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Paper Airplane Coffee Table

Well, it’s a coffee table shaped like a big paper airplane. Definitely makes a great centerpiece while commemorating the good old days of your youth in an ultra sophisticated work of art. Designed by UK designer Lorraine Brenner, the table is made of 2mm folded powder-coated steel.

Grown up: Jet Coffee Table [Via: Designspotter]

Edible Ink: Print, Flavor, and Eat

Be hip, be posh, hang out at the avant-garde, and eat some paper. Heck, eat your menu if you’d like. The Moto Restaurant, Chicago, serves innovative cuisine using a modified Canon i560 printer as an oven. Using edible ink and edible paper, they print out images of food, then flavor the printed paper by dipping them in various condiments, and then bake or fry them to your liking. And yes, you really can eat the menu. What better than to taste something first before you order it. So just rip off the picture from the menu and take a bite. Yum.

Edible Ink [Via: Designboom]

iPod for DJ’s: iTrax Mixing Console

Mix it up with this new offering from Gemini DJ in their iSeries product line. The iTrax Mixing Console has two docking stations for your iPod and 3 band EQ control and 2 phono/line convertible inputs so you can use it with other devices. Among other cool features, it also has composite video output so you can use it with the latest video iPod products. Costs $179.95.

iTrax Mixing Console [Via: Popgadget]

PS3 Games to Cost a Fortune?

Well, maybe not an literal fortune, but the news coming out of TGS 2006 isn’t promising. Japanese gaming website Impress Watch has reported, citing several “reliable” sources, that the PlayStation 3’s games will run buyers between 8,800 and 9,800 yen. In US dollars, that translates to roughly between $76 and $84 USD. So on top of the $425 console (Japanese price), buyers can also expect to pay almost $100 to get just one game to play on their new, ultra-powerful console.


Would Your Vodka Care for an Ice Jacket?

Be cool at your next party. Bring out the booze in style. This device, the Ice Jacket, encases your liquor in a jacket of ice. Place the liquor in the casing and seal via three clamps, pour in some warm water, place the thing in the freezer, wait a bit, take it out and let it stand for 20 min and briefly run it under warm water to release the top casing, and wah lah. Your booze got a new sexy outfit. The bottom casing remains as a drip tray for the slowly melting ice jacket. Costs about $35 US and wont be available till January 2007.

The IceJacket, Doesn’t Just Look Cool [Via: Oh Gizmo]

Touchscreen Cellphone the size of a Bluetooth Headset

It’s a sad fact of life that people entering prison often attempt to smuggle cellphones in with them by hiding them, um, internally.  And I’m not talking hamster-like cheek pouches.  This practise was not begun until well past the 80s (think Motorola brick phone; think “not enough KY in the world”), but even with the latest strides in miniaturisation it’s still something of a squeeze to fit the latest handset up when you’re going down.


One step closer to little big bangs

Okay, so this isn’t something you would probably be looking to buy for home, unless your home is the size of a bloody great warehouse and you want a massive orange donut in the middle of it, but it’s exciting all the same.  You’re looking at the newly assembled CMS particle detector at the CERN facility in Geneva, where scientists are busy constructing a Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to recreate – amongst other things – the Big Bang that kickstarted the universe.


The Finger Mouse

If your desk is like mine, completely cluttered with no room for that super giganto power mouse or you simply get wrist pains moving that big sluggish rat around, you might consider getting an LG Finger mouse. About the width of a standard lighter, the Finger mouse is a portable optical mouse with a top button that functions as the left-click and a rear button that functions as the right-click. The scroll wheel is situated nicely on the right. Exact price and time of release is uncertain for now.

LG Finger Mouse [Via Ministry of Tech]

Stealth 2000-DT-TB – One Tough Keyboard

If for some reason you like or have the need to carry your keyboard around through rain and dust storms or garden hosing, you might consider getting Stealth’s 2000-DT-TB keyboard. Ultra rugged stainless steel casing and industrial silicone rubber pad guarantee a tight seal against whatever life throws at your keyboard. Includes a sealed trackball mouse and sealed stainless steel buttons. But if this is for keeping you mobile and able to type during a dust storm, does that mean a sealed stainless steel PC or Mac should be in tow? For $1195 I think I’ll stick to a some sort of tough laptop.

Stealth Computer’s 2000-DT-TB keyboard [Via: Luxury Launches]

Yum. Sushi That Tastes like Chocolate.

I guess it’s better described as chocolates that look like sushi. A bit random topic, but being a sushi lover this definitely caught my eye. Confectionary art at its finest. Handmade chocolates colored and shaped to look just like an expensive platter of sushi. Everything but the large container is edible chocolate including the little green dividers wasabi, ginger, and in some cases even the small plates with edible gold edging. Makes a great gift for your raw-food-phobic friends who you’ve been trying to coax into trying some sushi. Prices range from about $15 to $60 at Koo-Ki Sushi.

Sushi Dessert? [Via: Techie Diva]

High-Tech Home Up For Grabs

It’s a situation we’ve all been in. Contract running out on the current place we’re renting, $5.5m burning an inconvenient and quite uncomfortable hole in our pocket, taste for the high-tech lifestyle… what’re you going to do? The answer, should you ask Sunset magazine, is buy their latest Idea House – once it’s finished as a working exhibit, of course.


Watch out Pearl, big brother 8800 is coming

The Blackberry 8800 hardly looks like a Blackberry.  Thanks to Boy Genius, Engadget’s top-secret spy, we’re now able to see the 8800 in its full glory.  Code-named as the Gamma Ray, it features a trackball, full QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, microSD, all these features and RIM’s wholesome goodness.  RIM did away with the track wheel on the side in favor of the track ball so that the design of the device is thinner.  This is good, there’s nothing wrong with thin and sexy.  It’s still way too early for price and availability – look for the 8800 Q1 of 2007.


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