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Palm and Verizon gives Treo 700w a 1.10 update

Palm and Verizon have released the 1.10 update for the Treo 700w, including push email capability to increase the smartphone’s wide array of functionality. It used to lack email, but now, you can reconsider buying it.

Nissan says “Too fast for hybrids”

Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan and Renault said it was far too early to invest in hybrid technology, because costs outweighed the benefits for both consumers and manufacturers. The fuel savings of a hybrid vehicle did not justify the fuel savings incurred.

In fact, on highways a hybrid car like the Toyota Prius might actually use more fuel than a normal car. This is because on highway speeds, the Toyota Prius runs on full gasoline as the ECU detects highway long journeys might drain the battery too fast as the time for journeys are usually long and there is very little opportunity for regenerative braking. Since the Toyota Prius gasoline engine is quite tiny relatively, it actually has to work harder and use more fuel compared to a conventional powered vehicle with a larger more potent engine.

MobiBLU Cube 2 an improvement

MobiBLU’s Cube MP3 player was pretty popular, since it was in a nice looking cube. Now, they decided to improve the design by adding rounded corner, lanyard hook and more polished looks. The cube is still 28mm cubed and storage capacities are expected to be raised to a maximum of 2GB. No pricing available at this moment.

Motorola Q soon

The Motorola Q featured on Verizon’s site, comes with a brilliant 65k color QVGA TFT display with 320 x 240 resolution in landscape more, a fully QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth, IrDA, and miniUSB connectivity, a 1.3-megapixel camera with flash and video capture, EV-DO high-speed data, a miniSD slot for memory expansion options, and runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 platform.

Siemens fridge freezer with LCD TV

The KG39MT90 fridge freezer from Siemens is just another fridge and freezer with built-in LCD TV. It includes a 12” LCD TV with built-in speakers and plug connectors for A/V connection. An added feature is the rotating base that can provide an angle of up to 180 degrees either way. Not available in the American market, sadly.

Scotty Solar Charger for phones

The Scotty Solar Charger is a personal solar charger that offers a 20-year cell life for just $50. It has a pair of Ni-CD batteries that acts as a reservoir. It requires 7 hours of sunlight for a full charge, however regular use will cut this time down to 5 hours.

Motorola’s Mesh Networking With 802.11s Standards-Ready MeshConnex(TM) Networking Technology

Motorola today announced that its proven MeshConnex networking technology will support the final 802.11s meshing standard being developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Due to its
flexible architecture, Motorola customers will be able to configure their MeshConnex powered products to be compliant with the 802.11s standard via over-the-air software downloads.  Motorola’s MeshConnex technology powers a wide variety of the company’s products, including its Mesh Enabled Architecture (MEA(R)) and MOTOMESH(TM) multi-radio broadband systems.

When WiFi hot spots are “meshed,” they turn into a powerful, interconnected network that can blanket a campus, downtown or entire city with wireless broadband access. Mesh-enabled access points not only deliver WiFi to users, they also act as router/repeaters for other access points in the network. The result is a self-forming, self-healing wireless broadband cloud that reduces the cost of backhaul, deployment and system engineering.

Motorola announces increases in Q1

Motorola continued to strengthen its balance sheet, generating operating cash flow of approximately US$ 700 million, its 21st consecutive quarter of positive operating cash flow. In addition, the company significantly accelerated its stock repurchase program during the quarter and repurchased approximately 37 million shares of its stock for approximately US$ 815 million.

Samsung develops 2GB MMCmicro

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed a 2GByte MultiMediaCard (MMCmicro) that combines four 4Gbit NAND flash devices. This is the smallest, fastest and highest capacity memory card for mobile phones, developed only three months after Samsung led the industry by launching a 1GByte MMCmicro.The 2GB MMC can operate at either 1.8 volts (V) and 3.3V, making it an even more viable solution for mobile phones.

The new MMC, in a format standardized by the MultiMediaCard association (MMCA) and being standardized by JEDEC, can be obtained by manufacturers without royalties or licensing fees. The 1 GB MMCmicro will be commercially available in 2006.

Alcohawk Micro Keychain Breathalizer

Before you indulge yourself in drink driving, carry this keychain sized, Alcohawk Micro Keychain Breathalizer. It’s convenient and guaranteed to get you off from trouble.

Drip Shelf

This drip shelf makes it look like the wall is dripping with paint or either blood. It would be perfect for a goth owner, with a black painted wall. It’s available in white as well, other than the color shown below, red.

Dell XPS M1710 excellent gaming system

The Dell XPS M1710 is an excellent gaming system. It is Windows Vista-ready, made for the future. THe XPS M1710 is coated with Metallic Black armor and equipped with RoadReady technology to protect it against nasty shocks. Prices start from $2558 onwards.

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