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Mu-Bot Headphones

Wear a cute white robot around your neck. Yank out its hands and plug ‘em into your ears to enjoy the sweet melodies abounding from your iPod or any MP3 player. This ultra cute music player accessory with retractable arms as headphones from Sega Toys is called the Mu-Bot and will be available this December for about $21.


PS3 Game Price Update: Sony Taking Preorders at $59.99

As a quick update to the story we ran yesterday regarding Sony’s high PlayStation 3 game prices, it now appears that Sony is looking to head off some understandable unrest here in the States. Sony Style has begun taking preorders for PS3 games like Call of Duty 3, and they’ll only run you around $59.99 USD, roughly the same as a comparable Xbox 360 game. This means that, while you’ll pay more for the console itself, the games won’t cost you more than they would if you owned an Xbox 360; good news for anyone interested in grabbing one of the PS3s that will be fairly scarce once November 17th rolls around.

[via MegaGames]

Gaydar wand takes all the fun out of guessing

If I were a stricter Freudian than I actually am, I might sit down the Gizmodo staff and have a nice long chat about how comfortable they are with their sexuality and how it might just be a good time to go out and visit some new, shinier, pinker bars and make some new, shinier, pinker friends.  They could take along this handy Gaydar wand, which promises to identify gays or bisexuals with a mere wave across their genitals. 


Motorola INSTANTMOTO Vending Machines

Impulse buyers should be on alert that Motorola is targeting your weakness, the urge to buy whatever you see (from a vending machine).  Motorola has begun selling phones and accessories through “INSTANTMOTO” vending machines at high-trafficked locations such as airports and department stores.  These robotic-looking machines will house 12 kinds of phones and 18 accessories, ranging from mid to high-end models, including RAZR and the Q.  Shoppers can buy phones with or without service plans for Cingular, T-Mobile and Verizon service.  Existing T-Mobile and Cingular customers can simply swap out the SIM card from the old to the new phone, while Verizon customers must call the carrier to switch service.

There will be 20 locations set up by the end of November 2006, buying Motorola products can’t be simpler.

Video Buy Motorola gadgets from… a vending machine? []

Media Centres slim down

Ever since looking at a comparison of MythTV against Windows Media Centre Edition, I’ve been a lot harder to please when it comes to new MCE releases.  Considering the massive amounts of flexibility that Myth permits, it’s madness to settle for sub-par hardware or a craptastic design.  Pcalchemy is the latest to parade its hoard of TV capturing, media streaming lovelies before my eyes, in the hope that they’ll take my fancy and I’ll spend an expensive evening cavorting with them.


Dethroner shakes its inaugural fist

SlashGear would like to welcome back onto the information superhighway Joel Johnson, ex-head-honcho at Gizmodo and newly crowned (or should that be overthrown?) King of Dethroner.

Billed as a digest of news, grooming and – perhaps most excitingly – pictures of lions, Joel has set his sights on establishing the perfect site for the imperfect man. Each week will see a new theme draped in ermine and thrust upon a throne, this week’s being Fall Fashion.

Should Joel or any of his text-minions ever need a place to lay their well-groomed heads, they’ll always have a place to stay at Hotel SlashGear. That is, if there actually was a hotel and it wasn’t a hypothetical way of saying we like them.


Helium Digital HDBT-700 and HDBT-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – Helium Digital, a Canadian company specializing in trend forward accessories for digital devices, has announced the launch of their new HDBT-700 and HDBT-750 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. The HDBT-700 is a stand alone Bluetooth headset designed to be used specifically with Bluetooth enabled devices, while the HDBT-750 features the same Stereo Headset of the HDBT-700, but adds a Bluetooth stereo transmitter, allowing the headset to be used with any device with a 3.5mm audio input jack.


Kodak EasyShare Z710 featuring 7.1 megapixel and 10x zoom officially announced

At the heart of Kodak’s new EasyShare Z710 camera is the SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH VARIOGON 10X optical zoom (fancy name) and a 7.1 megapixel image sensor.  I’m not too fond of the odd shape, but then again, I’m not complaining especially when the price is less than $300 for a quality point and shoot digital camera.  The EasyShare Z710 ship stateside first of November.

Kodak Easyshare Z710 [DP Review, via Gizmodo]

Go Mobile with Rob Bushway

Sites like SlashGear are great for bringing you the latest and greatest in mobile tech, but you often don’t hear about the day to day use of someone living the portable lifestyle.  That’s why it’s so interesting to read Rob Bushway’s description of a recent roadtrip on which he was accompanied not only by his family but by a convertible Tablet PC, a Sony UX180P, a Treo 700W and his EVDO connection.

Aside from a small hiccup when charging his Tablet PC drained the car battery, generally the trip sounds like a great success.  Certainly worth a read!

I’ve been pretty mobile lately []

Pantech unveils three new handsets

Oddly enough, being based in the UK I don’t really know what cellphones rule the roost in Latin America.  Thankfully handset manufacturer Pantech wrote to me today to confide in me that, not only are they the biggest manufacturer in Korea, they’re also the sixth best-selling brand in Argentina.  I’ll pause while you applaud riotously.


Chop and Weigh with the Cutting Scale

I have never weighed anything for cooking purposes, but then again, I never cook. So, I can’t quite judge the usefulness of this device, but I sure think it’s cool. Unfortunately, for those who also think its cool and perhaps useful, it is only a concept product and not for sale anytime soon.

Cutting scale [Via: Sci Fi Tech]

Nuvo the Robot: Your New Best Friend

Ah yes, we are getting closer. I can’t wait till we have a humanoid robot that can really do some serious chores around the house rather than annoy the heck out of us with their loud awkward movements and blinking lights. I had once gotten a robotic dog thinking it could satisfy my desire for a furry animal in my no-pets-allowed apartment. I actually convinced my roommate to pay half for it and I still feel guilty today. What a waste of money. So, without having tested this Nuvo myself, I am hesitant to make judgement. But at a price tag of $7000, it had better be some good sh*t.


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