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Digital HERO Sports Wrist Camera

Come on, there’s a little bit of show-off in all of us.  Have you ever tried to take a picture while jumping out of an airplane, surf, snowboard or basically anything that requires your full attention yet you still want to capture the moment on photo or video?  The Digital HERO Waterproof Sports Wrist Camera by Go Pro is the solution – it features a shockproof case, water-resistance up to 30 feet underwater and weighs less than 3oz.

Mobile Core 2 Duos To Launch Next Week ?

Well, it looks like it’s time to start drooling. Intel’s mobile Core 2 Duos (codenamed Merom) could be launching alongside their desktop brethren when the Conroe chips become available on July 23rd. Merom had originally been scheduled to debut in August, with general availability occuring at the end of that month. However, this new schedule means that we could easily see Merom chips ship by mid-August, getting the processors to consumers faster than anticipated.


Digital shower Grohtherm Wireless

Wireless is everywhere today. We have wireless remote control, wireless mouse and keyboard and wireless Internet. It makes perfect sense to have a wireless shower. The Grohe Wireless Digital Shower allows homeowner to configure and operate from any room. The system is highly configurable, allowing each members to set the temperature that suites them. For example, I can setup the system to set the temperature to cold in the morning or warm for a relaxing shower in the evening. This is especially nice for those cold winter mornings.


Zune to Get Satellite Radio Features?

Now treat this as purely heresay for the time being, but according to a report filed on Think Secret, Microsoft’s upcoming (and still unconfirmed) Zune media player will be getting some attention from satellite radio networks in addition to the Urge music store bundle.


New Wii-Mote Details Revealed

If you’re a gamer, chances are that the Nintendo Wii, at the very least, intrigues you. If you’re a gamer like me, the very thought of the Virtual Console combined with the Wii’s unique control scheme has you counting the days before it finally hits shelves. For those of us who clamor for every piece of information that we can find, some new details have been released about the famous “Wii-mote” controller, answering questions about battery life and operation.


Multimedia PC for Automobiles

Someday, all vehicles will be feature a multimedia pc for our enjoyment.  Add a refrigerator to keep chills our adult beverages and we’re all set!  It’s dangerous enough with road rage and mom’s carrying their infant and talking on the cell phone, all while cruising down the freeway at 85 mph.  Boy don’t we feel safe!  Now try adding a fancy all in wonder multimedia pc to a vehicle’s dashboard and you’ve got a real disaster.


Pioneer Unveils 50-inch HDTV

HDTVs: they’re everywhere! The wave of high-definition television sets descending upon us grows by the day, and Pioneer certainly isn’t going to miss this bandwagon. They’ve unveiled their new Pioneer Elite Pro-FHD1 Plasma TV, which besides having a goofy name clocks in at 50 inches and can scale as high as 1080p. The picture is crisp and clear, thanks in part to the ultra tiny .576 mm pixels on the set, and partially because Pioneer just rocks. Be prepared to take out a second mortgage to acquire one, however; the set itself runs for $10,000. But if you’re looking for a 1080p set in a smaller-than-enormous size, then Pioneer is the way to go.

[via I4U News]

iWatch: Time for a New iPod

Just in case you’re unhappy with how large you MASSIVE iPod nano is, say hello to the iWatch. While this design isn’t actually in production at this time, it’s an extremely neat concept, featuring 10 GB of music storage and Bluetooth capabilities so users can listen to their music without being physically attatched to their arms (which would look really weird). While I would prefer an adjustable band for those of us with larger-than-normal wrists, you have to admit that the solid white bezel/band looks extremely slick and stylish, as we would expect of an Apple product. Let’s hope Apple notices Peter Burns’ design so that we may one day enjoy the pleasures of wrist-mounted audio.

[via TechEBlog]

Skype Protocol Cracked!

An unnamed Chinese company claim to have reverse engineered Skype’s protocol and encryption. Charlie Paglee first reported this news on his blog after he has a conversation with the CEO of the unnamed Chinese company using Skype protocol without Skype application but his home brewed application that is still under development and expected to be made available in August. According to Charlie, the company that reverse engineered Skype’s protocol has not broken any laws as Skype did not patent their protocol to avoid third party application from blocking their services which can be used by telcos in 3rd world countries.


Giddy Up Robot

Robot3 is a Korean company that specialized in designing and building large, fun and almost life-like robots. The coolest robot they have for sale is a four-legged beast called R7. For $5,250 you get a full-size robot with plush seat that you can sit in and ride around. Doesn’t this make you look like you’re sitting on top of the world? I have a better chance of convincing my wife to let me get one if only it was a two seater.


USB Wireless PC Lock Offers Simple Protection

If you’ve ever had a computer of yours used when you’re not around, you might want to take a look at this nifty little gadget. This two-piece USB Wireless PC Lock activates anytime you move out of range of your computer; the large USB section hooks up to your machine while the smaller tramsmitter is kept in your pocket. Once out of range, the receiver locks your computer until you return within 2 meters of the receiver or until you unlock the machine with your password. Either way, it’s a good way to keep those nosey co-workers away from your work.

Product Page [via Coolest Gadgets]

Microsoft Employee Comments on Xbox 360 HDMI

With all the speculation flying around about the Xbox 360 receiving an HDMI port in the near future to combat one of the Playstation 3’s greatest strengths, one Microsoft employee has decided to voice his opinion over what Microsoft should do if they decide to take this route. Likening the situation to the one Intel faced with their Pentium floating point bug, the poster states that he feels an upgrade service like the one Intel ran.


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