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Cut’s easy with laser scissors

Well, most would frown for not being able to cut straight with scissors, especially when it comes with gift wrappings. So there is this new invention, the Laser Scissor. It guides you from being cutting crooked. Just aim the laser and follow the line to cut it. It measures 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 by 1 inches. The laser scissor would only be out from May 10th. For $19.98 per piece, it isn’t too bad.

Lego Galvanic Skin Reponse Sensor

This is a home made Galvanic Skin Response sensor (a.k.a. lie detector). It’s just a Lego motor wire and aluminium foil hooked up together to your fingers, giving an electrical reading to fingers, by measuring how relaxed and dry your fingers are. If you have Lego parts laying around, you could consider building your own.

Bada-Beam Laser Cat Toy

This is one toy your cat wouldn’t get tired of. Instead of rolling a ball of yarn or let them have their own scratch pad, for only $19.95, you could get this cone-shaped device that will project a dot around the room for kitty to chase all day. Least your cat wouldn’t get bored out of it.

RFID-Enabled Casino Chips

A Korean company has been embedding RFID into casino chips that makes chip counting easier. The range on the RFID chips would be around 3 meters, perfect within the average poker table. The RFID tags will communicate with RFID compatible handheld and this technology will aid in player-to-player gambling interactions as well as dealer-to-player interactions.

Floppy Disk isn’t really dead

Well, floppy disks were previously known to store data, but now retailer American Science & Surplus makes the disks useful again. The Mock-Floppy Brush is a floppy disk with a 2-1/2″ long row of anti-static nylon brushes on the end of it. You can dust your computer and around it. It comes in colors of lime, tangerine or grape and sells for $1.95 each.

Sony’s brand new Hi-MD Walkman

Sony has released its latest Hi-MD portable player and recorder with studio quality recording. The MZ-RH1 can store music in linear PCM format which enables recorded music to retains its quality like the original. The MZ-RH1 supports other formats, such as MP3, ATRAC, ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus. It will be available in Japan and Europe in April & May respectively. No news of the releasein the U.S.

Pocket Ashtray

Well, I’m not a smoker, so I don’t really know how to use an ashtray, but I imagine this little gadget is for those who love to smoke and wants to be environmentally friendly. Definately good for a unit, if you are one of those people.

DIY Toilet Paper Gun

This is probably not a very useful invention for the society, but definately a good toy to annoy people. This air-powered gun shoots toiletpaper rolls upwards of 150 feet. It costs only $10.61 to get it running. Toilet paper sold seperately.

Hair Restoration Headphones

Stress causes hair loss, so music must really soothe it. So the Japanese came up with a headgear, that restores hair! Japanese health care venture B-road displayed what marvels could this headgear do. By using spicula lectordes to stimulate user scalps with low frequency electronic current. This unit sells for about 128,000 yen , about $1000 USD.

Alcatel OT-C850 Music Phone

Alcatel’s new OT-C850 Music Phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 65K color 176×220 LCD display screen. The phone plays MP3s (256 MB of memory onboard, plus a MicroSD slot) and EDGE data support. Lots of Red and Black, must remind you of KITT from Knight Rider.

Apple’s 30th Anniversary Tee-Shirt

Skwat, one of the graphic t-shirt makers have released a limited editioon tee shirt commemorating Apple’s 30th anniversary year. “Apple Wars” will be the front design for the T-shirt, featuring two favourite Apple gurus crossing light sabers. It shows the form of an “X”. They are available for a pre-order of 39.90 Euros , plus delivery charges. It ships worldwide on May 1st.

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, available from April 1st

If you are fans of LEGO and the MINDSTORM series, remember to do a preorder from retailers on that day. Retailers like Amazon, Target, Fry’s and Wal-Mart will presale the latest MINDSTORMS at $249.99. So go get them.
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