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Medion releases 4 new navigation devices

Medion has released the MDPNA 500, MDPNA 510 (TMC), MDPNA 514 (Bluetooth) and MDPNA 515 (Bluetooth and TMC) which will be available on the French market soon. The MDPNA 500 is powered by a 300MHz Samsung processor and the SiRFStar III GPS chip. The MDPNA 510 betters the MDPNA 500 with the inclusion of the TMC module that covers most of Western Europe. The MDPNA 515 is the high end model, offering the TMC module and Bluetooth connectivity, an image viewer, MP3 player, and a cartography of Western Europe including France.

Motorola unveils PVOT concept phone

The Motorola PVOT is a hand crank phone that offers one minute of usage after a sweat-inducing 25 cranks. Talk about working for your airtime! The hand crank charges the single AA rechargeable battery inside, and the PVOT comes with a 125 x 125 dot matrix LCD and an “Eraser Shield” keypad. It is still unknown whether this concept will make it into production, but should that happen, it will be a boon to developing third world countries in bridging the communications gap.

Sony aims to support AAC

Sony will be supporting Apple Computer’s audio file format by making its music management software compatible with the AAC format, sending a signal that Apple’s dominance in digital music is an 800 lb gorilla. Looks like Sony has learnt from their dismal failure when it came to their own Atrac proprietary format, and has begun to open up support. This move will definitely boost sales at iTunes stores.

Motorola to Launch ROKR E2

Motorola, Inc. today announced the Motorola ROKR E2 at the Music Matters digital music industry conference, marking the global debut of the newest member of the company’s ROKR family of music-optimized mobile handsets. Designed for the music enthusiast who wants to carry one device, ROKR E2 not only lets users take thousands of their must-have music selections with them but also delivers world-class wireless communications.

Motorola Gaming Headset X205

Motorola has unveiled the Motorola Gaming Headset X205. The Gaming Headset X205, which is based on the actual headset worn by NFL coaches, blends authentic design and advanced technology to deliver the maximum intensity of the football video gaming experience.

The Gaming Headset X205 lets gamers call the shots with a noise cancelling microphone that supports clear voice recognition commands. With a premium full mono ear cup gamers can easily communicate with others in the room while staying fully engaged in the game. For gamers moving into overtime, the Motorola Gaming Headset X205 features ergonomic design for endless hours of superior comfort and inline mute and volume controls for seamless sound management.

Navisis transforms LCD to TabletPC form

Navisis of Korea has developed the EZ-Canvas, espousing the very practical and original idea of turning the LCD into a Tablet screen, doing away with the need for a mouse in the process. Navigation is made via the stylus and the EZ Station. This development should come in handy for aspiring digital artists who want to make that leap from paper to a digital platform.

2006 Dodge Hornet Concept

The Dodge Hornet Concept is a 5-door hatchback slightly larger than a MINI Cooper. It made it’s world debut back in February 2006 at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. The Dodge Hornet Concept was conceived after meeting were held regarding requests from U.S. Dealers for a true entry level Dodge vehicle below the Dodge Caliber which retailed for about USD13,000.The Dodge Hornet Concept is a 5-door hatchback slightly larger than a MINI Cooper. It made it’s world debut back in February 2006 at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. The Dodge Hornet Concept was conceived after meeting were held regarding requests from U.S. Dealers for a true entry level Dodge vehicle below the Dodge Caliber which retailed for about USD13,000.

BMW Concept Car Unveiled At Mille Miglia 2006

BMW has unveiled a brand new concept car prior to the 2006 Mille Miglia. With hints of one of BMW’s most famous racing cars, the BMW 328, the BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia 2006 took pride of place in Brescia, Italy on Wednesday (10th May, 2006) as this year’s entrants were scrutineered ahead of the event.

The Mille Miglia returned to the motoring calendar in 1977 as an annual rally to celebrate one of the world’s great motor races. All vehicle models that competed in the original races between 1927 and 1957 are permitted an entry. Highlighting the 22 BMWs that have entered this year’s event, BMW’s latest concept looks back to these great racing cars. In particular the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe that was driven into the record books and past the chequered flag in the 1940 race.

It also looks ahead to future motor sport achievements, with a modified drivetrain and suspension from the new Z4 M Coupe providing the car’s power and control. A body 23 centimetres longer, and four centimetres lower, than BMW’s latest production sports car is set off by bespoke 20-inch alloy wheels on 245/40 R 20 tyres that complement the car’s powerful presence.

SanDisk Introduces 4-GB Memory Stick Pro Duo Game Card

SanDisk Corporation today responded to the growing demand from power users of the popular Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) by introducing a 4-gigabyte (GB)* SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Game card that can store up to 64 hours of MP3 music tracks, 20 or more hours of movies/videos/film trailers, 12 hours of game saves, or 4,000 digital still images.** The announcement was made at E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where SanDisk is showing its new gaming products in Meeting Rooms 6809 and 6811 in Kentia Hall.

The 4GB card, which is expected to ship this month, carries a suggested retail price (SRP) of $219.99. Other capacities in the Memory Stick PRO Duo Gaming Card line include 256 megabytes (MB)* at $34.99, 512MB at $44.99, 1GB at $59.99 and 2GB at $109.99 (SRPs).

Pantech PG-6200

Users of the PG-6200 handset – which is also being introduced in Russia and Hong Kong this week – can utilize their fingerprints to access lock-in keys and memory dials. Only a registered fingerprint allows authorization to key in by sweeping fingerprints instead of pushing keys.

In addition to the fingerprint recognition applications, the PG-6200 has been designed to incorporate advanced multimedia functions. Key features include a 2 mega pixel camera supporting video clip recording and viewing, MP3 player functionality and user memory as large as 20MB to store images and music files.

Recently, the PG-6200 model has earned plaudits for its groundbreaking design. The handset was one of three Pantech phones honored recently at the prestigious iF (International Forum) Design Awards for excellence in the design of cellular phones. It shows its major design attributes when folded, revealing a unique side contour in the form of a smooth flowing curve.

Skype takes over keyboard

Most heavy VoIP users often tangle their mouse, phone, and other cables at the desk after a few hours of usage. This new handset/keyboard hybrid from A4 Tech aims to change that scenario with the IP Talky. Its a tacky name, but the full-sized USB keyboard comes with a VoIP handset glued to it. Southpaws will find it rather inconvenient to use though.

PS3 to receive Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5

The Virtua Fighter franchise will make its fifth appearance on the PS3 next spring, according to Sega. Virtua Fighter 5 will boast an eclectic mix of 17 brawlers, with old favorites and new faces pitting their skills against each other. Sega aims to provide fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action. There is an in-game shop that provides various items to enhance gameplay. Virtua Fighter 5 supports 720p HD resolution for those who must have the best visuals in games.

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