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Fuel Cell runs laptop for 2 full days.

Ultracell has showed off its two-day hot-swappable fuel cell, the Ultra XX25 for laptops. The XX25 will run a notebook computer continuously for two days without a recharge.  This particular unit is for military use only, but there would be a commercial version soon.

Dada Code M Dancing Shoes

This pair of shoes with an MP3 player built in, it will make your footwork all fancy. You can transfer tunes to the shoes via a USB port and they hold up to 100 songs. A full charge of the built in battery will give up to six hours of playback. These shoes should retail about $199.

RFID tags keeps track of your sake

Premium sake has to be kept at a constant temperature to maintain its quality, so a group of companies led by NTT have started a pilot program to start tagging sake bottles with RFID tags, with built-in temperature sensors. When the bottles are brought to stores, a reader lets customers check the bottle’s temperature history, so that he can be sure it’s been kept fresh from door to door. This will be available in the closest sake shops.

Voodoo’s Envy u:909 19 inch laptop

The Voodoo’s Envy:909 is a monster laptop, spotting a 19 inches of LCD display, 16 pounds of weight and its aout 5000 dollars. The laptop comes packing with all the goodies, such as an AMD Turion 64 processor, dual NVIDIA or ATI SLI cars, 8x speed dual layer slot-load DVD burner, 8 channel audio, subwoofer and a 4-in-1 card reader. This would be great if you have a great budget.

Panasonic KX-TG9000 cordless Skype phone

Skype is slowly replacing phones. There are still those who doesn’t have any access to PC, WiFi or a Skype-equipped headset, so Panasonic released a Panasonic and Skype cordless phone. This phone was recently released in CeBIT. The Panasonic runs on a DECT cordless phone base station. The Skype phone runs through traditional landline or Skype’s P2P network via the broadband internet link. Panasonic offers support for free calls between Skype accounts, SkypeIn, SkypeOUt, Voicemail and allows users to choose to use their landline or Skype Network for voice call out.

NEC’s Kotohana, the LED flower

This is one flower that reads your emotions. Equipped with a microphone, the NEC Kotohana, listens for changes in your vocal tone or inflection and alters to change its colors from joyness to sadness. Joy, for instance, would be represented by yellow, while sadness would come across as blue. And when you’re excited, you’ll see red. Otherwise, the flower will reflect a state of normalcy with the color green.

Seiko Bluetooth Watch

Seiko has launched a prototype bluetooth watch, where it connects to your mobile phone. This is just a working prototype with the following capabilities. The watch displays network signal strength, caller ID, and battery level.

Jellephish Mood Lamp

The Jellephish Mood Lamp is a lamp that is controlled by a processor, that is suited to create almost an infinite pallete to create an environment. There are four different modes are:

*Static (select one color to display)
*Scrolling (continuously scrolls through the spectrum of colors)
*Sound to Light (lamp changes colors in time with your music)
*Pearlescent (a cool white light, with hints of red, green and blue)

Motorola ROKR E3

Latest release from Motorola, the Motorola ROKR E3 is a GSM/GPRS/EDGE handset with 512MB of internal memory, Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a TransFlash memory card slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and some multimedia software. No iTunes, some basic 4 scroll-buttons and the keypad wasn’t the best.

Dual Sim Card Adapter

mobile.brando of Hong Kong has offered a dual sim card adapter. It lets you to switch from one sim to another without powering off youphone. This would be handy for those who wants to benefit from both service providers or have calls to one mobile phone, without carrying a lot of phones. This retails for about $27.

Sony Net Juke 40GB NAS-D5HD

Sony came out with the latest net jukebox player. The NAS-D5HD is a 40GB hard drive-based stereo system that can download music from the internet. The 4.3” display shows title and album information and it is compatible with Sony’s music store and can play ATRAC and MP3 files. Yet another white coloured media player contender.

JVC Surround-sound Optical Adapter

JVC Japan, made an adapter that hooks up to an optical audio port and translates high-quality optical signals into analog surround sound for headphones. It takes two AA batteries and is covered with unnecessary lights and lines. Sounds pretty much worth it.

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