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Mobile Washer for instant washing

hat’s why this inflatable portable washing machine from Astone is an appealing mobile washer, weighing at 4.4 pounds, but it inflates into a 6.5-liter washing tank, this is good enough to scrub all your garments clean. The Mobile Washer will hit stores in June at a price of $70.

Retro iPod

Worth is having a contest to modify and display products in a vintage package or vice versa. This is how an retro iPod would look like. Take a look at the link here.

Tamagotchi still popular

Tamagotchi has always been a cult and recently, Bandai America has launched the advanced Tamagotchi Connection Version 3. This allows virtual pet owners to log on to for more interaction with their pets. Version 3 is doing so well that Bandai America reports its selling twice the amount than of Version 2, and more than 50,000 users are visiting each day.
Version 3 features three new games, 20 additional characters, and 24 new design styles, including Translucent Black, Translucent Pink, Zebra Stripes, Green Snake, Sky Blue Circles and Pink Ribbon.

Fujitsu’s 200GB laptop hard drive

Fujitsu is going to launch a first a 200GB 2.5 inch drive, the MHV2200BT. It would be estimated to have 1.5 ms seek time, 1.6 W of power consumption and probably SATA with NCQ.

Royal EZVue Vista with SD Card Reader

This is a great invention that Royal has made. The EZVus features a small 2-line LCD screen, that scrolls the contents of the USB flash drive. This includes an SD reader, great for viewing images you have taken with a digital camera. So get this if you want to figure whats in it.

Nun’s lamp

Well, if your a full Christian, you would love this lamp. It’s just a lamp that is made to mimic a nun, with a complete Rosary pull-chain. Odd stuff, but cool in a way.

Hitachi’s theft deterrent projector

It’s just a normal projector from Hitachi, but the ED-X10 projector has heaps oof built in security features. It has a transistion detector that locks it if it’s moved. It can however been unlocked using a PIN nuber. If that’s not enough, it has a steel security bar, that lets you lock the thing down.

Antitheft slippers

Lost your slippers a lot of times? So heres a soluction, these slippers have a ring at the back, that lets you slip the legs of a table or chair in. The alarm will sound if the slippers are taken and if the ring is pulled out. Sounds good, but no price yet.

Deleted Text Message Reader.

This is probably what stalkers love. The Deleted Text Message Reader, reads up the last 20 deletedSMSes from the SIM card. It plugs into a Windows 2K or XP machine and you could extract what you want with the included software.

Angstrom’s A2 Long lasting lighting

This is the military grade of all torch lights. The A2 uses fuel celle technology from hydrogen fuel. It is brighter, faster and smarter, as A2 puts out 10x more amount of light with it’s 1-watt LED for the same power and runs up to 24 hours on a single charge. When it runs out, the liht can be recharged in minutes instead of the hours often required with battery technology.

Casemods galore

I’ve visited this website and found out theres heaps of amazing casemods. Though this isn’t what we call a gadget, but homemade stuffs are way better than industrial made items. There’s a couple of real life dolls made into PC cases, to tiny little Atari like machines. Click here to view them.

Head-shaking USB Dog

This cute little dog nods his head when he detects motion and sound and will bark if someone tries to use your computer without permission. It lets you know if you have new email, alarms and calendar events and could bark a number of songs like Happy Birthday. Yet another thing to keep your USB port occupied.
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