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Universal Sonic Toothbrush

Have a certain attachment to your good old fashion toothbrush? Can’t bare the idea of parting with it, and yet curious about that vibrating sensation of those Sonicares? The Universal Sonic Toothbrush is just what you need. This nifty device will turn any old toothbrush into a powerful vibrating machine performing up to 40,000 vibrations a minute. Costs $49.95 and requires one AA battery.

Universal Sonic Toothbrush Turns Any Toothbrush Sonic [Via: Gizmodo]

DOOM Comes to Xbox Live!

If you’re an gamer like me that enjoys playing a lot of older games, few games bring as many warm memories back as the original DOOM. Launched in 1993, it certainly turned first-person shooting on its head and redefined the genre, but no one is going to argue that vanilla DOOM today looks a little….well, dated. That’s not going to stop the Xbox developers over at Microsoft, who are now offering this classic piece of PC history on Xbox Live!, with a few modifications. More after the jump.


Oblivion Coming to PSP, PS3

All Elder Scrolls lovers around the world rejoice; the hugely-popular RPG will soon be coming to a Sony console near you. If you’re one of the resourceful chaps capable of acquiring a PlayStation 3, you can rest assured knowing that Oblivion will be shipping alongside the console at launch time. If you’re the proud owner of a PlayStation Portable, you’ll also be getting a version of Oblivion, but not until Springtime.


Jean Michel Jarre on your desk

Here’s a quick quiz for you, and I’m expecting honest answers.  Look at your desk – if you’re at home, or using your laptop while sitting on the toilet, think of the desk you generally sit at – do you see a Newton’s Cradle, lump of Silly Putty or magnetic sculpture made of paperclips?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these options, immediately take out your credit card and pay a visit to the good people at Hammacher Schlemmer, purveyors of the pricey but interesting.  You’re looking for this:



MODE automated home keypad controls up to 6 iPods

In-wall speaker specialist SpeakerCraft have unveiled their latest foray into the multimedia home market, the MODE Keypad. Designed as an elegant control solution for multiple sources, MODE can interface with up to six iPods, AM/FM radio, XM radio and the company’s own jukebox music server, each delivering track and playlist information to the flush-mounted unit’s 3 1/2″ colour screen.


Media Centre bot manages recordings via MSN Messenger

Right, here’s another tick in the “You want Windows Media Centre” column for the PVR-searchers amongst us; Casey Chestnut, swell programmer, has made a fantastic MSN Messenger bot that lets you programme your MCE-running computer to record via a conversation online.  Considering there are more and more cellphones with a mobile version of Messenger, it pretty much means that wherever you are it’ll be possible to update your timer list.


Microsoft Zune Pricing and Retail Availability Date

After Apple shaved its iPods pricing, Microsoft does not want to be undercut by it. Today Microsoft has announced the pricing for Zune and the retail availability date. Zune will be available on the 14th of November and priced at $249.99. Zune pass, a subscription service for Zune will cost $14.99/month. Microsoft also announced the pricing for accessories for Zune ranging from $19.99 to $99.99.


Netgear Unveiled Digital Entertainer EVA700

Netgear, one of the leading players in wireless networking industry announced a new set top streaming media box named EVA700. Equipped with 802.11G wireless and 10/100 Ethernet, EVA700 is the first top set player in the market that is verified as an Intel Viiv technology compliant. By default, the EVA700 wireless encryption is protected with WEP, however you can update its firmware to support WPA-PSK. I’m surprise it does not have HDMI or DVI output, as it uses RCA jack output and RCA component output. The EVA700 pricing is set at $269.


Bluetooth Watch brings Caller ID to your wrist

You know the scene – dull team meeting, boss spouting management speak for “work harder, you lazy fools, else it’s the chop for your worthless hides”, cellphone silently vibrating in your pocket.  You’re desperate to get it out so you can see who’s calling (it might be the cute barmaid from your liquid lunch) but that would really push you to the front of the corporate gangplank.  So you suffer through, squirming in ignorance until the end of the meeting.


Xbox 360s to Get CPU Upgrade Next Year

I know, I know; there’s entirely too much Xbox news today. Moving right along, it appears that the 360 will be the recipient of a processor upgrade sometime next year. Before all your current Xbox owners light your torches and grab your pitchforks, this won’t be a performance enhancement; rather, the company that makes the Xbox’s CPu is switching to 65nm technology from the current-generation’s 90nm, meaning that the chips should run far cooler and consume less power (theoretically).

So, if you’re planning on buying an Xbox 360 this holiday season, you might want to wait a few months so that you aren’t the victim of an exploding Xbox when you try to play Dead Rising.

[via Gizmodo]

Microsoft Unveils Halo-Based RTS Game

In even more Xbox 360 news, not only is Peter Jackson starting up a game studio to make more Halo-based games (yes, you read that correctly), but Microsoft has decided that the upcoming Halo 3 simply isn’t enough Halo for its legions of fans. Enter Halo Wars, a real-time strategy (RTS) game coming out exclusively for the Xbox 360 (duh) taking place before the first Halo game. For obvious reasons, Microsoft is keeping most of the details tightly under wraps, but to see what we DO know, hit the jump.


New Sony Vaio C

The new Sony Vaio C series notebooks will retail in late October for $1,350. They come in a wide array of colors including “espresso black,” “urban gray,” “seashell white,” “blush pink” and “spring green.” The Vaio C is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66Ghz processor, with a 13.3-inch widescreen xbrite display, and weighs about 5 pounds.

Sony’s Vaio C
[Via: CNET]

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