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Benq Joybee N370 OLED MP3 Player

This is the latest Digital Audio Player from BenQ, but the specifications for the set is still unknown. As illustrated in the picture, there is a microphone hole, probably good enough to do self recordings. There could possibly be a built-in FM tuner. You should be able to play back videos on its clear OLED display and have USB connectivity to upload pictures into it or download pictures from digital cameras and have it as a temporary storage space. Assuming the size, it would probably not store a lot of capacity.

Memorex FlashDisc

Shaped like a frisbee, these FlashDisc only offers in a size of 16MB per piece! Though it is better in capacity than a floppy disc, it is nothing comparable to the bigger capacity thumbdrives these days. It retails $19.99 in Best Buy for 3 pieces, the same amount of money you can get a decent 512MB thumb drive or at least 2 pieces of 256MB drives. But these thumbdrives are babyproof, meaning it would be safe under babies hands.

RAZR’s call dropping problems solved

Motorola has announced that the RAZR’s glitch in call dropping has been solved. As highlighted in the previous article, this flaw has been annoying many users. Motorola announces that only T-mobile and Cingular handsets has such problems. It is now solved.

Motorola PEBL gets color makeover

From light blue to pink, the Motorola PEBL has a new range of color for its makeover range. Similar to the original PEBL, it has the same old one-handed hinge opening mechanism, video capture and playback and MMS services. The color PEBL phones are expected to be available oon in the 1st half of 2006.

Brain recognition software

This week in CeBIT, a group of German researchers demonstrated a brainwave-controlled interface that could help you type with your brain! The Berlin Brain-Computer Interface measures electrical signals from the brain using a electroencephalogram and converts them into computer use. There was a full working demo system in the CeBIT, which allows the BBCI to handle text documents, play games and much more.

Sony annouces camera and GPS for PSP

Sony has just announced a range of accessories that are going to let their users entertain itself. This coming fall, expect yourself for a PSP camera, that will have an EyeToy motion tracking and video chat features on the camera. There would also be a GPS add-on on the PSP console, to give you navigation capabilities.

Left handed MX610 Cordless Laser Mouse

There is already a right-handed version of the MX610 wireless laser mouse. Now to fill the gap, Logitech came out with the left handed version. Just like its right handed brother, Logitech’s precision laser tracking system, contoured thumb and pinky-finger grips and 10 navigational buttons, including e-mail and instant message notifications. The MX610 has a wireless range of up to 10 metres and also includes volume up, down and mute buttons for controlling music on the PC. The mouse is ready for release in early April , for a price of $59.99.

Motorola MING Smartphone

Motorola has announced its latest smartphones in Hong Kong, known as the Motorola MING (previously announced as the A1200), and confirmed that units are already shipping to distributors in Hong Kong.

MING is a clamshell phone which runs on a Linux software, has an innovative clear flip-cover, with no antennas and a high-resolution two mega pixel camera, designed to appeal to users.

MING also allows Motorola to be commited into creating Linux innovation among users.

Cingular’s Motorola RAZR phones drops calls

Cingular has flawed sets of Motorola RAZRs. They would drop calls when someone tries to call and/or receive calls using the phones. A recall has been issued.

Plush iPod for your dog

Well dog owners, if you are into iPods, then your pets should get this. It’s an iPod plushie for dogs, it similar to the looks of an iPod, with the paw imprint on the scroll wheel. It doesn’t play MP3s, but it does gives squeaks. It retails for $10.50. Get one!

Jabra’s Bluetooth solution for iPod

Jabra has released a Bluetooth solution for the iPod, although it isn’t the first company to release it. The Jabra A125 is an adaptation from the already available Jabra A210, which was designed originally to improve non-Bluetooth phones. Jabra has annouced the A120 as well, which transmit music and voice signals from other Bluetoohless mobile phones, PC’s and other audio players. Expect them to hit the shores soon.

Samsung’s Game Mobile.

Samsung released a gamer’s phone, which proves even better than Nokia Ngage. Samsung’s new SPH-B5200 has a slider goes both ways. It can be slided vertically and horizontally, giving a potrait and landscape screen for 3D gaming, complete with directional game controls. The phone also includes an MP3 player and a DMB television tuner. This handset is only available in Korea at the moment and no news on pricing yet.
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