Release Date?

Ohhh boy. Just when Sony was beginning to get some positive press over how impressive its console really it, this dandy little blurb pops up over at Bloomberg, basically saying that the date we thought was finalized, November 17, is really just more of a “target,” at least according to SCEA co-chairman Jack Tretton. Decide for yourself what his words really mean, but I would personally warn Sony against irritating its user base any more than it already has. Read the statement after the jump.


Jobs: 2007 Apple products will be most exciting ever

Apple boss Steve Jobs is just about guaranteed to get the gadget hounds baying when he says something along the lines of “2007 will be the most exciting year ever for new products”, and the rumours, speculation and unadulterated, desperate lust is slopping around the internet like cheap rum on a hen-night.  The scent of investment always brings the money-men running, and this time it’s Prudential Equity Group analyst Jesse Tortora who has all of a sudden all the inside gossip on just what Apple will be bringing out of its electronic hat.


Linux Handheld GP2X gets reviewed

I’m about as good at Linux as I am at nuclear physics, which is not very good at all, so the appeal of a handheld running the open-source OS doesn’t really grab me.  However, there are bound to be a few who are salivating at the thought of it, and it’s those people that Gamepark Holdings are counting on to buy their GP2X portable games console.  Jenn Lee over at Pocketables does a great job of reviewing the niche handheld, finding that, while it has a few flaws, the support and flexibility allowed by Linux and the programming community make it a winner.


VidaBox Media Center PCs Support HD DVD and Blu-ray

Not a confrontational person? Don’t want to pick sides? Don’t want to get caught in between the HD DVD and Blu-ray battle? Wish there would just be peace and harmony in the media format world? Well, VidaBox delivers two new Media Center PCs that support both formats in its native 1080p resolution to soften the tension just a little, at least for the consumers. Now you can have peace of mind knowing that regardless which party wins the war, you wont end up with a prematurely obsolete device. The Dual HD Lux and Dual HD Max come priced at $3,499 and $4,399, respectively. The pricier model comes with built-in 7-inch touch screen to navigate the Windows Media Center.

VidaBox Dual HD Max pictured above, continue after the jump for picture of the Dual HD Lux.