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d-Media Unveils Ultra-Cool GPS Device

Dammit, why to the Koreans get all the cool toys? Like d-Media’s upcoming G4 GPS system, which looks akin to an oddly-redesigned PSP. The successor to the G3, the G4 features a 4-inch touch screen display, a sleek black case, and enough features to make you want to call d-Media and beg for the device to arrive here Stateside (which at this time isn’t guaranteed). The built-in Bluetooth allows users to utilize headsets and cell phones with the G4, letting users drive and talk at the same time. Also included are MPEG-4 playback capabilities for movies and an infrared remote for, well, remote-controlling. Again, there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever see this device in the US, but if mobs of angry nerds have anything to say about it, it’ll be here eventually.

[via Gizmodo]

Intel Unveils Core 2 Duo Desktop CPUs

The long wait is finally over. Intel has taken the wraps off its new line of desktop Core 2 Duo CPUs, effectively retiring the Pentium line as their flagship processors (with good reason; the P4 marked one of the largest mistakes in the company’s history). As for the new Core 2 Duos, Intel is releasing 5 new processors today, ranging from the low-end Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86 GHz (with 2 MB of L2 cache) to the expensive Core 2 Extreme X6800 running @ 2.93 GHz (with 4 MB L2 cache).


ABT DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30 Solves HD Gaming Lag

Gaming in HD: everyone who has it, loves it. Except for one thing…the increased lag. While this isn’t a surprising issue (in addition to processing the normal gaming elements, HD consoles also have to translate non-HD signals to HD at the same time), it is one that gamers would like not to deal with. ABT thinks they have the solution: the DVDO iScan VP20 and VP30. These boxes contain video scaling processors designed to help consoles scale up to HD without killing the game itself. The downside to this newfound freedom is the price; the VP20 (with the $400 deinterlacing card included) will run you $1,899, while the higher-end VP30 will cost you $2,198 with the same add-in card. Most gamers would look at that price and faint, but if you’re an HD lover who needs to play older consoles on an HD set, then the price might be worth it.

[via IGN]

The Bigfoot Killer NIC: When Lag Isn’t an Option

Most of use haven’t even considered getting a “better” network interface card (NIC); for many games, their stock 10/100/1000 Mbit onboard NICs do just what they need. But what if that extra 10 ms of lag is throwing off your game? What if you NIC simply can’t handle the massive amounts of data you’re throwing at it? Well, Bigfoot has the answer. (No, not the monster) Say hello to the Killer NIC, a new PCI-based card that features a 400 MHz Network Processing Unit (NPU) and 64 MB of dedicated RAM.


PS3 Production Experiences More Issues

More bad news for the upcoming Playstation 3 and anyone looking to buy one. Already hit by Cell processor yield problems, the companies manufacturing the new console are reportedly also having issues with the Blu-ray drives, which could lead to fewer launch units or a launch delay. In addition, the Cell processor yield issues previously reported have apparently not changed with time, with Sony only getting a 10-to-20 percent yield on their new processors.


Nintendo Announces VoIP Headset for DS

VoIP is one of the hottest technologies around today, and it hasn’t escaped Nintendo’s attention. Having already announced technology in the Wii-mote for possible VoIP capabilities, Nintendo has now announced a VoIP headset for their mega-popular Nintendo DS handhelds. Available from, the headset will run you around $23 USD (£12.99), but requires a VoIP-capable game, like Metroid Prime: Hunters. Hopefully we’ll see a few more VoIP-capable games by the headset’s September 15th release date, because screaming at your friends during Metroid is only fun for so long. Plus, we’re willing to bet that a homebrewed DS port of some sort of VoIP software will pop up eventually…. Product Page [via Video Games Blogger]

Ninjapass: Play Homebrew on your DS!

It’s little things like this that make me glad to be a nerd. Say hello to the Ninjapass DS Flash system, a nifty little 64 MB card that sllows you to – GASP! – run homebrewed content on your Nintendo DS. While the PSP requires a number of firmware downgrades in order to allow for homebrew capabilities (though these downgrades admittedly don’t cost anything unless you fry your PSP), the Ninjapass system just plugs into your Nintendo DS’s slot and runs, requiring no modification to the actual system.


Sony UMDs No Longer Sold at Target

Poor Sony. Their track record with proprietary media formats is pretty poor; they lost out to VHS with Betamax, their Memory Stick memory cards are not nearly as popular as SD and MMC, and now their Universal Disc Format video discs are on the verge of extinction for anything other than games.


Toshiba’s RD-A1 HD DVD Recorder Faces Delays

Bad news for all you HD DVD buffs out there; Toshiba’s RD-A1 HD DVD has ben delayed due to some production difficulties, postponing the launch of the new recorder until the end of the month. While a delay of a couple of weeks might not seem like much, anyone who plunked down $3,462.00 to acquire one is probably a little miffed that they won’t be shipping on time. The delays could also be to combat firmware issues like the ones seen on the company’s HD-A1 HD DVD player, which has been slammed as being unusable at times.


Microsoft Trying to Sway iPod Accessory Makers

Microsoft, the evil empire that could, is apparently trying to persuade iPod accessory makers to join the Dark Side; in this case, Microsoft is trying to convince them to make accessories for the upcoming Microsoft Zune as well. Similar to the iPod like, the Zune will feature its own expansion port (guaranteed to be compatible with nothing that looks remotely like it), but the kicker is that the new port will apparently allow companies to manufacture accessories for less money; this alone could sway several iPod accessory makers away from Apple into the realm of Microsoft.


The Sony Style Camcorder Trade-Up Program

Sony is giving everyone a chance to trade up that old camcorder (can also be non-Sony brand) and receive an instant estimate. Make sure you have a little chat with your old camcorder (so that it doesn’t take it personal) to set proper expectations in the event that Sony rejects your trade up request.

Offer ends July 31, 2006.
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Kerry McLean’s Monowheel Rocket Roadster

No, Kerry McLean didn’t reinvent the wheel, but instead invented the monowheel. McLean describes the 225-horsepower gasoline-powered monowheel as hauling ass and floating on air. Check out the video below to get an idea of how cool this thing is.


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