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Hands on with the Jitterbug Dial

I had a chance to test out the Jitterbug Dial at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular event in NYC last week.  It’s a simple cell phone for the sole purpose of making calls quickly.  There are simple yes or no questions that you answer via the menu system from the moment the phone is opened, until the call is ended.  The Jitterbug is all about KISS (keep it simple stupid) and does a great job.  The sturdiness of the design by Samsung is a huge plus.  It’s ideal for children and elderly.  The Jitterbug OneTouch and Jitterbug Dial both retail for $147.99, and monthly rate plans run from $10 all the way up to $40 giving you 300 minutes.  Not a bad deal at all.

Jitterbug homepage

Ecopod live – pre-order now

Ecopod live – pre-order now

Remember the Ecopod, the bottle-compacting recycling bin that SlashGear talked about last week? Well, they've been in touch to say that their site has just gone live and they're taking pre-orders. Available in black and white, $328 gets you the combination bin and bottle/can crusher, with delivery scheduled for the fourth-quarter of this year.

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Marvel HyperScan Console uses RFID for customised gameplay

Gamers of a certain age will remember Epoch’s Barcode Battler, a compact games system that relied on barcoded characters and power-ups to fight against each other. The key to its (failed) longevity was the fact that further barcodes could be used to create new characters, enemies and add-ons. In the end its tiny LCD screen couldn’t compete with the growing range of TV consoles, and it paled into bargain bins.

Now imagine an interactive system that connects to your TV but also uses a broad and expandable range of characters and power-ups that you can collect just like Top Trump cards. Since we’ve been dragged squealing into the 21st century, barcodes just won’t cut it anymore – instead picture RFID-enabled cards that register with mere proximity across a swipe sensor. You’re getting close to the incredible gaming concept of Mattel’s HyperScan.


Chrome Robot TV Stand – Let it Spin!

Chrome Robot TV Stand – Let it Spin!

Now, I’m not saying that LCD TV needs to be swung around, but how cool is it if you can do change a viewing angle of your LCD without standing up. Introducing the robotic TV stand called Chrome Robot TV Stand, a remote controllable TV stand that will slowly turns your TV to a comfy viewing angle you prefer. The double rail system inside the TV stand mechanism prevents the TV from shacking when you are turning the TV around. You can adjust the height of your TV up or down by 30cm and rotate it 45 degrees to the left or right. I can’t find any retailer carrying this product but have listed it on sale for a minimum purchase of 50 units.

Chrome Robot TV Stand [via bornrich]

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP – nForce 590 SLI for Intel

Those who are waiting for SLI motherboard to go with their Core 2 Duo CPU will be very happy to know that Asus has finally get their buns together and roll out P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP for Intel. The motherboard is using nForce 590 SLI Intel Edition and it’s Quad SLI ready. Gamers who are planning to bump up your fps and gfx power with Physics Card will be grateful to know that ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP will have one reserved PCI Express x16 slot for it.


Powered By AMD – On a Mac?

Powered By AMD – On a Mac?

Hector Ruiz, the CEO of AMD was speaking out about AMD chip usage on Apple computers. He suggested that Apple wouldn’t want to be trap by Intel like other companies has. He claimed Intel is also responsible for slowing down the PC industry. AMD have very good chips such as X2 and Opteron, but as for mobile? Turion is not even close to what Merom (Core 2 Duo Mobile) brings to the table. Aggressive pricing on Core 2 Duo desktop chips also a big advantage for Intel. I really want to see AMD on Apple, but seeing almost all Mac is on mobile chip (except Mac Pro), I don’t see it happening until AMD comes up with better mobile chip in term of performance and power management.

AMD says Apple will use its chips [via inquirer]

PS3 Gets Price Cut and HDMI 1.3

What a nice surprise Sony have in store for those who are waiting for PS3. Sony’s Ken Kutaragi just announced that PS2 with the 20GB would be priced at ¥49,980 ($428) instead of ¥62,790. To those who love HD and planning to watch HD movies on PS3 will be happy to know that PS3 will also includes HDMI 1.3 output. Even though the pricing of PS3 is still higher than XBOX360 or Wii, the price cut makes it attractive again especially with the addition of HDMI support. So guys, get ready to line up in the cold winter weather to get one.

PS3 price cut by 20%, now includes HDMI 1.3 [via engadget]

Micro Mosquito helicopter takes to the tiny skies

Readers in the UK will all remember bearded TV “celebrity” Noel Edmunds appearing fresh faced from behind the control stick of his helicopter gunship, gurning at cameras at whichever charity even he had decided to grace with his presence. Well, now us mere peons can pretend to be a celebrity in our own rights with what RadioShack are obviously hoping will be the toy of the Christmas season – the Micro Mosquito RC helicopter. Watch the Micro Mosquito buzz around after the jump!


Sprint Launching the Motorola i880 on October 1st

I had an opportunity to test out the Motorola i880 at a recent event in NYC this week. The handset is a clamshell design with a unique snakeskin casing and features music-dedicated keys. The Motorola i880 is FCC approved and should goes on sale October 1, 2006. Sprint rep must have told me the price ten times, but as you know with old age, your memory is first to go. Let me get back with you on the pricing. Specs and more images after the jump.


LG C1 Tablet PC breaks cover

Until now, slate-style Tablet PCs have been the cool looking ones, whereas convertible models have generally been a bit… staid. Yes, the ability to flip the screen round and down on the keyboard is cool, but it’d be nice if the general industrial design was a bit more Apple and a bit less 80s.

LG seem to have heard my silent cries and taken the current trend for high-gloss surfaces on board in their new C1 convertible. With its piano-black lid and bright white keyboard, Tablets are no longer the dull cousin of the flash consumer notebook.


New Philips Digital Photo Display

Got a bunch of digital photos trapped inside your computer? You can now display them with this very cool looking Mac-like digital picture frame, the 7FF1AW from Philips. It accepts SD and Compact Flash, stores up to 50 photos, and hooks up with your digital camera or computer to transfer files.

Peep Show: Philips 7” Photo Display [Via: Gadgetell]

Magnetic Tiles For Your Floors

Floors can easily change outfits and be stylish now, too. Designed by Nancy Epstein, CEO of Artistic Tile, these magnetic tiles require no mortar or grout or any adhesives, using only its unique system of magnets. Comes in six styles for now, and can be custom fitted to any floor. The material is engineered to be stain-resistant and highly durable. So durable, it’s even recommended for commercial applications such as for flooring in hotel suites.

Magnetic tile enable the spontaneous room makeover
[Via: Gizmag]