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Self-charging Smoke alarm

Dupont are famous for Teflon and chemical coating, but rarely electronics. This one’s a great one to add to your list. Dupont’s self-charging smoke alarm makes it easier to stay safe. You just screw it into a light socket, then screw a lightbulb into the alarm. Whenever the light is on, the unit charges, and it’ll operate for 30 days at full-power. Reasonable price of $30 for not getting your house burnt down.

Lamp and computer together

V12 made this computer, that doubles as a basic table lamp. It’s kinda interesting, you would still wonder what is the hardware inside it. But it sure is more interesting than a micro hi-fi.

Motobus in South East Asia

Motorola launched unique campaign “HelloMoto Tour” to reach out to the emerging areas through its “Connect the unconnected” programme in its South-East Asian Region.The HelloMoto Tour takes roadshow to the extreme with a MotoBus. Accompanying the MotoBus will be a MotoTruck and two MotoMpvs. The MotoVehicles will function as a complete sales service kiosk offering ring tones and wallpaper downloads including a variety of fun-filled entertainment and activities to entertain consumers at visiting towns, as part of the programme outreach. Consumers will be able to view, feel and experience the latest range of high end and affordable Motorola products on the MotoBus especially the C-series products such as C113, C261 and C168 phones, among others.

Pantech DM-P100

Pantech Wireless and Disney Mobile have announced plans for the DM-P100, the first wireless handset in the Disney Mobile series.

The new mobile phone was scheduled to hit the U.S. market with the launch of Disney Mobile, a mobile service built specifically for families in this summer. It will be multimedia rich for families.

The DM-P100, designed exclusively for Disney by Pantech, will be a stylish camera handset with advanced functionality built around a unique user interface.

Kanguru’s 16GB,32GB and 64G Flash Drive Max

If you think a 2.5 inch hard disc with 60GB capacity isn’t small enough, try the Kanguru’s 64GB Flash drive max, for $2800. It runs on USB 2.0 interface and boasts a 9MB/sec read and 5/MB sec write speeds. There are smaller capacity models, 32GB and 16GB, for $1500 and $800. About $100 for 2GB, that must be pretty insane!

Evergreen releases $8.50 MP3 player

Japanese company, Evergreen releases yet another cheap, useless product. The DN-2000 MP3 player retails for $8.50 and runs on 5-hours on a single AAA battery. It supports up to 1GB of SD cards. Certainly nothing compared to an iPod.

IOGear USB VoIP Skype Calling Kit

The USB VoIP Skype Calling Kit from IOGear features a dial pad, microphone, headset and two audio ports. The calling kit works as a USB hub as well, inclusive of six USB 2.0 ports. The recommended price for this calling kit is $69.95

HP and Cingular develops 3G-capable notebooks

HP is expected to be the first company to provide customers with global 3G capabilities when it expands its range of broadband wireless notebooks to integrate Cingular’s critically acclaimed UMTS/HSDPA-based technology later this year. Customers will be able to enjoy wireless access to email, the Internet and critical business data 1 both in the United States.

Motorola to TV

Expanding on the Follow Me TV experience of room-to-room media sharing, Motorola will demonstrate a new technology that can move recorded shows from a Motorola digital video recorder (DVR) set-top directly to a Motorola mobile device like the next-generation RAZR V3x.

This new ability to move content can expand Motorola’s existing whole-home video platform to meet the video needs of consumers anywhere and everywhere

Fujitsu’s Creative UMPC Concept

Fujitsu is showing off its unique take on the UMPC at the Japanese Design Exhibition in Milan this week. It’s tiny and small enough to fit your pocket. The design of the UMPC does reminds you something like a Gamboy Advance SP, doesn’t it?

Dub Pimp Star Bling Bling Wheels

Pimp Star wheels allow you to define a graphic image to display on your spinning wheels while your vehicle is moving. With the package comes software which allow you to change the image anytime you want, and even define a few images to show in slideshow mode. This set of wheels redefined the meaning of bling and obviously this isn’t going to be on the affordability list, unless you are some rich pimp, of course.

Apple allows its users to run Windows

Well, nothing much to comment about this, but we all know the latest Mac runs on Intel x86 type processors, so that means it would work for both Mac and Windows, its just great that Apple have implemented this idea now, just like how a PC would have a Linux and Windows bootup.

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